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Indian Auto Site Reveals KTM Duke 390

Production KTM Duke 200

The Duke 200 introduced by KTM in other markets last year, has its charm, but it is probably under-powered for the U.S. Indian web site ZigWheels says that is about to change with a 375cc, 45 hp single called the Duke 390, which it speculates will be revealed next month in Milan at the EICMA show.

According to ZigWheels, the Duke 390 will be a svelte 330 pounds capable of roughly 125 mph. KTM partner Bajaj would build the bike in India for export around the world.

If you aren’t convinced yet that lower priced, smaller displacement motorcycles are a trend in the U.S. market, stay tuned. The KTM will likely have a higher price than some of the purely “budget” models we are starting to see, but it should significantly undercut more premium KTM models. Frankly, we at MD welcome small, light and affordable two-wheelers to the U.S., particularly in the current economic climate.


  1. mpolans says: is saying it’s more like 400 lbs dry and 430 wet. At that point, I’m thinking it’s too heavy to be fun.

    • Joe Bar says:

      I couldn’t find any reference to this bike on HFL. Got a link?

      Or are you thinking of the new CBR500?

      • mpolans says:

        You’re right, my mistake. In that case, I’m still interested as long as the price is right.

  2. Nick says:

    Forty-five horsepower is pretty sky-high for only 375cc with just one cylinder. I’d have to ride one first before rushing into it. Now, where’s that KTM dealer?

  3. mpolans says:

    If its priced competitively with the Ninjette and well below the Suzuki Gladius/SV650 and Kawasaki’s 650, I think it could be a huge hit. It’d be the first new bike I’d consider buying in over a decade.

  4. thoppa says:

    This or a DRZ400SM… hmmm … good to have a choice at last.

  5. miles says:

    Bring it stateside. Have the R version go on a diet on 300 lbs. Bring back the LC4 while your at it…

  6. mugwump58 says:

    Now all they have to do is let dirt bike dealers sell it.

  7. Stratkat says:

    seriously the new one will be 1290. i own a 990 and it is a fantastic bike!

  8. Wendy says:

    Yes, please. I will go orange for that bike.

  9. cracked lid says:

    Love the look. Love the size. A move 18 months ago prompted the sale of my zx6r for practicality’s sake, but this could convince me that maybe I should get a new bike.

  10. Jason says:

    Neat, but KTM has two chronic issues – high prices and a crappy dealer network.

  11. John says:

    One, please!

  12. Don Fraser says:

    Great news if it sells for about 5K. Going to check out the Husky Strada for 7.5K.

  13. todd says:

    yes please. They could do a cheap spec version and a “R” version. Put all the Taiwanese suspension and brakes on it like everyone else does and sell it at a comparable price to the Ninja and CBR. Then the R spec bike would be free to add all those expensive components that an entry level (or commuter) rider could care less about. See which one would sell better. I have a hunch it would be the cheaper one.


  14. HotDog says:

    I went from a behemoth 1832cc touring bike and 1854cc cruiser, to a 400cc “scooter” and a 650cc “Adventure” bike. My Yamaha Magisty (395cc)out paced a new $21,000 Harley on top end and my Wee Strom can carry more than the GWing could, whilst traveling down dirt roads. This machine looks awesome!!! It’ll smoke the bar Poseurs on any road.

  15. RRocket says:

    What the hell? My 690 Duke weighed 328lbs dry. How can the 390 weigh more? Hopefully that is curb weight…but even then, it’s not terribly light for a small single.

    • Dave says:

      By costing half as much? Light weight is not directly related to engine displacement or chassis size. It is denpant on materials and engineering, both of which drive price up when aimed at lightweight strength.

    • Gabe says:

      Does the story say it weighs 330 dry?

    • Vrooom says:

      A wise man once said to me “why would you expect a larger hole in a metal block to weigh more?”. If it’s really putting out 44 hp, it’s not that much less powerful than a Duke 690 (yes it is less powerful) so there probably isn’t a great frame weight savings.

      • v says:

        If its 44 hp then the Duke 690 would be over 50% more powerful. That’s alot in my book. They are totally different bikes (the Austrian and Indian Dukes) with very few if any common parts.

    • GeardrivenCam says:

      In my opinion – the weight figure (assuming 330lbs wet) for the Duke 390 is quite good. The current CBR250R weighs 30 lbs more and has almost 20 less hp at the crank. And many consider this to be a fun, great-handling bike. Similarly, the new Ninja 300 twin weighs 50 lbs more and has 6 less crank horsepower.

      Vrooom – you say the Duke 390, at 44 (45?) hp is not much less powerful than a Duke 690? The last regular (non-R) Duke 690 we got here had 65 hp at the crank. Does having 20 extra hp really qualify as “not much less powerful”?

  16. Pork Chop Express says:

    It looks like a fun little commuter but I’m looking forward to the 1190cc version. I just can’t help it, the ugly American in me requires a larger engine.

  17. Dave says:

    Its about time…i live in Italy 8 months out of the year and that KTM 200 is unreal…the 390 is going to be a blast to drive and it looks great to…can’t wait to buy one…thank you KTM

  18. blackcayman says:

    Looks like a fun way to zip around on short hops and have fun commuting, blasting a tight canyon or two. Maybe when I can pick up a low miles three year old model in perfect conditon for under book (in the middle of a Utah winter) for under book – it could be a winner…. Maybe the 690 with 67+ HP would just be more fun though….

  19. Norm G. says:

    re: “If you aren’t convinced yet that lower priced, smaller displacement motorcycles are a trend in the U.S. market, stay tuned.”

    i will, ’cause admittedly i’m not convinced that lower priced, smaller displacement motorcycles are a trend in the U.S. market. freedom and wealth are the drivers. practicality requires an act of congress.

  20. BARRY WELLINGS says:

    Hopefully North America will get it. Naked bikes are accepted world wide but we are slower to accept them here for some reason.
    Mandatory scaled licensing would also steer more new riders to bikes like this instead of the high horsespower sport bikes that are COOL.

    • Alex says:

      Yeah, that’s what we need, more government interference in our lives. We don’t have enough of that crap. I’m a fan of smaller, lighter bikes, but let the manufacturer’s win me with great design and performance, not twist my arm with regulations.

  21. sl says:

    I like this, but would prefer an SMC. I almost bought a 690.

  22. Allworld says:

    It looks nice, I agree is MD, the US could use a greater selection of smaller, less costly bikes. They are great for new riders, commuters and those of us who don’t need the biggest fastest bikes.