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Red Bull/KTM Race Report – SX Lites Class

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Red Bull/KTM Factory rider Marvin Musquin was definitely one to watch at Dodger Stadium for the third round of the AMA West Supercross Lites Series with his smooth riding style and impressive lap times that put him up front all night.

Musquin qualified third fastest from the one and only practice session the riders were given. The shortage of practice time was a result of a shortened schedule from rain threats throughout the day. The riders finally took to the track at 4:00pm where Musquin immediately clicked with the technical Los Angeles race track and clicked off a lap time inside the top three.

He looked equally impressive in his heat race where he started in 5th place. He quickly moved into the top three and finished the heat in 3rd place for a great gate pick in the main event.

In the main event, Musquin rounded the first corner in 7th position and quickly set his sights on the lead group. By the second lap he had passed Michael Leib to move into 6th place and on the fifth lap he caught and passed Tyla Rattray for 5th. He was the man to watch in the main event as he continued to put in impressive lap times and began to catch Dean Wilson and Zach Osborne who were battling for 2nd position. With three laps to go, Musquin was within a bike length of the two riders when he landed too far to the outside of a triple which planted his front wheel in a mud hole bringing his bike to a halt and throwing him over the bars.

Musquin was slow to get up as the handlebar had hit him in the crash and knocked the wind out of him. “I had trouble breathing after the crash so I could not return to my bike,” remarked Musquin. “After further evaluation, they told me I do not have any broken ribs but will suffer some soreness and bad bruising but I should be good to go for Oakland.”

Musquin was credited with a 19th place finish for the day only gaining two points in the championship chase. His result dropped him to 7th place in overall points. The riders will now prepare for the next event which will be held in Oakland, CA next weekend January 28, 2012.

Overall Results Supercross Lites –

  1. Eli Tomac
  2. Dean Wilson
  3. Zach Osborne
  4. Tyla Rattray
  5. Jason Anderson
  6. Max Anstie
  7. Michael Leib
  8. Matt Moss – KTM
  9. Martin Davalos
  10. Billy Laninovich
  11. Nico Izzi
  12. Ryan Sipes
  13. Vince Friese
  14. Teddy Maier
  15. Cole Seely
  16. Scott Champion
  17. Nick Paluzzi
  18. Gavin Faith
  19. Marvin Musquin – KTM
  20. Travis Baker

Overall Point Standings SX Lites –

  1. Eli Tomac – 63
  2. Dean Wilson – 62
  3. Tyla Rattray – 60
  4. Cole Seely – 47
  5. Zach Osborne – 47
  6. Jason Anderson – 44
  7. Marvin Musquin – 42
  8. Max Anstie – 32
  9. Nico Izzi – 32
  10. Billy Laninovich – 27
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