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Waiting Out Winter: A Video that Catches a Unique Spirit in Motorcycling

The Cast & Salvage shop in Pennsylvania inspired this video by the extremely talented Andrew David Watson that captures the unique joy of working on motorcycles in the Winter when it is too cold outside to ride them. One of our readers recently observed in a comment that the younger generation is fascinated by vintage motorcycles, and there certainly are those young people with that fascination. Plenty of older guys, as well, come to think of it.

After you watch this video, you might think about visiting Andrew David Watson’s web site to see some of his other still photos and videos.


  1. WhiskyTango13 says:

    That was cool. I remember bench racin’ back in VA, and counting the days ’til Daytona, but now I live in SoCal and am getting ready to race at Willow Springs in 2.5 weeks.

  2. While it doesn’t get quite that cold in Portland, you can ride year-round here if you dress for it (lows in the 30s Nov – March and a dual-sport is recommended). That said, this is a pretty common scene around many Portland and we have a pretty big group celebration here at The One Show. Deets and pix from Cycle World: Spring is coming soon!!

  3. Crusty Kris says:

    I’m lucky that I can ride practically every day of the year if I want and still work on bikes in my spare time. It’s call a “Mediterranean climate” and it’s the best of both worlds. I start jones’in for a ride after about 3 days off the bike.

  4. George says:

    Great video,recovered my seat with some vinyl ordered from China,threw in a couple new Progressive shock springs and waiting on a BT45 for the front.No hurry,it’s Michigan and I got a couple months.Disconnected the battery charger and tossed the old Yuasa in the dumpster at work.God I hate winter.

    • Daytona James says:

      Hey George… nothing personal but that is a comment I’d have expected 10 or more years ago without batting an eye. The reality of our over-consumed, over-shipped world would suggest we track down some vinyl a bit closer than China… no matter the subsidized cost. And the old Yuasa should be recycled instead of going to the dumpster at work. Just sayin’.
      I’m with you on the invitation to an early spring though.
      Peace… out.

  5. Hey Guys, Thanks for posting! Glad people can relate!

  6. Larry says:

    Nice video and all that, been there done that, never again, you all have my sincere sympathy from sunny Kalifornia. You’ll to excuse me now, I’m going riding.

  7. casatomasa says:

    Can’t say that i can relate, mounting up for a dirt ride in sunny southern Arizona, HeeeHaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ricardo says:

    I have been working on my ’78 CB550K cafe racer restoration/modification for two winters now. I hope to have it ready this March to ride all summer. It has been a great experience to avoid the “cabin fever” effect. Nothing better than working on a motorcycle and a few beers to get through the winter…

  9. todder says:

    I really appreciate the spirit of this video. I’m from Wisconsin and its darn cold out. Please give me an early spring like last year where I was able to do my own Slimy Crud run in March.

  10. Bones says:

    That beautifully captures dealing with PMS*. Two thumbs up!

    *Parked Motorcycle Syndrome

  11. Russ says:

    No waiting out Winter where I am, but it may be a good thing as I would get time to work on the bikes and get a couple of the dead ones back on the road.

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