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INTERMOT Expectations: Ducati and BMW

2013 Ducati Multistrada

We have already seen the new Ducati Multistrada, and heard about its revised 1200cc v-twin engine, and today Ducati has released full specifications of the revised Adventure tourer. More torque from the dual spark engine and active suspension on the S model are the highlights discussed in the video below. Ducati also has a special web site for the 2013 Multistrada.

The new Multistrada must be considered even more versatile with these changes for 2013.

The French web site Moto-Station confidently predicts three new Ducati models featuring an all-new 820cc liquid cooled 115hp engine for INTERMOT, including a Multistrada, a Hypermotard, and an unspecified roadster (not a Monster). These will be sophisticated bikes with ride-by-wire throttles and all the latest electronic aids.

BMW arguably invented the Adventure class Ducati is storming. BMW’s big boxer GS, in an all-new liquid-cooled iteration is expected at INTERMOT, undoubtedly with more power, although a weight reduction seems less likely.

Stay tuned for all the news from INTERMOT beginning October 3.

2013 Ducati Multistrada


  1. ross says:

    The big Multi is cool, but too big//powerful/heavy for the shorter trips I ride.

    The Kawasaki Versys 650 is a cool bike for its price point.

    An 820 Multi could be nice.

    Like a Versys, yet with the increased price comes:
    -better suspension
    -better brakes
    -a bit more power
    -some electronic coolness (ABS, TC, selectable mapping, etc)

    Can’t wait to see what it will be like.

    If it is comfortable, and has a decent fairing/windscreen, I’ll be getting one.

  2. Michael Cyprus says:

    Come on! tell me just one test with Multistrada that they didn’t faced a technical problems.

  3. Steven S says:

    Let us all be honest, these so called adventure bikes are not designed to go off road, they Re just comfortable and sane motorcycles. It is just marketing that dictates what they are called. Adventure sells I guess.

  4. Todd says:

    If they are going to have ride by wire and skyhook gadgetry …please add cruise control. I still can’t believe it wasn’t added to the 1200 Multistrada. I’m not a fan of aftermarket throttle locks and would like integrated cruise.

  5. Jay says:

    It would be nice if I could actually buy and service a Ducati somewhere within 100 miles from here. If course I’m out in the styx, bertween Chicago and Milwaukee.

  6. The other Tim says:

    Here’s to hoping for a smaller displacement Multistrada. I owned a 2006 MTS 620 and it was a nice little machine. I think 800-900cc is about spot on. Hopefully it will have good suspension and be decently priced. Oh, and lets hope the bike is lower maintenance than Ducatis were 6 years ago.

    • Steve P says:

      I have been look for a sport tourer in just that size for a long time.The BMW F800ST is very close but seems
      dull. I hope Ducati delivers something exciting.

    • Bubba Satori says:

      Ducati lengthened their service intervals in 2008.

  7. Jim Redilla says:

    I’m a KTM dirt bike guy. I’ve had a bunch of them and they were all good bikes. On the street side it has been a mix of Asian rides; 34 total bikes since 1973. If the 1190 Adventure comes to the USA this spring, then my FJR will exit and the big KTM will be in my garage. Guaranteed. The FJR is big, fast and heavy. Overall, a great bike. But heavy. The 1190 Adventure will be big, fast, and 150 lbs less. At 500 lbs, the KTM is still heavy compared to my 350 XCF. But it will take me cross country: paved, gravel, or otherwise.

    If however, KTM waits a year…. I just might pull the trigger on a Multistrada. And KTM will have to wait a few years to get any dollars from me.

    Come on KTM! I’m 56 and only have so many good years left. Just call me and tell me it is coming spring of 2013. I’ll call my dealer tomorrow and put down a deposit. I got the first e-start 300 to hit his door in 2008, the first 350 xcf in 2011.

    The Multistrada will be fantastic…. But I will be thinking… Do all the Ducati guys care that my gear is branded KTM? Do I have to sell my Glock to buy a Baretta? Which bike should I take to the Shenandoah 500?

    • RBen says:

      Just get a white Multistrada!!! And no way you should trade a Glock for Baretta.I have both and the Baretta is not even close to the Glock And the Baretta even cost more.LOL.I love my MTS1200.

  8. Bill Wolk says:

    “Skyhook” is the name of the magnetic ride control system that Ferrari and Maserati use (originally developed by GM). I suspect that Ducati has either licensed the technology or is using the name to evoke those halo cars.

  9. Tom R says:

    “Skyhook”? This must translate to something much less silly in Italian.

  10. Provalogna says:

    Almost invariably I detest OEM catch phrases, but “Skyhook”, for unknown reason, I really like very much!

    Why do BMW and Ducati get their videos so right, the Japanese and others, not? On the music sound tracks, something about the ubiquitous drum machine is just plain ugly.

  11. Norm G. says:

    finally, after only 8 years of wishful thinking, honda RC213 for the street…!!! not sure if a preview will be shown in germany…?

  12. mickey says:

    NIce vid

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