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Motorcycle Industry Council Celebrates Release of Motorcycle Documentary

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 15, 2013 – The Motorcycle Industry Council will roll out the proverbial red carpet for the East Coast premiere of Why We Ride, a documentary film focusing on the passion of motorcyclists. The MIC is sponsoring the event with support from the AIMExpo team. The premiere will be held in conjunction with the inaugural AIMExpo trade and consumer show at the Chapin Theatre in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, on Oct. 17. The film’s producer/director, Bryan H. Carroll, and producer, James Walker, will introduce the premiere and talk about the MIC’s support of its MIC Dealer members in bringing this great film project to local markets throughout the U.S.

“Motorcyclists are out there living each day to the fullest, connecting with their surroundings and with each other in a remarkable way,” said Carroll.  “As a filmmaker, and as a person, I find these stories inspiring.”

The documentary had its world premiere in Beverly Hills on Oct. 3, and is currently scheduled to open up in U.S. theaters in New York and Los Angeles on Nov. 1, followed by a home video release soon after.  Complimentary tickets to the Orlando screening for AIMExpo attendees are available at the MIC Business Center at the convention center, Room W205A.

“Why We Ride is a beautiful, moving film that tells the story of who we are as motorcyclists,” said MIC President Tim Buche. “The MIC is so excited to stand behind a film that focuses on the passion of motorcyclists, the wide range of enthusiasts – from professional racers to weekend warriors to families spending time together riding dirtbikes – and the technology of the machines themselves. We want to thank everyone who contributed to the production for bringing us such a tremendously powerful film.”

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