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  • December 11, 2012
  • Dirck Edge
  • Chris Rubino

MD Interview: Ducati MotoGP Factory Rider Nicky Hayden

We spoke very briefly with Nicky Hayden last Friday at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show.  Nicky recently wrapped up testing, and won’t be back on a MotoGP bike until 2013.  Note Nicky’s reaction when the subject of Marc Marquez arises.  The MotoGP veterans definitely have their eyes on the rising star.  Apologies for the very noisy environment.


  1. Price says:

    Nicky is obviously valuable to Ducati and represents the brand well. He may be no up and coming racer, but he did get better results than Rossi most of the season.

  2. Norm G. says:

    kinda ironic, but i wouldn’t be surprised if nicky has a bigger fanbase in europe now than he has here in the states.

  3. Plexed says:

    Much respect to Nicky world class rider and all around solid dude in the Moto GP class. I would not be surprized to see great things from him, if the bike gets sorted out. I wish him the best for his 2013 season.

  4. fishbulb says:

    Nice job Dirck. A cut above most TV interviews. I think you can see Nicky responding to an intelligent interviewer even if the obvious questions must be asked.

  5. achesley says:

    Would love to see Nicky come back to Class C Flattracking and finish the Grand Slam. But, pulling for him, as always have, to have a great and injury free year.

  6. Joe Lewis says:

    Nicky Hayden is a great spokesman for Moto GP but just an average racer. He has lost his edge and needs to refocus his energy to becoming a better racer, or retire. He has been passed by more talented, faster riders.

    • Dave says:

      There is no such thing as an “average” moto-GP racer. There can only be one winner on a given day. Not winning does not make 5th place worthless.

  7. Dale says:

    It’s the preseason so I can say what I want:

    The Ducati is gonna fly in 2013! A missing piece of the puzzle (electronics I’ll bet) is solved revealing the Ducati’s inherent strength!

    Nicky and Ben are gonna have awesome years! Andrea a great one!

    Colin is gonna get the Yamaha engine and electronics and will lead the CRT’s and start nipping at the prototypes! He’ll pull off a win in the rain!

    Valentino will get his chance at redemption…!

    Jorge will try to retain his World Championship… !

    Danny looked very racy at the end of the season, will 2013 be his year? his new teammate may turn out quick… the super fast Honda’s don’t seem to be in their way.

    The Aprillia’s have been sandbagging, they’re gonna win pole and podium at Qatar!

    With so many running at the front in MotoGP, 2013 will start looking like World Superbike!

    Gonna miss Casey and Max!

    All the rest of the Teams and Riders will also have a wonderful year, in all the series, I pull for Many unnamed here.

    Nobodies gonna get hurt in 2013!!!

    PS The only thing I’m not sure of is… Who’s gonna win at Phillip Island now?

  8. Kris says:

    Crystal method is playing in the background.

    Sweet! 🙂

  9. Gary says:

    Nicky has matured into an excellent spokesperson for MotoGP and Ducati. Any team would be lucky to have him. Poised and candid. His best days as a racer are probably behind him, but I’m still a fan.

  10. motobell says:

    Thanks for doing this.. post racing season is hard and interview even it is noisy and informal chat are nice to hear

  11. Superhawk says:

    Mr. Positive… really like him at the end of the day and I think he’ll do well in his new role at the House of Duc!

    I’m ready to start the season myself…

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