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Ducati announces the 2012 848evo Racing Contingency Program

Continuing on the success of the last year’s 848evo Racing Contingency Program, Ducati announces today the details for the 2012 Ducati 848evo Racing Contingency Program in partnership with FreedomRoad Financial. 2012 is poised to be an exciting year of club racing and 848evo racers will have access to an expansive program from Ducati and FreedomRoad Financial that includes a greater number of racing series, higher number of paying classes and substantial cash payments to race winners.

How does it work?

Riders must submit an 848evo Racing Registration Form to Ducati North America by March 31st, 2012 including:

• Racer’s resume
• Current bike registration
• Photos of bike (Front and Profile)

What series are supported?


What about contingency payment?

Ducati and FreedomRoad Financial will support and follow racers with PR activities, regular updates on and an all new Contingency Payment Program. Contingency wins will now receive payouts in the form of a cashier’s check directly from Ducati North America with the following payout structure:

• 1st place $1,200
• 2nd place $600
• 3rd place $300

The 2012 848evo Racing Program is open to all riders on 2010 or 2011 Ducati 848evo (US or Canada certified).

For any additional details on eligibility, rules and regulations, please visit

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