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Watch the Motorcycle Lap Record at the Nürburgring

Andy Carlile is 33 years old and has “lived at the Nürburgring since 2007”. He says he has several thousand laps of the circuit, and he has even walked it several times. He is claiming the motorcycle lap record at 7m10s, and the video below is his proof. This machine is a crash salvaged 2005 Yamaha R1 with carbon fiber wheels. Take a look at this interview of Carlile for additional details.


  1. diver_down says:

    Best Nürburgring lap that I have seen was on a Top Gear episode, in a cargo van.

  2. FZ1Ben says:

    Is it true they issue you a fresh pair of shorts when you finish the lap? (:>)

  3. dingle says:

    I’d like to see this guy give it a try

    • Gutterslob says:

      There are few sights in motorsport more mesmerizing than watching McGuinness sliding at 150+ mph going down Bray Hill at the IoM. I bet he’d rip the Ring a new one!!

  4. exR1 says:

    been there, can’t do that. he could have been faster without the traffic too.

  5. ReflexTowing says:

    So here’s a question:

    Why did they end racing there? Also, why were there cars and bikes on the track? Mixed use track day?

  6. Jdpalmer1 says:

    Only one small problem; it looks like his lap time started at the far end of the long straight and ended at the beginning – eliminating a few miles of straight line speed

    • zuki says:

      He sure did cut that long straight out!

    • widdy says:

      Yup – it starts under a blue banner with a slight left turn, and he ends at a red banner with a big straight still ahead. I’m sure he’s got the video footage starting from the red banner (he seems to be at full tilt at the blue banner already). He must have messed up in the editing (mixing up the banners).

      It’ll add a few seconds to the total time.

      Very impressive video.

      • widdy says:

        Another possibility: a “lap” at nurburgring starts under the blue banner and ends at the red, with the long straight as a cool down for everyone? Is that the accepted full lap there?

    • Gutterslob says:

      That’s why the site is called Bridge to Gantry.
      All “tourist” laps are recorded B2G like that, if I recall correctly. Official laps are when the manufacturer or testing body or whoever gets a permit and “rents” out the track for a period of time, I think, no traffic and all.

      • jdpalmer1 says:

        Didn’t BMW do a true lap with the K1200S about 8 years ago in 7:50 or so. I think the straight is about 3 or 4 miles so even at 180 mph 3 miles would take 1 minute.

        • Gutterslob says:

          Döttinger Höhe is currently the longest straight (the one you see at the end). The old long straight isn’t there anymore after they built the GP comples, iirc. Döttinger Höhe is about 3km, give or take a couple of a hundred metres, I think.

          Problem with Ring comparisons is;
          Even many of the manufacturer “official” times are actually B2G. For example, the Ferrari FXX’s time was B2G, while Nissan’s first official GT-R35 test in 2009 included the whole straight. Weird, that.

          • Gutterslob says:

            Oh wait. I think I might have gotten my names wrong. Döttinger Höhe is technically the longest section of track, but it’s got a slight kink. Not enough to make you shed too much speed or drop a gear, but still demands commitment if you’re flat-out. The straight at the end where the times are taken midway is much shorter than Döttinger Höhe.

            Again, don’t quote me on this. The last time I rode there was years ago (when I live in Britain and took riding trips into Europe) at a much more leisurely pace compared to the nutter in the video. I’m not even sure if I spelled Döttinger Höhe right. I’m sure googling for the Nordschleife’s map would give you a clearer picture of what is where.

      • widdy says:

        Thanks for the clarification

  7. Gutterslob says:

    Stonking stuff!!
    Now that’s a video!! None of that gyro-nonsense that makes it look like the rider’s on a smooth billiard table.

  8. bikerrandy says:

    Thanks for the need for speed fix. ;^ )

  9. HotDog says:

    Gosh officer, I was late for work and I wasn’t really going THAT fast, give me a break.

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