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European Junior Cup: Identically Prepared 308 Lb, 78 HP KTM 690 Dukes

The European Junior Cup will be the entry level series run in conjunction with WSB in 2012. The 14 -19 year old riders will be aboard identically prepared KTM 690 Duke motorcycles with the following essential specifications:

WP fully adjustable race suspension front and rear.

Marchesini lightweight wheels

Brembo competition brake system and discs.

Akropovic full system exhaust.

KTM power parts: crash bars, seat, lower handlebars and rear-set pegs.

APTC Slipper clutch.

Dry weight 140kg

Power 79 PS

In non-metric terms, the bikes will weigh 308 pounds dry and make 78 HP. A big, upright single-cylinder standard-style motorcycle is an interesting platform for these developing roadracers. The only ergo changes from the stock bike (pictured above) appear to be lower handlebars and rear-set pegs.  Here is a video of the recently introduced stock KTM 690 Duke.


  1. Mike says:


    Any rider under the age of 18 may not compete without the duly notarized consent of parents or legal guardian.

    Rider 8 years old may ride in practice onlywith the mini’s.

    Riders 9 years old are limited to 50cc & 80cc classes. Riders 10 years old are restricted to the 125cc GP class.

    Riders 12 & 13 years old are restricted to 650cc LW Twins machines. Riders 14 & 15 years old are limited to “C” class machinery.

    Riders 16 and older are allowed to run any WERA legal machinery.

  2. Mike says:

    Based on the specs, clearly one of the best singles ever made….and KTM supports this by not bringing this bike to America.

    I stopped by our local KTM dealer and ask about getting a 2012 Duke 690 knowing all this and they told me it would not be brought in because of the 5k or required for all the govenmental requirements. My reply……so what….sell 200 a year for 5 years……that cost is only $50 per bike sold.

    Ofcourse there is the pathetic marketing approach Yamaha used for bringing the FJ1300 into America. Put a deposit down to prove there is a market, wait 6 months for the bike. Sidebar not related to KTM: Those that did this to get an FJ in America the first year were rewarded by getting the prior version of the bike that had been sold in Europe for years. Europe got the new version!

    I just do not see all this effort by KTM to make the best bike in the world in this market segment……..agreed…. small market segment………and then not bringing it to America.

    Time for some upper management promotions at KTM over this decision… view pink slips would be the better alternative!

  3. RC says:

    I want one now if it is priced competitively.

    • Mike says:

      Pre-test promo in some Brit magazines state pricing for the 2012 Duke 690 will be lowered considerably over the prior model costing less than a Kawasaki 650 Sport type twin..ER model I think.

      These magazines also stated that 90% of the parts in the new 2012 Duke 690 are different than the prior model….basically and all new bike.

      If we move to England we can buy one…….

  4. Scott says:

    Dear KTM, please bring this bike to the U.S.A. I want to buy one today.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      But nobody else does. You can find the last three years’ models offered at steep discounts at KTM dealers around here and I am sure elsewhere in the U.S.

      It is a shame. I think it is one of the best bikes made. Light, agile, sufficient power, top-rate suspension and chassis. But then, even I haven’t bought one. I just don’t think it would be practical enough for most of my riding.

      • Mike says:

        Then I say KTM should study this and make decisions to solve the reasons the prior KTM Duke 690 did not selling here in America …that is what upper management in corporations are paid the big bucks to do.

        Specifically, what was the problem with the prior Duke 690 for potential American buyers…. price, not being reliable, ugly, not being that superior….whatever…..solve it.

        KTM spending all the time and money to develop one of the best street singles ever…..if not the best…….then making the decision to not bring it to one of the largest motorcycle markets in the world (USA)….does not make sense.

        No one expects any company to lose money selling products, but there is a massive value to the brand, KTM in this case. in having the absolute best bike in any motorcycle market segment.

        Again, should there be promotions and big salary increases for the management at KTM for not bringing the new KTM Duke 690 to America -or- the Board of Directors looking into this decision after spending millions on developing this bike and tens millions on racing.

        If I was on the KTM Board I would be asking for an answer…..and if a vote came maybe pink slips.

  5. mxs says:

    That’s a very good looking bike.

    Who knows a North American KTM exec, so somebody can find him and beg him profoundly ….

  6. ROXX says:

    If this bike would lose the ‘transformer’ styling and go for a ‘modernized cafe’ styling I’d be all over it!
    They would sell everyone of them they make here in the states.

  7. Neil says:

    This bike is fantastic. Too bad we are not getting the 350 yet here in the States. I go to Loudon and watch the Supermotos there and it is a very entertaining race. It is actually too bad Harley does not go single cylinder overhead cam but that is like asking a Dinosaur to remove the spikes from its back. This KTM series is going to be fantastic for those kids.

  8. Hot Dog says:

    Wow, what a nice bike! It makes my mind spin with the possibilities………I’m going to walk through the snow, to my heated shop, sit on my bike and make motor noises. My hound may think I’ve had one too many cold ones, but my mind is adrift as I slide my Gold Wing sideways, just like the Duke. As I grab 3rd gear, the back tire squirming/smoking, the front tire clawing for air, I hear a “Tink” and I’ve dropped my can of beer on the garage floor. “Beer Down!” I shout,as I look for corner workers but the only one there to help is Bonez the hound, lapping up suds. Alas, there’s more beer and lots more winter, perhaps I shouldn’t ride so hard but I hear the sound of a big single ringing in my head. Just one more beer and I’ll have it all figured out. Duke, it that you?

  9. Denny says:

    That all sounds dandy and exciting…. just that impossible ‘old’ age bracket should be changed to 9-13. Let those ‘buds’ to bud as early as possible. Now seriously: I started to ride at age of 20 and I was ready for it. Human organism (and psyche) should be fully developed before you sit on bike. The 18 is the earliest I’d consider legal.

    • Scotty says:

      Thats a very interesting train of thought Denny – I wonder are children (for this is what they are) able to rationally make the right judgements at 100mph fighting with a pack?

      • Denny says:

        Hi Scotty,
        I see here one thing and that is promotion of commercialism at first place. Using children to propmote (thru as you say ‘figting in pack’ and for same reason kids are used as soldiers in wars) is simply unethical. This is not to say that children (people younger than 18years of age) should be allowed to compete in motorsport, but you can ask medical professionals about their physical and mental suitability at best. They will tell you most likely – no. I appologize for swaying off technical subject; the bike is certainly great.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      Kids start all sports at a young age. With few exceptions, the greatest individuals in their chosen sports are the ones who start early and work at it throughout their lives. I have heard the argument often about kids racing motorcycles and cars and how it isn’t right, but there doesn’t seem to be as much argument about kids racing MX which seems much more likely to lead to serious injury than road racing; but my assumption could be wrong about that.

      Racing is not something I would ever want my kids doing, but it is a sport. I am not a racer, so I may also be wrong on this, but I think racing is more about instinct, experience and training and reacting according to that training than it is about judgement. I do believe that kids will behave more recklessly due to their universal belief that they are indestructable, but that recklessness is probably the quality that allows them to push the envelope and develop and learns the skills that elude the rest of us mortals.

      It may be slightly off topic, but it is an interesting thought project, Denny. A lot to think about.

  10. team222 says:

    KTM is planning big promotions and a salary increase for those in the marketing department that recommended not bringing this bike to the states.

    I have another view……… slips

  11. brinskee says:

    OMG sexy! This sitting alongside my Speed Triple and Multi 1200 is the perfect garage! Besides a SV650 track day bike. Sigh, there really never are enough… anyway, bring this to the states KTM!!

  12. Dave says:

    I like this!

  13. Jamo says:

    Is this race running in the U.S.? Is it Eurpoe only? Where do you sign up and train a kid for one of these?

  14. cyclox says:

    heavy and uninteresting for racing… I will miss the 125GP bikes.

    • Dave says:

      Definitely different than 125cc GP (which is being replaced by small 250cc 4-strokes, not these). I think this will be neat to watch though. The bikes should be easy to ride and promote all sorts of Tom-foolery out there.

      I’m all for a 70hp/300lb street bike.

    • mxs says:

      What does 125GP racing to do with a junior KTM cup??????

  15. butchy says:

    I’ve always loved the 690 Duke, one of my dream bikes. What fun that testrider is having while I sit and look out at snow. Maybe someday. Right now I just want winter to end so I can ride my new-to-me Griso…my true dream bike.

  16. Steveski says:

    Love this bike!

    I want to see the 350cc version KTM is supposed to be making….

    I am 55 & would love to finally learn how to ride a bike like this close or near it’s limits… I’ve been riding for about 40 years but have never been on a track or have I had a track lesson…. the 600 & 1000’s are too much for me.

    This KTM or even the 350cc version would be a blast, especially if I took a few lessons…

    & I guess my wheelie expertise from my days as a kid on my 1974 250 Kawasaki F-11 Enduro (2 stroke) would come right back on the KTM

    is that a cops’ siren I hear?

    • Vrooom says:

      Don’t be intimidated, do a track day. Riding with the beginner group isn’t a huge challenge, and you may find a group with similar bikes going that you can join. Last year I was at a track day where there were 5 650 singles, likely making no more than 45 hp, having the time of their life.

      • Steveski says:

        I’m not initimdated by fast, powerful motorcycles..I wheelied a Kawasaki Mach III through the 1st 3 gears when I was 16 back in 1973.. it’s more that I’ve never had a Pro instruct me as to the why’s, do’s & don’t’s of roadracing. That’s what I’d like to learn & then practice with a bike like this or a hotted version of the new Honda CBR 250….

  17. nsrpaul says:

    ktm need to sack up and build the rc4, then it would be ideal for both this race series and my garage

  18. Gary says:

    One of the better looking Dukes that I’ve seen. Certainly better than the Victory cafe cruiser.

  19. Gutterslob says:

    Can anyone who has tried the previous single-cylinder duke tell me how it compares performance wise to a 450-class enduro converted to supermoto? Not trying to start a flame-war. Genuine question here.

    • kman says:

      depends on what you want it to do. the 650 class bikes are much better road bikes, having a bit more weight and of course power, torque. They are typically more comfortable having larger seating areas and such too. As a pure hooligan tool a 450 motard would easily outshine the heavier 650 sized bikes. Having had a MZ 660 Baghira for about 6 years now, I can tell you that bike single dual sport/motards are a friggin blast.

      • Stratkat says:

        but… a dedicated supermoto is always going to require much more maintenance as they are more high strung, they are also not as comfortable for long distance. ive had both, a 525 i made street legal and a 640 supermoto. both were a blast however the 525 had the definitive edge.

  20. JPJ says:

    Nice bike, KTM always builds something unique. But at what cost. 9K + ?

    • Stratkat says:

      they are pricey but when you start looking at the spec of the components on them
      it starts to make sense. plus a dealer network that is, well… not there actually!

  21. Uffe says:

    Nice! The kind of series I would love to participate in. Identical equipment means lots of close racing. That combined with what should be a fairly inexpensive package would make it accessible to most. Would be great with a rent-a-racer series with a bike like that. Lots of people would like to race but don’t have the time or the technical skill to prep and fix the bike let alone a place to work on it. Hence I’ll be renting from Penguin Racing at Homestead in a couple of weeks for the CCS races. Unfortunately the bike will be a 13 year old Ducati 900 SS.

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