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Yamaha Makes Electronically Adjustable Suspension Available on 2014 FJR1300 for U.S. Market; Introduces Remaining 2014 Models


Yamaha introduced its remaining 2014 models earlier today, including the FJR1300ES featuring upside down forks and electronic suspension adjustment.  This system was previously available in Europe but not the U.S. market.  The sophisticated system allows several spring pre-load positions (ranging from single rider without luggage to two rider with luggage settings) as well as multiple damping settings, all controlled electronically.

The 2014 FJR1300ES is priced at $16,890, while the standard FRJ1300A (available in the same Candy Red color shown) is priced at $15,890.

14MS_Zuma50X_blu_S4 copy

A redesigned Zuma scooter with a single headlight and unique graphics was also introduced at an MSRP of $2,590.  This model is known as the Zuma 50FX, and it achieves the same claimed 132 mpg as the standard Zuma (which also returns).

Yamaha confirmed that its top shelf sport models, including the YZF-R6 and YZF-R1 are returning for 2014 without changes aside from new paint schemes.  The rumored appearance of three-cylinder sport models (aside from the previously announced FZ-09) did not materialize.

The Star cruiser line sees most models return without significant changes, although the Raider SCL (pictured below) gets a new look with a Matte Iron paint job and numerous blacked out components (which you can see in the photo), as well as oxidized, titanium-coated fork tubes.  New details include LED turn signals and a new two-tone leather seat with beige/red stitching.  The Raider SCL is still limited to 500 units and is priced at $16,990.

Several other models return without significant changes, and you can find out all the details at Yamaha’s web site. According to Yamaha, none of the returning models have received price increases for 2014.



  1. Hank says:

    That is SOME bike 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    And imagine this………no $500 deposit and wait 6 months for delivery like the first FJ1300s brought into the USA.

    And if I recall, “if” being the key word….. those first FJR1300s for America after all the wait for delivery were the prior years Euro specs and the Europeans got the new spec versions.

  3. Jay says:

    Expensive. Nice looking ride, though.

  4. George says:

    If I were in the market for a sport touring bike the FJR would be it or the Triumph Trophy.To many good bikes to make up my mind!

  5. josh john says:

    ditto! i’ve been wanting to buy myself a yamaha fjr for a few years now. i’m glad it’s coming out now after a few updates and some improvements. now with the CANDY RED

    • josh john says:

      …(OOPS, hit the enter key too fast)

      …, The money I saved for a new bike can finally get spent! Did someone here said that it might get a 6-speed tranny?
      I’m not worried. The 5 speed is good enough, but it would be nice to match up with the other current Sport tourers.

  6. lance says:

    I have a 2010 FJR….how about this? No real need for a sixth gear but just spread out the ratios in 3rd 4th and 5th to make 5th gear equal to an overdrive. The motor could care less and it is nice to have one less click to high gear. This could likely be done for minimal cost.

    • Hot Dog says:

      No matter what bike I’m on, I’m always looking for another gear. If I had 6, I’d be looking for 7. 5 is just fine, but my left toe would still be checking….

      • mickey says:

        My point exactly about the gear position indicator. No matter how many gears a bike has when you reach the top one you will be looking for a gear above that. Its natural.

    • Random says:

      Why not just put a bigger front sprocket? (assuming, obviously, it has chain/sprockets and not a camshaft)

  7. ApriliaRST says:

    I can see why Yamaha decided to offer electronically adjustable suspension, but I don’t think I would buy this option if/when I replace my current FJR. I think the option might be fun to play with, but would further complicate servicing the suspension, a net negative for me.

    Right now, the only adjustment I routinely make is to flip the lever controlling the rear spring when I want to carry a passenger. 90%- or more- of public highway riding conditions are perfectly fine on just one setting. On the remaining fractional portion of roads I prefer slowing down if needed over having to depending on a dealer to work on my bike.

    Oh, and this is why I will probably never ride a BMW.

  8. Alon Walker says:

    Finally Candy Red…

  9. Tim says:

    For a second there I thought the Zuma had a beak. My bad.

  10. Butch says:

    6 speed tranny ?
    Doesn’t need one really.
    Mine will lift the front wheel in 1st and 2nd with just a twist.
    What’s really cool is the traction control senses the airborne front wheel is spinning slower than the back, gently cuts the power and lowers the front end without any input from the rider.
    Oh yea, 165 on the speedo with the windshield in the full up position.

    • DaveA says:

      I’m unlcear on how needing a 6th gear and wheelying in 1st gear are related. People ask for a 6th gear because the motor is a torque monster, and is very happy at lower-than-5th gear RPM at cruising speed. I love the FJR and have put miles on a couple of them, but I agree that a 6th gear OD gear taller than the current 5th would be an improvement.

    • RichBinAZ says:

      6 speed tranny?? I think the Zuma needs one so you can change down when you hit those 10 mph headwinds – oh wait it has a belt drive 🙂
      6 speeds on a torque monster is not needed, I often forget to change from 5th to 6th on my bandit. If they lost 5th, it would be easier to ride. It could probably work well on just 4 speeds – real old school!!!

  11. mark luciani says:

    what is yamahas problem still no 660 tenere? I guess kawasaki(klr650),bmw(650gs)and ktm(690r),make these bikes because they don’t sell any!

  12. Gronde says:

    More complexity and more money. What’s not to like?

    • Tom R says:

      Some people called disc brakes, electric starters, hydraulic clutch lines, and even turn signals “more complexity”. There is even a small, vocal minority that still don’t “trust” or want ABS and traction control, arguably the best innovations ever for motorcycles.

      I get your point, but for a bike of this stature and mission, a six speed gearbox and electronic suspension should be part of the (at least optional) package.

  13. Mike Simmons says:

    I like it! It’s good to see that Yamaha hasn’t abandoned the sport touring segment as Honda has done. The Raider … looks rather Furyesque to me.

  14. Buckwheat says:

    The fact that this fantastic sport tourer registers just a few clicks north of “meh” is proof positive that we live in the golden age of motorcycling.

  15. Norm G. says:

    re: “The rumored appearance of three-cylinder sport models (aside from the previously announced FZ-09) did not materialize.”

    and will never. after I said “let go of the dream”, Yamaha themselves came out and said “let go of the dream”. the tuning fork are no mugs, they know what it means to have a USP.

  16. Tim says:

    Nice new color option. I really like the tone of that particular red.

  17. Tom R says:

    Still with a 5-speed gearbox, and electronic suspension option about nine years after the competition first offered it. Real trailing edge stuff from Yamaha.

    • DaveA says:

      9 years ago an FJR listed for $11,599. Please tell us more about the competition who was offering electronic suspension on a 1.x sized S/T bike for that money. Hint: there are none.

      The “competition” you’re referring to was selling for roughly 40% more money…not really the competition at all.

      • Tom R says:

        “…and electronic suspension OPTION…”

        Notice the context.

        • DaveA says:

          Ok, here is my corrected response:

          9 years ago an FJR listed for $11,599. Please tell us more about the competition who was offering electronic suspension on a 1.x sized S/T bike for that money. Hint: there are none.

  18. Michael H says:

    FJR – Still no 6-speed?

    • Tuskerdu says:

      deal breaker for me.

      • DaveA says:

        I happen to agree that a taller 6th would be a nice add on this bike, but for it to be a ‘deal breaker’ seems a little over the top. If the bike had come with a 6 speed from the factory with slightly closer ratios resulting in a 6th that was equal to the existing 5th, we’d never have heard a peep, but the only difference would have been a gearbox slightly worse a match to the power delivery of the motor, and yet the ‘deal breaker’ crowd would have been happy.

    • Guylr says:

      As if it couldn’t get by with just four.

  19. mickey says:

    Sweet FJR!

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