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European Market 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 Unveiled (with video)

The 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300, a stroked and fuel injected, all-new version of the existing Ninja 250R , has been officially unveiled by Kawasaki in Europe.  Follow this link to a special Kawasaki UK website for the new European model.  Full details and specs are available there.

As we reported last week, a U.S. EPA 2013 certification list showed a Ninja 300 as approved for the U.S. market. We understand that the list has been changed since we last reported its existence, and it no longer displays the Ninja 300 model. We likely won’t know for sure whether this model will make it to U.S. Kawasaki dealers next year until after the Times Square unveil scheduled by Kawasaki for September 13.

Meanwhile, here is a promotional video Kawasaki posted on its YouTube channel for the European Ninja 300.


  1. Bill andrews says:

    Will this fit my KLX250SF?

  2. Dave on the Rex says:

    I own a 124.9 cc Sym scooter, marginal on urban freeways, but ok. Forget the open road. If I could just get that extra 25cc to make it a 150…

    I’ve ridden, at this point, 2 different 250 ninjas. Nice enough, I just need a little extra, to get closer to the CM400, or the GS450 I used to own.

    This makes it into this country, I’ll be getting my little extra I need.

  3. TimC says:

    So, I’m trying to figure this out…can someone from Europe enlighten? I thought the gist was up to 125cc is one license/age/insurance class, then up to 250…so what’s the point of a 300? Barely more than 250 but not in that class?

    Still thinking the right move, for the US at least, is 400…when I had a N250, I loved it but always thought about 10 more bhp would have been about right without ruining the balance.

  4. Provalogna says:

    Good points.

    The 300s wild card is less than half the reciprocating mass of the much larger 600/650 size motors. Reciprocating mass has gyroscopic effect, resisting change in lean angle (hold a stationary bicycle wheel in your hands and tilt it L/R…now spin the wheel and repeat). Gyroscopic mass effect is exponential (reciprocating mass increases resistance to change of lean angle by square).

    Approximately 1/3rd less reciprocating mass (huge) is one of the reasons I’d take the Ducati 848cc Streetfighter over its much larger 1199cc brother any day of the week.

    Be realistic. How often is it useful to accelerate harder than an 848cc Ducati? Do you have an attorney on call? Would you drive without a driver license after they suspend yours? Which prisons allow you to ride motorcycles? 60mph in first gear, with five more gears on tap? C’mon…

  5. Provalogna says:

    If you love 40 year old models dressed, made up, lighted, and edited to look, act, and smile like they are empty-headed, hormone-addled, and 19 years old, watch the video. If you’re interest is the bike, pass. Hint: turn off the soundtrack if you’re interested in the bike’s “music”.

  6. GP says:

    I love that they did this, but splitting the difference between the 250cc and the 600/650cc a little bit closer to the middle (a 350-450cc) would have been much better for beginner riders, IMO. Regardless, Kawasaki probably has another Best Seller here. My daughter rides a 2000 Ninja 250 (very well), and she wants to move up. This new bike is great, but it does not seem like quite enough of a jump to make the purchase worthwhile. Maybe I am wrong. The dyno graphs I have seen indicate that it makes significantly more power and torque than the 250…

    • Dave says:

      The 300 should be more usable in areas where the 250 fell short in the US riding scenario but if she’s mastered a 250 then She sounds like a Ninja 650 or SV650 candidate to me. This 300 weighs close to what an SV does.

  7. Nick says:

    I view the bump to 300cc as an easy way to bump power while staying ahead of the competition. If had been taken to 350cc the price would have differentiated it too much from other 250’s. It’s also a marketing tool for those that consider 250cc too small but 300cc makes them feel that much better.

  8. Norsht Vinlkomen says:

    A 300 is kind on an off number for a motorcycle engine. A 350 might sell a lot better and is a more substantial jump from their 250. Just say’in…

    • Dave says:

      I don’t think they wanted to differentiate between the 250 customer and the next customer up, just offer more for that 250 guy/girl. It’s also probably all the more they could get out of the block/cylinder casting that is almost surely shared between this and the 250 that will serve markets where that displacement is necessary. Same trick as done with the 400/650, just leveraging their assets.

  9. Mark Pearson says:

    Wow, I had no idea Chevy was selling ’69 Camaros again. Why did they put a modern sportbike in their ad?

  10. SmokinRZ says:

    Makes me wan’t a 69 Camaro SS in hugger orange. Ok, the bike is cool too.

  11. todd says:

    No worries, at least we still have the 250 here – and countless used ones available – for when we feel the need for a light, fun bike.

  12. Nicholas Weaver says:

    >35 lbs lighter than a Ninja 6R with ABS, and the ABS only adds ~5 lbs over the non-ABS…

    Damn, the thing would ROCK round Sears Pt. If Kawasaki brings it, we’ll probably buy it to replace the SV650s trackday toy: I’d be much faster with ABS…

  13. Norm G. says:

    hmmn, american muscle car in an ad for a bike slated only for europe…? though the bike wear european plates, kawi must’ve run into a stumbling block regarding our wonderful DOT and are busy sorting it.

    • Dave says:

      Why do you say that? The vid was made in Europe for a UK/EU audience (they must like Camaros?).

      • Norm G. says:

        yeah, but the yanks INVENTED camaros and to this day actually go out and buy camaros. can’t throw a rock without hittin’ one. the ad is at best meant to be universal/cross market.

  14. Its the time to celebrate…Nice video..
    3 cheers for Ninja 300.


  15. Garak says:

    It is on the Kawasaki Canada website as well. MSRP tba…

  16. kawatwo says:

    Darn, now I want a ninja 650 AND a 300 🙂 Kawasaki, you light up my life.