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Deus Ex Machina Clearance

Even the coolest custom bikes have to go on sale once in a while. Australia-based Deus Ex Machina makes some of the most creative customs available, drawing even Hollywood celebs to purchase them. We saw this article over at VisorDown about price reductions on Deus Ex’s older inventory, and found it a good excuse to lead our readers to their web site and its incredible eye candy.


  1. GEARBOX says:

    One has to chuckle at the prices these blokes have allegedly commanded. But no more. There are only so many naive people you can con with mutton dressed up as lamb. The Depression has seen to that. But perhaps if they got JuLIAR to ride one, they would get a new lease on life…

  2. widdy says:

    I usually rant against customs, but after seeing Deus’ website I have to wholeheartedly agree that these guys make the bikes I admire and give me good vibes. I’ll probably be visiting the website just to look at pictures – stare for a while – then get back to work.

  3. Dean says:

    Basically, if it has two wheels, they restore or customize it… Cool! Their site even has bicycles, and surfboards (no wheels, but still cool)..

    Custom bike gallery had a lot of goodies, but their “on the floor” section showed a Honda CBX that is gorgeous (and stock? with 23k miles. Sweet!

  4. TomS says:

    Deus’ bikes are effin’ gorgeous. I love ’em.

  5. Larry says:

    re: the e-bike. give me a freakin break! you mean the coal burning bike? this whole electric car/bike movement is such a scam! check the numbers. 74% of our electricity comes from burning coal. I will enjoy the combustion engine as long as I can!
    Regarding the Deus, I would put it up against POS that comes out Orange CC. I know it would outhandle and be more fun than any of them! I love the Retro look of the Deus. Brings back memories of that era.

    • MotoGraph says:

      check your numbers. 74%? Wrong.

    • Dave says:

      What difference does it make if electricity is made burning baby unicorn horns? These power plants are running, they provide electricity for whole cities and there’s no alternative to them. It doesn’t make it any less smart to use electricity where applicable.

      The Deus stuff looks great. I like their flavor. Not for me to own, but I like it.

    • Tim says:


      please, give us a freakin break. coal 50 years ago is absolutely *NOT* the same coal we have today. the plants are cleaner and way more efficient. ill-maintained cars and bikes, on the other hand… One coal plant is an order of magnitude cleaner than the equivalent herd of smoke-spewing, oil-leaking noise-making bikes that roam our streets. check YOUR numbers.

  6. soi cowboy says:

    How many thousands less is a cbr250 with electric start, counterbalancer, windscreen and bodywork?

    • Gutterslob says:

      If we’re playing that game, I’d personally get a 250 or 450 enduro or motocrosser and convert it to a roadgoing cafemoto if I had the spare cash to burn…. but that’s missing the whole point, isn’t it?

      • soi cowboy says:

        Since deus is selling them off at a discount, it seems a lot of people are missing the whole point.

  7. Tuskerdu says:

    too bad its not an e bike!

  8. goose says:

    I have read about this shop for years. I’m afraid I don’t see much I would want to own. Go around corners? With a rigid rear and girder forks? I don’t think so.

    I just don’t get it. The workmanship seems to be very high quality but otherwise they look to me like an Australian version of of US bobbers and choppers. Why to these guys get so much love and the US equivalent so much hate? Having put many miles on an SR500 I can’t imagine anybody but a masochist wanting an SR with a rigid frame.

    They also seem to be stuck in the sixties in the tire area. As somebody old enough to have used the god-awful tires from that era (several of the front tires look just like what was on my ’63 BSA) looking at some of these bikes makes me shudder.

    To each his own,


    • Gutterslob says:

      Oh please, compared to what those Orange County Discovery channel blokes make, these things might as well be on rails!!

      Can’t speak for everyone, but here’s the reason why I like em;
      1. Most models are Japanese engined. Some are Triumph engines. Both engine types, I like.
      2. They all have these “seasoned” look about them I seldom see with other chromed-up customs.
      3. I can relate to Oz surfers way more than I can burly “outlaw” types.
      4. They’re actually very reasonably priced for custom builds (at least the prices they quote via their surf shop cum dealership in Bali, Indonesia … not sure about American prices).

      Not saying I hate all American customs. Some are real great. There’s that ex-racer that makes proper pukka sports customs (sorry, I can’t seem to recall his name now). But most I’ve seen either scream “Yeehaw, American freedom, man!! Lets go shoot stuff and watch Sturgis re-runs on weekends!!… drinkin beeerr and stuff!!” or “Look at me, I’m a rich fat banker/lawyer trying to rediscover my youth with that big bonus I got from the Obama admnistration!!”

      Sorry, I know it’s stigma. My bad.

    • fastwin says:

      Have you actually Looked at their line up of bikes? Most have suspension. And not one resembles an Orange county junk bomb.

  9. sliphorn says:

    Man, when are these clowns at Deus Ex Machina gonna get their act together and come out with an e-bike.

    I hear ya on the Captcha. Brutal.

  10. Gutterslob says:

    Clearance? Please don’t tell me they’re shutting up shop?! They’re one of the few custom bike builders I actually like, mainly because their seem to be able to actually go around corners, unlike what them chopper builders do.

    I love their Deus Dominari model. There’s a bloke over here (Singapore) with one. Utterly gorgeous!! He got it via their dealership in Indonesia.

    Today’s captcha’s are frickin klingon!! … I had to click “try another challenge” around 12 times before I got something legible.

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