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It’s On: Lorenzo and Pedrosa both Plan to Race at Laguna


It might not be surprising that Honda’s Dani Pedrosa plans to race this weekend at Laguna Seca, since his shoulder injury is apparently less severe, but Jorge Lorenzo’s decision (you can see an Instagram pic of him packing for California above) to race his Yamaha just a few days following a second surgery on his left collarbone that was re-injured last weekend in Germany is gutsy, to say the least.  He says he will try to ride a bit more conservatively, but given his extremely competitive nature, this could be difficult.  Here is a statement from Yamaha in advance of the Laguna Seca weekend:

There was no rest for Yamaha Factory Racing this week as they head straight from the Sachsenring circuit in Germany to the USA for back-to-back racing at Laguna Seca on Sunday.

Jorge Lorenzo will travel to Laguna to be with his team as he recovers from a second surgery to his injured collarbone following a free practice crash at last weekend’s German Grand Prix. Lorenzo can claim a single win at the track on his way to his first world title in 2010.

Teammate Valentino Rossi arrives in Laguna looking to continue the form that has seen him take a race win and a podium in the last two races. The American track is the scene of one of Rossi’s most famous victories against Casey Stoner in 2008, to date his only win at the track.

The 3.5km Laguna Seca circuit originally hosted Grand Prix racing from 1988 to 1994 before safety issues moved it away. It returned in 2005 after major changes were made to the circuit allowing fans once again to enjoy the incredible spectacle of the Grand Prix riders diving down the daunting ‘Corkscrew’ as they fight for victory.

Jorge Lorenzo
“Finally we have decided to go to Laguna Seca. Following the final medical check and after speaking with Doctor Rodríguez we are going to try. At the beginning I seriously thought that it might have been convenient to take the necessary time to recover and be back at Indy but in the last two days I have felt much better so now I want to be there, although I will try to not take too many risks. I want to be there also for the fans, for the championship but especially for my team, that is waiting for me. I want to thank everybody for all the support I have received so far and I want to say “thank you” to the doctors who took care of me after the crash at Sachsenring, both at the Clinica Mobile and at the Hospital General de Catalunya, especially Doctors Rodríguez and Cots.”

Valentino Rossi
“Laguna is a very special track, it is very important to me because it is the track of one of my best races in my career in 2008. Apart from that time I always seem to suffer there so I hope to go and do a better job this time. We have made good progress and are now fighting closer to the front but we need to make another step to fight for more victories.”

Wilco Zeelenberg – Yamaha Factory Racing Team Manager
“Jorge has made the decision to fly to Laguna Seca and, although it will not be easy, he has decided to try despite the pain and the consequences of the second surgery to his injured collarbone. We have another tough weekend ahead of us, especially because the lay-out of the track is phisically demanding. Now I am just looking forward to seeing him here with the team and then we will set the strategy for the weekend.”

Massimo Meregalli – Yamaha Factory Racing Team Director
“It is always a good feeling to come to Laguna, it is one of the races that the whole team enjoy and look forward to. The fans and the track really are something very special. We are confident that Vale can continue to show his improved form and we are working hard to keep giving him his old confidence to fight at the front with the best possible set up of the bike. I am happy to hear that Jorge has made the decision to fly to Laguna Seca. It is definitely going to be a demanding weekend for him but finally we will be on track with both riders.”

2013 MotoGP United States

Laguna Seca 17/07/2013

Circuit Length:

Lap Record:
(Daniel Pedrosa, 1-1-2012)

Fastest Lap Ever:
(Jorge Lorenzo, 20-7-2012)

Last Years Winner:
Casey Stoner


  1. Crazy Shamus says:

    And I thought I was Crazy!

  2. Philip says:

    He will do a couple of laps and will then be able to confirm for sure, that racing Laguna is a bad idea.

  3. Tim says:

    A championship isn’t worth the risk long term. Don’t do it Jorge.

    I’m not surprised given the competitor that he is, but it makes one question his intelligence.

  4. dino says:

    Lorenzo is Nucking Futs!!! I imagine the screws they put in his shoulder the first time have “stripped out” like a soft wood. Maybe they used bigger screws for the second surgery??

    Maybe he just needs an External Fixator for that shoulder, and some JUMBO airbags from his Leathers, relocated to his shoulders.. That should get him back on Pole! Along with a couple Vicadin.

    Gonna be a good race to watch though… Hope nobody adds to the carnage of this season!

  5. Norm G. says:

    factoid: lorenzo has been highsided off his bike 3x now in recent history. no, i’m not talking about Germany, Netherlands, and Spain, i’m talking SPECIFICALLY AT LAGUNA. ’11 when the TC was left off, ’09 coming out of rainey when he started from pole banged up, and first in ’08 when he was immediately ejected from the race like so much angry umpire. the only person with more inverted “hang time” is Jordan. salvage op’s then for him and dani. regardless of where they qualify, they’re both going to get leaned on and sent backwards.

  6. Nomadak says:

    @ Gary, championship all but out of reach? What are you smoking? He is 11 points down from Marquez. 9 from Pedrosa. The season isn’t even halfway over at this point with 10 races remaining, and you think its all written in stone?

    Hats off to Lorenzo and Pedrosa. Looking forward to a great race weekend at one of my favorite courses. I just know once the flag flies that the red mist will descend and it will be on!

    • Gary says:

      With the way Marquez is riding, and with the injury slowing him down … I stand by my opinion.

  7. Gary says:

    There is sometimes a fine line between bravery and foolhardiness. I fear Lorenzo may be in danger of crossing it. Gutsy, no doubt, but with the championship all but out of reach, he should start thinking more about rehabilitating for future years.

  8. goose says:

    If anybody had any doubt about these guys this should end it. Two of the toughest athletes on the planet. Makes me giggle when a stick and ball sport guy goes on the DL for a severe hang nail.


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