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GP Veteran Jeremy McWilliams Explains His Development of the 1290 SuperDuke R, as Well as Its Features & Benefits (Video)


Given the extraordinary level of interest shown by our readers in KTM’s new 1290 SuperDuke R, we thought we would post this video featuring development rider Jeremy McWilliams on the bike, as well as his discussion in the studio with another representative of KTM regarding the features and benefits of this new beast. We found a number of the comments posted about this bike very interesting (they now number nearly 150), including the reader who posted that he would like to purchase the 180 horsepower KTM as a less powerful stablemate to his Star V-Max. Enjoy the video.


  1. TG says:

    I’ve already gone to me dealer here in Albuquerque & had them take all my information & as soon as orders can be taken, I’m there!!! Also the contest to win a KTM Super Duke for the summer is a bonus & I’d LOVE to be able to ride one before they’re available. My 2009 Yamaha V-MAX will be lonely, at least for a while… LOL!!!

  2. Pork Chop Express says:

    What an amazing machine!

  3. Gronde says:

    This bike is starting to grow on me after viewing the video. I would definitely need to up my life insurance if I rode that machine.

  4. John says:

    Let’s get back to the real world. Where’s the Duke 390?

  5. Jdilpkle says:

    Sign me up.
    Now all I need is money.

  6. JPJ says:

    Riding the wave of torque on a V-Twin bike is uncompairable to the I-4 cylinder bikes. I’ve owned both. This KTM Superduke R is going to be a serious machine. I currently ride a 12′ Monster EVO 1100. It is a great machine as well. I cannot imagine it with 2X the horsepower and torque, like the Superduke R . Pricing on this machine needs to be competitive against all.

  7. DaveJ says:

    How I wish I was young again…..and rich! I would certainly add this bike to the others that I dream of being in my garage!!In the meantime I will make do with my Burgman and Bonneville.

  8. sl says:

    I repeat. This thing is the ( . )( . )s.

  9. Dave says:

    What is so compelling about this bike is that it combines fantastic power with fairly light weight and what I imagine will be decent handling. I have never had much interest in bikes like the V-max, but this new Superduke 1290 looks like a game changer. To do it with a big booming v-twin is that much sweeter. No doubt the Aprilia and the BMW streetfighters will be close to or similar in performance to the KTM, but the v-twin is the difference for me.

    • denny says:

      I feel much alike. KTM made the difference, this kind of machine was clearly missing. Light, powerful and most importantly V-twin.

  10. xlayn says:

    The explanation going on while you just dream seeing the bike do that insane drift on slow camera…
    damn advertising

  11. Glenn says:

    Shame Toby wouldn’t shut up. Jeremy is quite articulate and witty. This would have been better with just him. What a riot this thing would be to ride if you have the skills.

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