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Ghezzi-Brian Motard V-twin

One of the new bikes displayed at EICMA a couple of weeks ago was the Moto Guzzi Griso-based Motard V-twin by Ghezzi-Brian. Ghezzi-Brian have been taking stock Moto Guzzi motorcycles and turning them into unique machines for several years. The Motard V-twin is the latest and in addition to the 115 horsepower, 8 valve motor from the Griso, it incorporates some advanced suspension technology.

Dynamic Damping Action (DDA) provides the fork and shock with intelligent damping that reacts almost instantly to speed and road conditions, according to Ghezzi-Brian. Additionally, the Motard V-twin gets Kineo spoked wheels, which are tubeless compatible with their forged, CNC worked smooth rim surface.

Ghezzi-Brian can also sell you a kit to convert your stock Griso to a Motard V-twin. Contact this small volume customizer if you are interested in pricing and U.S. availability. Most mechanical parts can be replaced through a Moto Guzzi dealership.


  1. Todder says:

    The rear end reminds me of the older tuono.

  2. windy says:

    Two of my friends have purchased Moto Guzzi’s this year,and both have spent more time in the shop with electrical problems than on the road.One is going to sell it as soon as it’s fixed.

  3. Johnny says:

    It would look much better if it didn’t have that strange looking beak. The
    front end has a “Woody Woodpecker” look. Might be fun to ride, though.

  4. Butchy says:

    I’m puzzled as to why anyone would convert (and in the process butcher) a perfectly good Griso…to turn it into THAT. I just don’t get it.

  5. HalfBaked says:

    Anyone care for some cheese with that whine.

  6. John says:

    Although I’m really disgusted with the whole concept of making a bike appear to be something that it inherently isn’t, like the current fad with “adventure tourers” (aka street bikes), this bike appears to be more of a work of art than a real attempt at deceiving people or marketing. I like it, but certainly wouldn’t be fooled by the name or the style as to what it is.

    Though it would be nice if they stopped butchering the motard name (yes, Ducati, I’m talking at you). Must be an Italian thing.

    • TF says:

      It’s all about selling motorcycles first and foremost. It’s no different than calling the V7 Racer a “Racer” or gluing some ground effect moldings on Chevy’s latest FWD POS with the expectation that it perform like a Winston Cup car. For all but a very select few of us, motorcycles are toys and “curb appeal” sells them. The Motard is a cool looking bike as well as the V7 Racer. I have ridden one and would never think of racing one but it was still a joy to ride.

      • John says:

        Well, true. The real attempt isn’t to deceive the buyer, but to deceive the buyer’s friends by creating a false image. When someone else is paying for my bike, I will care what they think of it.

        I have been pondering the idea of a V7 Stone though. Seems like a nice all around light smooth bike with shaft drive, which I miss.

  7. Miles McMillan says:

    Let’s see, you got’cher tall seat, you got’cher shaft drive, you got’cher dual exhaust, you got’cher beak…yep, must be the latest entry into the “Supermoto” or “Adventure” bike category. Next!

  8. iliketoeat says:

    Oh man, this makes no sense. I guess the next logical step is for someone take the 6-cylinder engine from a Goldwing and stick it into a “supermoto”. Or a Harley pushrod V-twin. Everybody is jumping onto the supermoto bandwagon, and we’re getting some ridiculous bikes as a result.

    (BTW, the captcha text I’m seeing: “imbecility”. Coincidence? I think not…)

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “Oh man, this makes no sense.”

      before you knock it, keep in mind this is what a booming detroit auto executive says when he looks down his nose at the whole of motorcycling.

    • Craig Jackman says:

      There was an adventure bike with a Harley engine (albiet a Sporty). The Buell Ulysses. One of the best bike’s I’ve ever ridden. Went well, handled like a cat on velcro. Comfortable. I will never forgive Harley for killing Buell.

  9. Provalogna says:

    After reading the comments, it does occur to me that something like a 350 lb Ducati Hypomotard 796 makes more sense if one enjoys the Motard genre, at about half the cost too.

  10. LarryC says:

    I like my Griso the way it is. Why spend a bunch of money to make it look like some other manufacturer’s more conventional motorcycle?

  11. Gary says:

    If you decide to ride one motard style, I imagine it would bash your shin-bone in short order. But I suspect customer of this bike are only after the appearance of a super motard machine.

  12. Gary says:

    Cue the beak-haters …

  13. kjazz says:

    As much as i love MG and also the GB guys’ work over the years…to me, this is a waste of effort. It obviously isn’t a motard bike in any practical sense. And, in fact, it really isn’t a motard-“styled” bike either when it comes down to it. For instance, the seat stops WAY back there and the rider cannot move up around that tank to get closer to the steering.

    Just like putting slotted mags on your mother’s old Buick wont make it turn magically drift car, the Griso simply doesn’t have the DNA to perform in this function. It’s not about the motor; however, because the HP BMW really did come pretty close to being what this bike is going after. The chassis and rider accommodations are just all wrong on this MG though.

  14. SmokinRZ says:

    This looks like the answer to a question that nobody asked. But for some strange reason I like it.

  15. Craig Jackman says:

    I’d ride that quite happily

  16. sl says:

    Super motard bikes are designed for go kart style tracks with a dirt section and modest jumps. This is just today’s bobber, yesterdays chopper, or what ever stlye they think is cool. Decent enough looking bike, but no motard. Boxer fanatic is spot on about “adventure bikes”, and the need for real road sport bikes. I would like to have a slightly sharper Honda Superhawk. My buddy had a TL1000 and raved about it.

    • stratkat says:

      you should try a KTM Super Duke. it takes up where the TL & the Super Hawk left off.
      and it doesnt have a stupid beak either!!

      • sl says:

        I have thought about the Super Duke, also looked at the brutale, Speed Triple. I like them all. Right now I am on an SXV550. Love it, but I would like something for the open road.

  17. stratkat says:

    stop it with the beaks already damnit!!!
    lets take a survey, who thinks the beak is a good design element?

  18. BoxerFanatic says:

    I can understand a 400-900cc modest weight off-road bike turned into a street bike with suspension and tires, basically a hypermotard bike.

    I don’t get bigger 900-1200cc heavier road bikes turned to look like off-road bikes with a beak and bodywork… and real road sport bikes getting rarer and harder to find.

    The Ipothesys bike seems closer to what I would like, as a modification on a Griso base, rather than this.

    But I do like the QD exhaust on this Ghezzi-Brian bike… would look just as good on a Griso. 😀

    I don’t get why both the Ipothesys bike and this bike are so involved, when really all the Griso needs is very little. Griso is a nice bike as-is.

    1: a monoposto tail section option, the stock tail is nice, but the pillion seat is odd. Without the pillion seat at all, it would be fine.
    2: a fixed half fairing, something like the the Guzzi Daytona, V11 LeMans/Tenni, or even the V7 Club Racer, molded to fit and replace the Griso’s trim panels between the valve covers and frame spars. Maybe with Breva Sport’s headlight with it’s projector low beam.

  19. LVJT says:

    What’s next, HD Big Twin Supermoto?

  20. Norm G. says:

    omg love the dual exhausts…!!! would be nice if the front subframe could be modded to shorten the wheelbase, but that looks the business. 🙂

  21. Paul says:

    A shaft-drive “motard” that weighs 500 lbs ready to ride. Um, why?

  22. Miles McMillan says:

    Nice beakage!

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