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2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R Dyno Test


  1. Joe Lewis says:

    You haven’t really experienced motorcycling until you have ridden a big bore sport bike. While sportier bikes are better in twistees they don’t measure up on interstate or two up riding. The huge torque curve, high hp and enough room for my 6’4 250 lb. I could never ride 500 miles in a day on a ZX10.
    Also, you can essentially ride the bike like an automatic on interstate. Overall a nice bike.

    • zx10r-ROCKS says:

      I have experienced a big bore bike. It’s nothing special. I rode my buddies ‘busa a few years ago and all I could think while riding it was, “This thing is a PIG!”. So bloody heavy in the corners to get it down and back up again it was ridiculous. In roll-on races with him against myself and our buddies on our “little” zx10, r1 and gsxr 1000, he was always last. Sure the zx14 and ‘busa have a bit of a power advantage on the dyno, but put it on the street where power to weight ratio comes into play and that advantage is gone. A 10% power increase is evaporated when it weighs 30% more.

      • R1Bandit says:

        zx10r-Rocks…. I think you missed what Joe Lewis said…like completely. I’m happy your zx10 is so agile on the street. I’m not sure sure your zx10 would be in front of my R1, but that’s another argument. Joe Lewis is right, for what the zx14 is it’s one of the best. There is no way I would want to be on my R1 for a 500 mile cruise… no matter how well it handles or how fast it goes. I’m not under any misconception, my liter bike is not a bike to ride for more than an hour without feeling cramped up.

        • zx10r-ROCKS says:

          R1Bandit. I didn’t miss the point at all. I’ve done multiple multi-day thousand+ km tours with my 10r without any real soreness issues other than just the fact of being stuck in one position for so long, which I have experienced on a few bikes such as my buddies ‘busa (which I didn’t find comfortable at all, stock bars were way too far forward), my other buddies cruiser (the most comfortable, but still, sitting on your a$$ all day will still get you sore) and my other bike which is an ’06 monster 1000.

          …and I’m not sure your r1 would be in front of my 10r. Yes, that is another argument =)

  2. zx10r-ROCKS says:

    Great number! Too bad it is ugly as sin, weighs a tonne and handles like a bus…I’ll take my zx10r over this any day as it’s sleek, light, powerful and is a dream in the twisties =D

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