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Stoner’s Farewell Tour Starts This Weekend In Japan; He Won’t Miss You

The Paddock Respects Him

You won’t have Casey Stoner to kick around much longer. That’s right. He’s almost done. Find someone else.

Universally respected in the paddock for his tenacious, unrelenting competitiveness. Taming the “unridable” Ducati for years, and pushing it closer to the edge, and winning on it much more than Marco Melandri…or even the great Valentino Rossi, outside the paddock some nitwit fans labelled him a “whiner”. Perhaps they knew more than his fellow MotoGP riders about Mr. Stoner’s character. Perhaps they knew more about Mr. Stoner’s willingness to risk it all than a 1000FPS video could capture. Perhaps they knew Stoner was faking Lactose Intolerance symptoms years ago, despite what his doctors said.Then…perhaps they are just nitwits,…or whiners themselves. Soon it won’t matter.

Stoner is returning to race this weekend at Motegi after rehabilitating his broken ankle. Four races left in a career some just didn’t appreciate or understand. It doesn’t look like Casey will miss it.


  1. Mack says:

    Did Stoner whine? Hell yeah he did. So did everyone else in the paddock to some degree or another. Most of the people here that have made comments seem to want to forget the other riders. And yeah, the older riders did the same if you actually looked at some of their interviews. Hell, go read some of their stories of cutthroat tactics and fist fights then tell me about how much class they had. Racers will complain and bitch and moan as soon as you stick a microphone in their faces because they want to win so bad that when they lose its just not acceptable. Thats why they are at the top of their game and we are just sitting here at out computers typing about whats wrong with them all.

  2. Mike says:

    The number one reason he is not liked is that he never once said “the other guy was just faster on the day”. It was always his tires or his brakes or chatter that stopped him from winning.

  3. jay says:

    He won’t miss us? I won’t miss him either. A great rider but a great whiner, too. Good riddance.

  4. Phil says:

    Casey’s talent is well, almost unrivalled. I think to rise to the top in any sport requires a level of intensity that most mere mortals will never really understand. This tends to hide the person’s real personality much of the time. I’ve always thought Rossi’s greatest talent is his ability to switch from his race face, to his media face at will. This has been good for him and the sport. If Casey was able to do this as well as Rossi, he may well have been able to enjoy the sport more, and been motivated to stay in the game for longer – we’ll never know.

    I for one will miss watching him. but I also wish him well in his retirement.

  5. Thomas says:

    Stoner, a great rider and he will be missed in the MotoGP races. But, I don’t get the responses here. The nickname “whiner” came from the comments he made over passes, Dorna, and other topics. Anyone watching and following MotoGP for his career could see he was also not a very likeable guy. So, there really is no question as to why he has the nickname. Is he a great rider that will have a place in the books, yes Stoner is that.

  6. Tim says:

    He’s a great rider, but he’s not as good as Rossi in his prime or Loreno is currently. As for “taming” the Ducati, his championship came on a well sorted Ducati the year of the cc change…not the same bike Stoner and Rossi are riding this year. That bike had a horsepower advantage like no other (at least until his second championship on the Honda.) Yes, he had some wins and podium finishes on the later 800 Ducati, and that was impressive (to me more impressive than his championship years on the Ducati and the Honda.) Butt to me his legacy will be that he never won a championship on a bike clearly inferior in the top end speed /HP department (which both Rossi and Lorenzo have accomplished.) Thats not necessarily his fault. He’s never really had a good but not great bike until this season. Prior to this his bikes were either dominant or they stunk. However, he did do impressive things on the inferior later 800 Ducati that others were not able to do. A talented guy, no doubt. As good as a young Rossi or Lorenzo? Well never know for sure because he’s quitting too young.

  7. Lynchenstein says:

    This site is great but this whole article is a troll. I feel like it was posted simply so the author could get folks all in a lather.

    And it looks like quite a few took the bait.

  8. Pete says:

    You dorks complaining about someone complaining too much are funny. You’re gonna lose one of if not THE fastest guy ever to put on a set of leathers…and you worry about his personality? Get a life. Take up tiddly winks. You don’t deserve to see such talent.

    • Mark Pearson says:

      I agree! Nobody will ever ride as fast as Stoner! Nobody!

      Well, except for that Rossi guy. Probably Lorenzo, too. And Simoncelli. Those guys are all so likeable – what’s up with that?

      Anyway, other than the guys above, nobody! Irreplaceable! 2012 – the year MotoGP died. Just like ’09 when Mladin left AMA.

      No, wait, AMA’s still going. That Hayes guy sure wins a lot but everybody likes him.

      Oh tiddlywinks – I’m all confused!

  9. Mark Pearson says:

    Nobody likes an A-hole. Nobody.

  10. MotoChris says:

    Good riddance. He has the single worst attitude in MotoGP, at a time when MotoGP needs all the help it can get

  11. AFW says:

    The look on Stoners face in that picture says it all, it was painful getting blasted by
    Rossi in ’09, he tries to hide it but it’s pouring out. A fast lapping rider prone to crashing with a chip on his shoulder. Outclassed by Pedrosa in his final year.

  12. vince says:

    I decided Casey was a whiner in 2007; in Catalunya. The M1 was way down on power to the new Desmo. Rossi on the michelins could only pass Stoner in the corners only to be passed by the superior power of the duc on the straight. Afterwards Casey stated he was ” dissapointed” by rossi’s pass.
    -2008 at Laguna Seca all Stoner did was complain for months after; but many gp champs thougth it was fair, good race race.
    -recently Casey complained Dorna ruined the racing by forcing the 800s on everyone, when he surely knew that it was honda.
    -how about the recent incident where he said the marshalls didn’t try hard enough to push start his bike.
    When anything goes wrong it’s always someone else’s fault, according to Casey.
    Call me a nitwit Dirck, names don’t bother me. There is a lot of evidence that points to him indeed being a whiner. For all his talent, I could care less that he is retiring.

    • Fangit says:

      Reposting in the correct spot;

      I just don’t get people like you. You decide way back in 2007 Stoner must be a whiner? Just like that? Maybe people like you that rush to judge and then collect evidence to justify your opinion are biased in that you are a huge Rossi (or insert other name) fan and just can’t stand the thought of some incredibly young upstart Aussie bursting your bubble and showing how easily he could s*** on your hero. Pretty asinine stuff really. I respect all the riders even the ones that complain a lot (Rossi is full of excuses at the moment) or those that often ride recklessly or crash a lot (Melandri for eg) but I respect them all and I certainly wouldn’t get on some blog and insult them and bid them “good riddance”. I pity you “nitwits” with all this pent up vitriol and anger, why don’t you just grow up and get over it for f sake!

  13. WJBertrand says:

    Well, there’s no doubting the level of talent that Casey has – absolutely one of the best of all time. The problem is when you’re on top everyone will take pot shots at you and Casey seems to have let that get to him. His tendency to complain about things just invited it, even if the complaints were legitimate. The other thing was Casey’s habit of doing as little practice and qualifying time as possible. Granted, his extreme level of talent allowed him to figure out where he needed to be very quickly so rarely needed all the allowed time. It kind of comes off as a work ethic issue to some though. For fans that want to see him on the track, having him come out, do a few laps and then park it is a bit disappointing

    Contrast that behavior with someone like Nickey Hayden, who will almost never complain about anything or blame anybody. There are times where he probably could have blamed the bike or another rider where he accepted the blame as rider error. It’s also easy to admire his work ethic. He is often among the riders with the most practice laps.

    A rider’s job is NOT just to win, he / she is also expected to be a representative of the company. Most racing programs are run out of the marketing groups of the factories after all. It reflects better on the company if their racer has a likable demeanor.

    • frostbite says:

      So, What – You want him to ride around the track just to please you – He goes out and gets the job done – he is being PAID to do that – not getting paid to please bozo’s … With Hayden’s laps he puts in – well I guess you have to when you aren’t winning, to try and come to terms with a pig of a motorcycle – one day Ducati might just make a bike that can be ridden by anyone other than Stoner … Rosi FAILED – Hayden has Failed, and ALL the others Failed to tame the Ducati except Stoner – That does take talent. It may be Ducati’s ONLY MOTOGP Championship – time will tell. Hayden is a nice guy but lacks the talent of true world champions … Look at the results over the last few years and tell me different.

      • Nocklhiem Verstadt says:

        There wouldn’t be big paychecks in top level racing if it wasn’t for the “bozos” that buy the tickets to the races. Most big name athletes forget that without our support they would probably be underpaid grocery clerks that only enjoy their sport on the weekend.

        • frostbite says:

          Gee, that’s funny I thought that the manufacturers PAID their RIDERS – maybe I am wrong but I don’t think so somehow …. the riders don’t get part of the gate money – that is for the greedy organisers etc …

          • WJBertrand says:

            Often it’s actually not so much the manufacturers that pay the riders as it is their sponsors. In fact the brand of the motorcycle is usually displayed less prominently on bot the bike and the rider’s leathers than that of their sponsors.

            Like it or not publicity is a big part of the job. If winning were all that mattered there’d be only Stoner, Lorenzo, Pedrosa running the circuits.

  14. Kiwi Morgan says:

    Having dabbled in racing at a low level over a few decades, I have nothing but respect for all these top riders, who put it all on the line. Most of their critics haven’t even been on a track. I’ve seen Aaaron Slight’s mutilated left hand at close quarters, and don’t forget Sheene and Doohan, or Simoncelli (R.I.P). I’ve been a Stoner fan since his 250 days (amazing that he STOPPED [relatively] when he moved to the MotoGP Ducati). I wish him a long and happy retirement back in Oz. He’s earned it. He’s the fair dinkum real deal.

  15. sands says:

    Lactose intolerance symptoms ? Didn’t know about that one but it would have to be a very rare yet severe case for someone to complain about it affecting their performance…

  16. McFli says:

    Great talent for sure! One thing that I didnt like; I heard him say in an interview, “It’s just a job for me and I will not miss it”. I dont understand that mentality. Most “just jobs” dont have you going 200+ miles an hour on prototype equipment; you have to have a love for it (or so I thought). That is on of the many reasons I like the KR, Rossi and Simoncelli types. THEY LOVE THIS STUFF, and that makes them easier to like and follow.

  17. Vrooom says:

    3 gusy fighting for the top spot is more exciting than 2. Here’s hoping Rossi or maybe Crutchlow step it up to make it interesting next year.

  18. TC says:

    He will be missed about as much as Mat Mladin.

  19. Ricardo says:

    Stoner comes across to me like a person that would not take any crap the MotoGP organizers, he spoke his mind and that hurt some people. Also he knows what his capabilties are, he knows he is one of the greatest racers of all time (and in my humble opinion, I fully agree despite me being a Rossi fan). Stoner can ride any motorcycle, just give him time to adapt to it. All this may have come across as arrogant from him but just look a Lorenzo (pronounced “lorentho”) and other racers that are more evident in their arrogancy.
    Good for you Stoner, enjoy your life as you have chosen, without being part of the status quo..

  20. Thoppa says:

    Forget him. Remember Doohan.

    • bikerrandy says:

      During most of his career Doohan had no real competition. Whereas Stoner, like Rainey, Schwantz, Lawson, did have real competitors.

      • Doohan, like the other riders you listed (R, S, L), almost never sounded like Stoner in the press. We’re not talking about who is the best. We’re talking about great riders who were no-nonsense and ALSO not complainers.

        PS, I only just now realized I’ve replied to two of your posts, it’s nothing against you, bro, just commenting. 🙂

  21. chris says:

    i hope he makes a autobiography and people read it
    The way he made it to the top was very different to most of the other top motogp riders, no silver spoon in his arse
    no sponsors paving the way, no easy way to the top bikes
    He is the cream that will all ways rise to the top no matter what

  22. Ian says:

    I’m a Stoner fan but it never ceases to amaze me that it’s a case of “the blind leading the blind”. He is a very rare talent but don’t delude yourself into thinking he doesn’t Whine and complain. To a degree they all do .. These sort of Headlines only add to the extreme’s of one fan club or another. Surely you can come up with something better than drivel as an epitaph for a great career. Ignore the haters or just become one of em.

  23. xootrx says:

    Well, since I don’t follow racing much, and even less the personalities involved in it, I guess I won’t mind not being missed. I’d just like to know what the heck is a “docter.” Is that a peculiar kind of doctor?

    • Dirck Edge says:

      Australian for doctor.

      • frostbite says:

        TYPO Boofhead … You obviously just don’t like Australians ….

        • Chaz says:

          Actually a pretty good joke. Or have you never seen the foster’s beer ads on American TV?

          • frostbite says:

            I don’t watch American TV … those sitcoms make me puke … and the latest assortment of trash is so boring – Turtel Man, Swamp People, REPO jerks and the like – “toot im – toot im – hurry up toot im” .. hahahahahhahahahha!!!

            I think you have lifted the barrell and started scraping under it now …

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