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Kawasaki Z300 for U.S.?: Kawasaki Launches Naked Z250 in Indonesia

It looks like a naked version of the Ninja 300 may be heading our way.  Earlier today, Kawasaki officially launched the Z250 in Indonesia (pictured above) featuring the same parallel-twin engine (in slightly smaller displacement) found in the Ninja 300 sold here.

Bringing the bike to the U.S. market shouldn’t be too complicated, as the engine has already passed emissions tests and other regulations required by DOT.  Nevertheless, Kawasaki did not do very well here with the naked version of the Ninja 650, which is no longer available in this market.  More news when we receive it.


  1. Willi777 says:

    KTM will probably bring their Duke 390 over for next year- 307 lbs. dry- 44 hp- USD forks and not so much plastic… but $5000 is hard to swallow. Looks great though

  2. todd says:

    Maybe I’ll get one, remove all the fairings and put on a round headlight – like headlights are supposed to be.


  3. seth says:

    The AZ dealer’s trying to make you buy that dropped bike. He has no legal right if it is a demonstration model where he gave you mounting right implied or explicit and your use was reasonable. Down with corporate blather!

  4. dan says:

    I didn’t put the kickstand down far enough while checking out a new “standard” Ninja at an AZ Kawasaki dealership. It fell over on the carpeted floor, and the dealer promptly presented me with a bill for $2200 in damages. I look at this bike and see the same kind of plastics. Is this the spirit of a “standard” “beginner’s” bike? One with lots of plastic as durable as eggshells?

    • pistoldave says:

      The addition of some inexpensive frame sliders and related bits will mitigate a lot of the plastics damage associated with low speed tip overs and what not, its not an insurmountable problem.

  5. Neil says:

    Ninja 650? Could they have designed a worse seat? Rear subframes on naked bikes need to be flatter. Bonneville. V& Classic. A sport bike with high bars is not comfortable and slides you into the tank. High bars, lower pegs. Low bars, higher pegs. Simple. What is the problem with the old Honda CB flat four chassis? Add fuel injection. Better suspension. Bingo. This naked 300 will be horrible comfort wise. They don’t even test ride these obviously.

  6. DCE says:

    It looks like a direct competitor for the new Suzuki “mini B-King”.

  7. allworld says:

    If Kawasaki wants to compete with the new Honda triplets then this bike would fill a void in their line up.

  8. randy says:

    That seat looks nicely low, but hard. My 5’3″ wife would like this styling than the Ninja version, I’d guess. Still, a little “edgy” on the plastic and graphics. Later this spring after the Honda 500’s are out she will get a new bike, nice that there are finally a few offerings, too bad this won’t be one. I think (BTW) that all new models should come with “Adventure” suspension. That is, an extra inch of travel front and rear (say 5.5″) to cope with the dismal state of our roads, couldn’t hardly cost anymore.

  9. TimU says:

    Can’t wait for the Japanese to get this transformer look out of their system. I’m sick and tired of looking at toy type motorcycles from them and Europe.

  10. John Bryan says:

    Why not a KLE “Adventure” bike version? With the lighter weight you’d probably have comparable performance with the CB500X at a potentially lower price. Kawasaki built (still builds?) the KLE250/500 – just never offered them in the US market.

  11. Gary says:

    I love the ergonomics, but I certainly wish bike manufacturers would see fit to put small windshields on bikes. I know it violates modern fashions, but those little screens make a big difference in comfort on long rides and/or cold days.

  12. Gary Turner says:

    Darth Vader of Star Wars would look good in the saddle

  13. Bob says:

    Definitely just a “standard” sensible commuter. Naked would be losing the lower plastics and using the same headlight assembly and dash from the Z1000. A 300 version of that would be cool.

  14. Norm G. says:


  15. pistoldave says:

    While i agree that it is not “nekkid”, I do like the styling, and if the ergos match the looks, I think they might have a winner there. Especially if they can bring it in under the 300 Ninja on the pricing by a bit.

    • Jim says:

      I would guess it will cost the same as the ninja to build. That’s something the general public doesn’t understand.

  16. Lloyd says:

    Naked? Doesn’t look naked to me! But I like it.

  17. Lloyd says:

    Naked? Doesn’t look naked to me! But I like it

  18. Motowarrior says:

    As an experienced (old) motorcyclist, I always welcome ways to make it easier for younger riders, including women, to enter motorcycling. Bikes such as this Kawi seem to offer an excellent way to enter the sport and increase skill levels at a non-intimidating and reasonable cost basis. The style will appeal to new riders, and it will be economical to operate. Now if we could only do something about those high insurance rates. Anyway, I hope they bring the 300 version to the US, and I hope other manufacturers will follow. Still waiting on a 350 Monster or a 350 Cub.

  19. James says:

    But it’s not really “naked” – it has almost as much plastic as the standard version.

    • blackcayman says:

      Thats right – its not very “naked” just a different look and a standard riding position. Will the intended market think it looks as cool??? How the Hell would I know?

      • Dave says:

        It’s not naked because there’s not much to look at under the body work. It might even be downright unattractive under there. lol

  20. drbyers says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with nakeds, but this one looks good, even if its engine is on the smaller size.

    This would be perfect for first-timers or someone who wants something less brutal to ride around town on.