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Jorge Lorenzo Breaks Collarbone During Assen TT Practice

Riding brilliantly lately, Yamaha’s defending World champion Jorge Lorenzo was looking forward to this Saturday’s Assen MotoGP event. Those plans unraveled earlier today when Lorenzo crashed during a wet practice session in one of the fastest sections of the track, resulting in a broken collarbone. Lorenzo had been fastest during an earlier, dry practice session this morning.

Yamaha indicates Lorenzo will have surgery immediately. He will miss Saturday’s race, of course, but the next MotoGP event is two weeks off and we have seen riders have a collarbone fracture plated and return to race in the next event. We should know in a few days whether this will be an option for Lorenzo, or not.

Lorenzo was just a few points off the championship lead held by Honda’s Dani Pedrosa at the time of the accident.


  1. Norm G. says:

    Though i still question the wisdom of race control, i will never doubt Lorenzo again.

    • VLJ says:

      What made you doubt him before?

      • Norm G. says:

        not him, the docs and the rules. it’s not like we haven’t already seen from recent history what both Edwards and Crutchlow have accomplished. in the post press, they indicate YES, had they been forced to wait till Friday for the surgery…? even WITH the equally heroic efforts of the talented pilots and talented orthopedic surgeon (for which NONE of this would’ve been possible), they would’ve had to cancel christmas. personal desires of the “one”, do not supercede safety needs of the “many”.

  2. mickey says:

    Well, apparently no one is replacing him. Appears he is indeed racing himself.

    These guys are nuts!

  3. Brian says:

    he wants to ride? wow. what drives these guys to glory…
    Maybe he’s trying to support Schwantz’s claim that Pedrosa will never win a title

    • Norm G. says:

      Q: “he wants to ride? wow. what drives these guys to glory(?)

      A: survey says…!!! (*DING*) the drugs in his system. the #1 answer. (richard dawson voice)

  4. bikerrandy says:

    Supposedly Lorenzo is going to try to race anyway tomorrow. If he does I hope this doesn’t backfire on him.

    • VLJ says:

      Exhibit #4,278 proving Grand Prix racers are decidedly unlike like the rest of us.

    • Norm G. says:

      he won’t pass the medical. even if by some miracle he did…? I still don’t think he’d consciously choose to ride. he knows he represents a foreseeable (and thus preventable) hazard. this not only to himself, but also to the safety of his fellow riders. he’s not the only one on track out there should it all go “pear shaped” at 200 clicks. and it already just did…!?!?

      • Pete says:

        How’d you enjoy that 5th place finish then *Norm*? Didn’t look like a *hazard* to me.

  5. Ricardo says:

    crap! now he is really going to have to work even harder to keep in the top 3, sad to see this as it opens the door for pedrosa and marquez

  6. Starmag says:

    This is my anybody-but-Lorenzo year, but I’ve got a lot of respect for Mr. Smooth. Ugly crash I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

  7. Man Relish says:

    so who will replace him at assen…..

  8. Rocco says:

    Wheeee, says Marquez!
    Wish I could spell “Prognosticator”
    You meet the nicest people on a Honda.

  9. ninja9r says:

    I’m going to predict that Marquez will pull a Pedrosa on Pedrosa. Watch the outrage from Danny.

  10. Nomadak says:

    Any word on whether this engine was damaged in the crash? They are already on thin ice with allotments.

    • john peterson says:

      The bike slid on the left side so I think the motor is ok. Anyway practice in the wet I would think you would have your worst motor in the frame.

    • Norm G. says:

      great question. short of obvious external damage, leaking fluid, etc. they really don’t have any way of knowing…?

      in the current scheme, the highly skilled/paid boffins standing around with their thumbs up their arses aren’t allowed to break the seal on the engine. I guess the value of their presence has now been reduced mostly to lifting and carrying heavy objects, and ritually washing fairings that didn’t have a spec of dirt on ’em to start with it. so then that begs the question…

      Q: even in the absence of external damage, how can you trust that engine…?

      A: you can’t.

      • John Peterson says:

        Q: even in the absence of external damage, how can you trust that engine…?

        A: you can’t.

        All they have to do is down load the computer data and it
        will tell what the motor did during the crash.

  11. brinskee says:

    Jorge will end up third this season, sadly. Rounding out the top 3 will be Dani boy, who will finally become the blushing bride, and the young lion Marquez. Rossi is past his prime sadly, and will be 4th or 5th. This is my prediction, and in no way should be used for anything other than entertainment value…

  12. The_Duck says:

    As history continues to prove….this sport is no picnic… anyone!!…golf maybe!!.

  13. Latebraking says:

    The title is not in anyone’s pocket yet. A coue are in stronger positions than the rest, but the championship is far from decided. Jorge is smart, tenacious, and knows that anything can happen in the remaining rounds. The other riders also understand this, and know not to relax or otherwise deviate from their established programs. Not participating in this round may help Lorenzo’s engine allocation ‘issue’, if there is one. It’s still a ‘wait and see’ situation for the championship.

  14. mickey says:

    Holy Crap. That’s not good. Danny is heaving a sigh of relief and Marquez is salivating. If Danny can’t get it done this year, chances are he never will.

    • John says:

      I think Rossi is the one who is salivating, all he has to do now is sit back and wait each race for either Marquez or Crutchlow to take themselves out and he’s on the podium. And there’s no pressure on him to be the top factory Yamaha rider if he is the ONLY factory Yamaha rider.

      It’s a real bummer for Lorenzo. Love him or hate him, you’ve got to respect his talent on the bike.

  15. Norm G. says:


  16. Gary says:

    What a bummer for Jorge. I guess the championship will be fought out between two Spaniards, rather than among three. We might end up with the youngest world champ in MotoGP history.

  17. Vrooom says:

    Damn that’s a shame. Yamaha’s hopes now rest with Rossi and Crutchlow. Rossi says he’s gotten faster, and Crutchlow is always fast so there’s some hope for them, but Marquez and Pedrosa appear to be sitting in a sweet spot for Honda.

  18. HotDog says:


  19. John M says:

    Damn! Championship Pedrosa.

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