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KTM Racing News Sunday March 11, 2012

Good day out for Jeffrey Herlings at Dutch Championship

A crash on the first MX2 moto may have cost KTM’s Jeffrey Herlings time to return to the pits for some hasty repairs but it did not deter him from taking a resounding victory in the second race at the Dutch Championship at Halle on Sunday.

The talented Dutch teenager continues to hone his formidable skill on the sand as riders prepare for the opening GP in Valkenswaard on April 9 and this weekend was no exception.

Jeffrey grabbed the holeshot in the first race and immediately opened up a good distance to Red Bull KTM teammate and closest rival Jeremy van Horebeek. But then he came down hard on one of the track’s big jumps and damaged his wheel. Jeffrey then lost several minutes getting back to the pit area for hasty repairs and did well to scramble back into the action to finish in sixth place.

The second moto was a happier story for Herlings. He again rocketed out of the gates to lead going into the first corner and led all the way to the flag to take the race with an impressive lead over second-placed Joel Roelants. He described the typical sand track as very fast with lots of jumps so, as arguably the world’s fastest on sand, it was an easy weekend’s preparation for Jeffrey.

Teammate Jeremy van Horebeek was not quite so lucky. He had taken control of the lead in the first moto after Jeffrey retuned to the pits for repairs. He looked certain to take the victory but towards the end of the race he was blocked by a slower rider, crashed and went on to finish second. “I was very disappointed not to win the first race because I was leading the whole time and then a slower rider held me up even though he was a lap behind me and all I could do was to manage second place,” he said.

Jeremy was second behind Jeffrey at the start of the second moto but then towards the end of the race he had problems with his foot peg, which may have been damaged in his earlier crash. He returned to the pits to have it checked but by then there was not enough time to mend the damage and rejoin the race.

The third member of the Red Bull KTM factory trio, Jordi Tixier of France did not race and is still recovering from a viral infection. The factory riders will race in Round Three of the Dutch Championship next weekend in Heerve as they continue to get in good race practice ahead of the opening of the World Championship series.

Results first moto

1, Joel Roelants, Belgium, Kawasaki

2, Jeremy van Horebeek, Belgium, KTM

3, Glenn Coldenhoff, Netherlands, KTM

4, Jake Nichols, Britain, KTM

5, Erik Eggens, Netherlands, Yamaha

6, Jeffrey Herlings, Netherlands, KTM

Results second moto

1, Jeffrey Herlings, Netherlands, KTM

2, Joel Roelants, Belgium, Kawasaki

3, Glenn Coldenhoff, Netherlands, KTM

4, Jake Nichols, Britain, KTM

5, Erik Eggens, Netherlands, Yamaha

DNF Jeremy van Horebeek, Belgium KTM

Cairoli takes charge of MX1 in Rd. 3 of Italian Championship

Red Bull KTM’s Tony Cairoli was in sharp form at Castiglione del Lago at home in Italy on Sunday when he competed in Rd. 3 of the Italian Championship. The races are part of his preparation for the World Championship season and his challenge for a sixth world title.

He was in great form in the MX1 race – fast out of the gates, first into the first corner and led all the way to the finish. He also had a good start in the Elite Class race but got into close contact with several other riders in the first corner and found himself back at fourth place. He managed to work himself back to third and then to second but in the final stages got tangled up in heavy traffic and went off the gas to avoid an incident. Cairoli crossed the line in third and is is currently lying second in the MX1 class and third in the Elite class of the championship. The Italian Championships are an integral part of his preseason preparation.

“There were a lot of riders and some were quite slow so in the second race I decided to slow down in the last part because it was a bit dangerous,” Cairoli said. “The track was a very hard surface and there was a lot of dust. The first heat was quite okay because it had been watered but the weather was warm and it dried out quickly so it was very difficult in the second heat.”

The Italian Championship now pauses for one week during which time Tony will be working on a documentary film with sponsors Red Bull in various locations in Italy as they record some of the life of this great rider.

Round 3 Castiglione del Lago


1, Tony Cairoli, Italy, KTM

2, David Philippaerts, Italy, Yamaha

3, Steven Frossard, France, Yamaha,

4, Davide Guarneri, Italy, KTM

5, Anthony Boissiere, France, TM

6, Matteo Bonni, Italy, KTM


1, Steven Frossard

2, David Philippaerts

3, Tony Cairoli

4, Davide Guarneri

5, Anthony Boissiere

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