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Honda Announces More Models in its 2014 Lineup

Nothing entirely new, but below is a press release from Honda regarding additional 2014 offerings, primarily with new paint and graphics. There are links in the press release you can follow for additional details and images.

Torrance, CA: As the riding season heads into fall, Honda announces more new models that build up the 2014 lineup. These models include the Shadow and 1300 Custom lines of popular Honda cruisers, and the iconic Rebel and XR650L. “These well-established bikes continue to be favorites among riders,” said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. “Motorcycle enthusiasts have purchased hundreds of thousands of these returning models, and this says a lot about their popularity with consumers. With more favorite models added to the 2014 lineup, Honda riders have more options to choose from than ever before for both street and off-road riding. Honda is paving the way in the expansion of the powersports market, and we’re on the gas.”


It’s commonplace to watch jaws drop when someone sees the Fury® for the first time. Indeed, this radical 1312cc V-twin machine appears to be a wayout image from some custom bike builder’s fevered dreams. Yet it’s all Honda, through and through. Here we have the pure, undiluted chopper essence, a machine that simply looks right, sounds right and goes straight to the heart of radical enthusiasts. Yet despite the extreme lines and head-turning looks, the Fury is backed up with the same fit and finish, functionality, affordability, quality and reliability built into every Honda. Colors: Black, Matte Pearl White/Red (ABS available in Black); Price: $13,390, ABS $14,390; Availability: January 2014


As soon as you sling a leg over the Sabre®, you know this is what riding a cruiser is all about. Thanks to a powerful 1312cc V-twin engine incorporating Honda’s sophisticated Programmed Fuel Injection, this is a bike that not only fills the image of a tough ride cast in the classic role of a muscle-bound street rod, it also delivers in spades. Featuring performance-oriented ergonomics that are both functional and comfortable, the Sabre stands proud as a pro-street-style cruiser that struts an aggressive look and offers the credentials to back it up. Grab a Sabre and head out for the meanest streets with performance that’ll turn heads. Color: Black; Price: $12,250, ABS $13,250; Availability: January 2014


When your ride looks just right, it feels just right deep down inside. And that’s what the Stateline® is all about—a just-right blend of traditional looks plus some new styling flair to set things off. You can see it in the long, low lines that represent what cruising is all about. At the same time, the Stateline blends two worlds of motorcycling style with its deeply valanced fenders arcing downward in classic retro style, yet the rolling chassis and overall lines bring a fresh look as well. Add to that the deep rumble of a 1312cc V-twin engine and that classic big Vee power pulse, and you have a machine that’s the perfect choice for cruising—anytime you want. Color: Black; Price: $12,150, ABS $13,150; Availability: January 2014


It’s a joy to own a stylin’ ride that also owns the open road. And that’s what the Interstate™ is all about—that perfect blend of just right looks plus long-distance credentials. Check out those stylish hard leather bags that offer ample storage space and that big, traditional windscreen. We’re talking all-day riding comfort and convenience that will carry you through that long, long getaway. Because when you’re aboard one of the coolest rides around, sometimes you just don’t want the ride to end. Color: Light Silver Metallic; Price: $13,240, ABS $14,240; Availability: January 2014

Shadow Aero

It’s a proven favorite at a price that’s just right for today’s budgets: the Shadow® Aero®. With solid credentials as a stylish and fun ride, the Shadow Aero’s classic retro look, low seat height, power-packed V-twin engine with sophisticated Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) and fine handling add up to the makings of a winner. Colors: Black, Metallic Silver/Pearl White (ABS available in Black); Price: $8240, two-tone $8540, ABS $9240; Availability: December

Shadow Spirit 750

The Shadow Spirit 750 C2 has long served as a machine that’s perfect for cruising city streets as well as exploring back-country roads. Thanks to its pronounced big-bike look, distinctive street-rod styling and a muscular V-twin engine—including the sophistication and metering precision of Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)—this is a bike that goes as good as it looks. And it all comes wrapped up in a surprisingly affordable package. Colors: Ultra Blue Metallic Flame, Black (ABS available in Black); Price: $8240, Flame $8540, ABS $9240; Availability: December

Shadow Phantom

Check out the minimalist look and extensive black-out treatment that makes the Shadow Phantom® stand out by standing back. This is a bike that celebrates the joy of back-to-basics styling with an uncluttered appearance, while also delivering the essence of the V-twin ride experience. Credit that very cool 745cc V-twin engine featuring the convenience and sophistication of Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) for its modern performance. By staking out the low-profile approach to cool, the Shadow Phantom reinforces the idea that bling ain’t everything. Colors: Black, Grey Metallic; Price: $8240; Availability: December


The Rebel® remains a favorite among entry-level street riders—and for good reason. Its stylish good looks maintain an enduring appeal, it’s comfortable, light in weight and easy to maneuver, and its durability has grown to legendary proportions. Perhaps best of all, this is just about the best way to first discover the fun and freedom you can find only on two wheels. Whether you’re running errands around town or heading out of town for a riding adventure, the rugged 250 Rebel serves as a great riding partner. Colors: Black, Candy Red; Price: $4190; Availability: November


The iconic XR650L is equally at home on the road and in the dirt, standing tall as a paragon of dual-sport performance. Whether your travels include dirt roads, single-track trails, highways or byways, the XR650L opens the door to riding adventure like few motorcycles ever have. With strong engine performance, comfortable ergonomics and long-travel suspension that easily handle two-up riding, the XR650L has garnered a loyal following that have explored far-flung destinations thanks to the bike’s amazing competence and versatility. No wonder this popular machine has established such a solid, near-legendary status in the Honda line. Color: Red; Price: $6690; Availability: December



  1. barty43 says:

    I like their new CB1100 but wish that they had stayed closer to the original design where the fuel tank and side covers are concerned. There’s a company in Japan that now sells side covers and an original style tank and paint job for the CB1100 – the bike looks fabulous with those parts on it.

    Honda should be offering this bike in two versions, a GT/Cafe version and a more retro version, spokes, original tank and especially chromed headers etc.

    When designing the new CB1100 it’s like they did not have the courage of their own conviction and didn’t follow through with a more authentic classic look. After all there are a lot of folks out there that want that type of bike…just look at how successful Triumph is with its Bonnevilles, Thruxtons and Scramblers.

  2. BOSCOE says:

    Honda is bland. I used to love the brand. Even bought a 2011 CBR1000RR brand new for the track after the VFR1200 fiasco. It rots in my garage while I RACE seven year old Ducati 1000 Dual Spark Twin, which evokes passion, has a personality – and always leaves me with an ear-to-ear grin.
    Sorry state of a once-mightly motorcycle empire.

    • paul says:

      ” which evokes passion, has a personality – and always leaves me with an ear-to-ear grin.”

      I’ll let my girlfriend do that for me, especially the personality part.

  3. chuck says:

    Did you hear that Honda – it was the entire motorcycle community yawning….(again).
    Are you hiring engineers from Honda auto – looks like it, your motorcycles are about as exciting as the new vacuum cleaner built into your minivan.

    I grew up on Hondas: CT70, CL100, SL350, XR200, CR250R, CB900F, the only thing I would buy from Honda right now is an XR400, oh wait you don’t make that any more…

    BTW, things like adjustable brake & clutch levers, inverted forks, fuel injection, radial brake calipers, etc. as listed on your web site as “Innovations” are pretty much the standard fare these past 10 years(thought you might want to know).

  4. Mark L says:

    I agree with Michael H no adventure bikes they make them in the uk but don’t bring them here why? The xr650l belongs in a museum not in there 2014 line up!Please bring a real adventure bike to north America!

    • paul246 says:

      Producing something that can qualify as a museum piece yet still do the job and still have a strong following is only testament to a sound design. Lots of spares and aftermarket support. I ride mine hard and will buy another XR when it wears out as long as Honda keeps building them. Great bike, its been around for decades for a reason. Kudos to Honda for continuing to build a real enduro dual purpose bike. Warning, ths XR is not intended for armchair critics and “adventure pretenders”.

      • mark l says:

        Sorry Paul didn’t mean to offend you, the xr650l is a good bike. I’ve owned 7 honda bikes and 2 civics so far and loved all of them but i think honda can put a little passion and some technology into something better.I think the xr650r would be a good start. Lower the seat height, bigger tank,newer style plastics with a windshield like a daker bike.I would sell my old klr for that any day or something similar to the new crf250l but with more cc’s. Just to let you know paul i am not an adventure pretender as you say. My friend and i take are klr 650s places they shouldn’t be taken, 3ft water crossings, old logging roads dry or mud and more.

  5. Michael H says:

    Still no love for the ST1300? Not even a minor cosmetic update? C’mon Honda, just do it. And bring us some of the good stuff form Europe a well. You should be selling at least one adventure bike in the states by this time.

  6. Les says:

    Everyone loves another black cruiser. Apparently if you change the fender they become new models.

    I place the moment of decline to the day they released the Ruin. Moment of death marked with the release the VFR1200.

    However, disregarding these black vtwins it’s possible to detect a pulse with the release of the Grom. There is also the upcoming v4 superbike which I’ll never afford, but at least it will return some of my vanishing Honda pride.

  7. Alon Walker says:

    No redesign of ST1300 or XR650L? Fabled engineering takes a decade to come up with something better?

  8. thmisawa says:

    I have ridden hondas since 1980; my last honda purchase was a 2003 VFR. That may very well be my last. The only word I can find that describes how I feel about Honda now is “vanilla”. Since selling the VFR I have owned (and still do) a HD XR1200X and a Kawasaki Ninja 1000. Those are not world shattering leaps in design but they do stir my soul. There is nothing that honda makes now that stirs the soul. Every new bike that they released in the past 12 months are focused on commuting to a myopic extent. I see no passion in the design or function. I guess that is what selling 20 million bikes a year does to a company; creates a total disconnect with what ridding in America is all about. Don’t get me wrong, commuting on a bike is very important. However, if your budget only allows the purchase of a $5K bike, then that is probably your only bike. Wouldn’t it be nice if that one bike could whip through a canyon road with some measure of excitement. Look at the Ninja 300. Kawasaki gets it.

  9. Harold says:

    They keep saying “No more boring bikes”. Then come out with a scooter 670 twin, and some 500 twins, a retro 1100 that’s ok, but where’s the bike I would really like to buy? Innovative, NO, they seem content to throw darts at the board and miss the wall entirely. I’m glad they sell a lot of bikes elsewhere cause they don’t seem to want to make a bike that would really sell in the states!

  10. Scottsman says:

    I started riding Hondas about 38 years ago, and I NEVER considered riding anything else! In my opinion, they were the best bikes out there, and all the other manufacturers were playing catch-up to their quality and reliability. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore; nearly every builder is putting together great bikes, that stir the soul, and bring big grins to their owners.

    Looking at these models solidifies for me that I made the right decision a while back in purchasing my Aprilia SL1000, and just last month, my KTM 690 Enduro.

    Sorry Honda, you’re missing the mark.

    • Dave says:

      You’ve basically purchased premium european versions of the VTR1000 superhawk and the XR650. Honda may have missed your mark but not by much (what if the RC51 were more comfortable?) and 1,000’s of people are building he bikes they did build to serve those tastes.

  11. todd says:

    Crap, crap, crap, crap, and the excellent XR650L. I’m really ashamed that this is apparently what people want.

  12. bad Chad says:

    Wow, I wouldn’t want to ride any of those bike, but for the xr650. The rest looks like lousy wannabe crap. At this point Honda ought to be thinking bigger than this mess.

  13. Jed says:

    I wish Honda nd the other manufacturers would take a hint from Triumph and stop trying to copy HD and instead come up with their own cruiser designs. Give me an inline 4 on an aluminum frame with sportbike performance and tight handling, cruiser ergonomics, and a curb weight under 500 lbs. Enough of this over-weight underpowered v-twin bullshit!

    • paul246 says:

      They had the Valkyrie, no confusing that machine with a V-twinkie. I guess the F6B would be the closest thing now, the F6B will outperform the Valkyrie.

  14. foster says:

    Ho-Hum! I’m fed up with cruiser mania!

  15. Gronde says:

    Those are some really ugly V-twins right there. No wonder people still prefer Harley’s. Seems to me that the only fun bikes Honda is building are the 500’s in Taiwan. Whatever happened to their innovative engineering and design department?

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “Whatever happened to their innovative engineering and design department?”

      those 2 department have been commandeered by the HRC division and are now apparently governed by some unwritten/unspoken rule of sequestration…? innovation can only filter out by committee ruling. the DCT of the VFR12 would be an example.

    • Guylr says:

      Thailand not Taiwan.

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