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RideApart Web Site Spies a CTX1300


Honda ST1300 V-4 engine

Does Honda have a new model coming that resembles the CTX700 we tested recently?  According to spy photos on the RideApart web site, a very production-looking Honda CTX1300 was photographed recently, clearly incorporating a version of the ST1300 engine pictured above.

If this bike is the real deal, we would expect to see it unveiled in Milan next month. It would likely have a DCT transmission option, just as the smaller CTX700 has. Stay tuned.


  1. John says:

    If they took the 800cc V4, made it transverse and put a shaft drive on it (or leave it alone and put a shaft BACK on it), that would make for a helluva a sport tourer, unlike the VFR which was too heavy to be a sport bike and too sporty to be a sport tourer. I mean, if EVERYONE runs out and buys bar risers as the first upgrade, someone’s trying to communicate something. At least Harley seems to do a decent job of listening to its customer base (and no one else).

  2. Eric says:

    As a Guzzi owner I like the standard-cruiser layout. It’s not trying to be a classic cruiser. Having ridden the ST1300, would anticipate strong engine performance. Now, will it sell like a Honda or Guzzi?

    And I’d prefer a naked version – don’t like the plastic all that much…

  3. Joe Bogusheimer says:

    The problem I see with this design is that, due to the width and length of the engine, they’ve had to push the seating position way back, and keep the pegs central. Even as cruisers go, the proportions look wrong to me, with too much bike in front of the rider, and not enough behind. Might look better with forward pegs, but I’m not sure how that would work with those cylinder heads. I doubt it will be a big seller, but you have to give Honda credit for trying something different.

  4. Nick says:

    I like it. It does look weird, but it also looks smooth, comfortable, and practical. My only hesitation would be that the valve cover looks like it comes pretty close to the rider’s shin.

    I wanted to like the CTX 700 but when I sat on it my calf contacted the engine case. That would get hot and uncomfortable in short order.

  5. Doug Miller says:

    After slightly negative first viewing I like it more each time I look at it. Final judgement withheld pending test of production model. I’m pulling for it’s success.

  6. Gronde says:

    There is no bike on the planet that will turn car drivers into motorcyclists no matter what it looks like or how low the seat is. Ain’t gonna happen. This new bike will sell about the same rate as the Rune, DN-01 or Fury and nobody is going to be surprised except HONDA.

    • jake says:

      If those car drivers were mainly men, but not if they are girls. Lots of people want to ride bikes but are intimidated (mainly well to do women). This is Honda’s way of bringing them into the fold.

      Just as the growing Asian market caused Honda to deemphasize the North American market and its tastes, the growing female market and their growing affluence seems to be causing Honda to deemphasize men and their concerns from their marketing strategies.

      Supposedly, young women are alot more successful and driven than the young, directionless, unmotivated men these days. Honda is just going where the money is these days – it’s with the skirts, not the jerks.

      • Jeremy in TX says:

        Then why is the woman testing the pillion rather than the bike in the spy photos? 🙂

        I also think that we will see more rapid growth in female ridership in the next few years. I think it has less to do with disposable income and more to do with the excellent light and relatively low bikes coming to market recently.

        • jake says:

          Good point. I guess Honda did not want to further alienate us guys (as they have done with their feminine styling) and decided to throw us a bone. Hooray for us guys. Anyway, supposedly, these new Honda bikes are so easy to ride, it doesn’t matter if you are in the front or the back, it feels the same.

          But the better point would be to look at the sales figures for bikes like the CTX. I’m guessing a much, much higher female demographic than the norm, which is why the CTX has the cruiser like low seat but without the rest of the cruiser styling. Honda was only after the low seat, for the sake of the little people of this world.

          The CTX is the only bike in town for girls with short legs who don’t know how or don’t want to shift. That’s probably already a sizable demographic group and it’s growing.

  7. Motorhead says:

    I’d buy it, and then folks would say as I drive by, “Look at that beautiful bike! The heavy, ugly rider sort of ruins the look, but the bike is drop-dead gorgeous.”

  8. Nick B says:

    I bet it will outsell the DN-01 two to one.

  9. Kagato says:

    It’s got middle pegs–of course it has to, but so did the Valk. I would go for this over ANY Gyno-cruiser out there if I was looking for a big cruiser. Can anyone say if the V-4 mill has the “whine” I have heard on 1300’s? I love gear whine, hated it when the Interceptors lost their gear drive. Just for the record, my cruiser of choice would be a Kawi 600 Eliminator–with the Magna 750 running a close 2nd.

  10. Bob L. says:

    Time will tell but I think it’ll be a failure.
    Put that beautiful motor into something close to an FJR, with most of it showing through the bodywork, keep it around 525 lbs. and Honda would have my 2-up, sport-touring biz.

  11. jake says:

    Another example of Honda being the Anti-Harley (sort of like the Anti-Christ for the HD faithful). Whereas Harley drenches their bikes in testosterone, with their bikes screaming “macho, macho, macho” from every angle, Honda evidently tries to be a bigger man and attempts to appeal to riders who are secure enough in their manhood not to be afraid of being seen on bikes seemingly designed to appeal to women or the overly sensitive, warm and fuzzy, I wanna hug everyone types.

    When is the last time Honda dared to style one of their bikes full blown masculine, as in macho, macho, macho? It must be against Honda corporate culture to be macho.

    By the way, I love the style of the DN-01. It was so advanced it is still sort of ahead of its time. One day, it will be seen as one of better styled bikes of its generation.

    • paul246 says:

      I think the Valkyrie pretty well put every cruiser in its place in its day, nothing could touch it… awesome sound with the power to match, hot-rod looks and fantastic handling, even at low speeds. They are still competive today unless you put it up against the 1800 Goldwing…the 1800 GW has a spectacular performance envelope.

      • jake says:

        Valkyrie was masculine in a cartoonish, sort of “Flash Gordon” way, so it was not designed to fully appeal to the American market.

        But nevertheless, I’ll give that one to you, but notice how rare such an example is. Obviously, Honda has a policy, going way back, of not styling their bikes in a masculine way, which is ironic as hell, given that most of the motorcycle buying public happen to be men – and not the wimpy, over sensitive, cry baby type of men who like to get in touch with their inner selves.

        That Honda is still so successful despite this self imposed limitation is a testament to the overall quality of their product I suppose.

        • paul246 says:

          ” – and not the wimpy, over sensitive, cry baby type of men who like to get in touch with their inner selves.”

          Given your heavy emphasis on astethics rather than visceral power and performance I would say you are doing a good job of describing yourself.

          I guess Honda should start sticking skulls and crossed bones on their cruisers to appeal more to the herd of insecure followers.

  12. foster says:

    If you have seen the photos of the bike with rider aboard, you too might wonder how well toasted your legs and feet will be by that engine. Whether or not you want to call this thing a cruiser matters not to anyone who has been waiting an awful long time for Honda to bring out a new sport tourer, ’cause this certainly won’t fit the bill.

    • MGNorge says:

      Owning a Guzzi Norge and being quite tall I can say that one knee brushes the valve cover most of the time. But even at that I rarely find myself discomforted by it. Inn maybe the hottest of weather but then in this neck of the woods that’s rare. One test ride will show whether this bike,engine, and rider combo make a fit.

  13. Gary says:

    Looks like a Guzzi clone … an identical twin who went to boarding school, while the original fell on hard times and did a four-year stretch in Attica.

  14. KnightroExpress says:

    It’s a little weird, but I’d rather see something new and interesting over something that’s been the same since 1940.

    • Hot Dog says:

      I hate those Honda’s from the 40’s too. My eyes glaze over with the mundane sameness as when Bogie rode his Honda.

      • mickey says:

        Actually Honda started producing motorcycles in house in the 40’s with the 1949 with the Dream D a beautiful motorcycle which to my eye resembled the 1923 R 32 BMW only with a 90 cc single capable of attaining more than 200 mpg.

  15. ABQ says:

    Funny how those people that complain that a bike looks ugly are riders of cruisers. These same people make a point of looking as ugly as possible in their black leather, jeans, and unkept facial hair. Yeah, you guys should know ugly when you see it…in the mirror.
    As for Hondas new line of user friendly bikes, they will be attractive to all of us that grew up driving cars with automatic transmissions. They will also be attractive to people that are not impressed by the look or feel of cuisers, and their riders.
    Just please put a large gas tank on it. Americans need RANGE.

    • dino says:

      Funny how Cruiser Riders are the ones doing the most complaining, as that is who Honda is marketing this bike for The “new” cruiser for the next generation??

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      I am not at all impressed by the look or feel of cruisers. This bike somehow manages to amplify those negative emotions.

      • Hot Dog says:

        You need to reverse the polarity of the negatrometer. It’ll be ok, just don’t bury your face in the pillow, try to breathe and enjoy something new.

    • ABQ says:

      What defines this bike as a cruiser? Who says so? The only thing this bike has in common with a cruiser is the low seat. Everything else on the bike is

  16. Norm G. says:

    yeah, I saw this a few days ago on MCN or somewhere. definitely taking it’s cues from MOTUS. that ain’t something they just slapped together either. it’s got an air of “baby rune”.

    • Blackcayman says:

      “…..cues from Motus” ??????

      Uh no. That engine already existed – so its # of cylinders or the fact that its transversely mounted has NOTHING to do with Motus.

      You have been debunked – Good Day

      OK…since its Norm G…..I’ll give you that perhaps they “uncovered” those cylinder heads in light of Motus / Moto Guzzi designs.

      But what cruiser has ever had bodywork covering the motor?

      • dino says:

        Honda’s DN-01 was all plastic, I think… Never saw one on the road.

      • Norm G. says:

        re: “Uh no. That engine already existed – so its # of cylinders or the fact that its transversely mounted has NOTHING to do with Motus.”

        look, Mav just overshot all the cross deck pendants…!!!

        re: “OK…since its Norm G…..I’ll give you that perhaps they “uncovered” those cylinder heads in light of Motus / Moto Guzzi designs.

        Air Boss Norm orders a reset of the flight deck, clears you for go ’round.

  17. Neil says:

    I rode the dual clutch 700 and it was great. I think it would get more people out of cars and onto a bike. Comfy. Smooth. It’s time to move away from exclusively V twin cruisers. Some people rag on Honda for being too progressive but I think it’s a good thing. I rode the Shadow 750 RS and it was a great bike too for new cruiser riders. So much better than trying to haul a big heavy chrome laden boat anchor thru slow corners. The CTX1300 would be money much better spent than a Harley.

  18. Hair says:

    My mom always told me that if I can’t say anything nice, I should not say anything at all.

    It’s just not my style. I can say that about most of Honda’s product line.

  19. SausageCreature says:

    Looks pretty good from the side, but the head-on view isn’t doing it for me, especially the headlights. I could live with it, if this were the type of bike I was looking for (it’s not) and I could afford it (I can’t).

  20. DiN0 says:

    Yeah, it’s a niche bike. But for some of us, it just hit the target. Like my friend told me: “hey, I don’t like your wife, but you once thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world”. Same here. This bike maybe ugly to you. To me, it just fit me right.
    To Honda: just ad the Touring windshield and the same nice Garmin Zumo on the V-Star Deluxe 1300, please. Thanks. Mine in black.

  21. Don Fraser says:

    I like it, For all the naysayers, look at the V strom, which sells and works. A mini F6B.

    • MGNorge says:

      I have to say that overall I like it also. If cruisers are ever going to evolve out of what they are today and I had a choice this doesn’t look to be a bad direction. I might fit a taller screen but it does catch my eye as something new and fresh. That motor’s a sweetheart, I hope Honda opens it up a little so we can hear it sing!

      • Hot Dog says:

        I too like this design. A taller screen would be the first accessory. The engine is a gem, just make sure there’s a handle in front of the left handlebar.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      Stroms will never win any beauty contests, but no one would ever mistake one for a prehistoric, predatory garden slug. This Honda’s design is definitely breaking the mold – for better or worse. Hopefully, Honda is successful with it. I also hope I can avoid looking directly at one when on the road. I cherish my eye-sight.

      • Tom R says:

        Hmmmm. What would a “prehistoric, predatory garden slug” hunt for food?

        • Jeremy in TX says:

          Smaller, slower prehistoric, predatory garden slugs – like DN-01s. Which is of course why you never see any DN-01s. Duh! 🙂

  22. Rodan says:

    Hey mentioned Motus. You like that direction do you?..Are you going to buy one?
    I bet not..that bike is Slated as a “sport tourer” and has what? A chain final drive..really? and the price of that bike? Now this CTX1300..not for everybody..but I think a lot of riders will like it. First thing,that motor! And if your into baggers or cruisers very nice. Good Job Honda. Motorcycle sales are in the tank as far as the USA is concerned. Give credit to Honda for at least thinking outside the box so to speak.

    • Dave says:

      Re: “Slated as a “sport tourer” and has what? A chain final drive..really?”

      You may have a different idea of what a “Sport Tourer” is than some. For many, the emphasis is on “Sport”. I know a few guys who call themselves “Sport Tourers”. They all ride Hyabusas and Honda XX’s & VFR’s, All chain drive.

      • Blackcayman says:

        when the emphasis is on SPORT, it makes sense.

        I always thought it quite funny to call 600-700 lb motorcycles Sport Tourers. As I get older I want more comfort in the riding position and wind managment, but I don’t want to give up the sporty handling of lighter sportbikes. Motus has targeted me perfectly with their performance and ergonomics – the design doesn’t move me nearly as much, but its less important than the other two. The price is just too much while trying to save for retirement and two kids college tuition.

    • dino says:

      I could probably have several bikes in the garage, if I wanted to, but I like one bike to do it all. Currently, I have an old Vstrom 1000 that has never let me down, and does everything I ask it to. But it is getting older, and the Motus speaks to me.

      More power, comfortable, and Made in USA does mean more to me now that they actually make something here I am interested in. Price of a Motus is a hard pill, but look at the chromed out baggers, full-dressers, and choppers out there, many of them cost near or over $30k after the riders”make them my own”…

      Yesh, I am considering Motus. Sounds like first year is sold out (just a few hundred made?) as my local dealer says the test rides won’t be in our area. I am lucky to be within 60 miles of the only dealer in Minnesota.

  23. EZ Mark says:

    My local Honda shop has sold 4 CTX700’s. Considering the bike came out after the buying season (Feb-June in my area), that’s pretty good. My 30 year riding buddy was one of the buyers, a 700DCT. He traded in his ER6N on it and is very happy with the bike. Before anyone makes any assumptions, he is the best rider I know.

  24. dino says:

    Looks like it wants to be a sport touring bike, but is low, wide, and heavy looking. Many complaints on new bikes is why they have to be so heavy. I like the direction Motus took with their V4 sport tour.

    Typical Honda execution (good), probably a sweet motor, but it looks like honda is building a new niche market, rather than build something that fits a category. I suppose if you swing enough times at some wild pitches, you might hit a home run on one… I don’t know if this is it.

    • Blackcayman says:

      Dino, they are tring to modernize “The Cruiser”.

      Its not a Sport Tourer. See how you sit on your butt with your legs out in the forward controlls placement?

      Don’t be folled by the body work

      • dino says:

        you are right, I re-read the article with the Spy photo’s, and it is supposed to be a “modern cruiser”.

        Maybe it will work, but cruisers aren’t for me. Seems like Honda has struck a nerve with this, as there is a lot of Love it, or Hate it..

        You do have to respect a fresh design, and if anyone can do it, Honda can.

  25. Bob says:

    I’m clearly in the minority here, but this appears to be a very nice bike. It seems balanced and practical, where the CTX700 appears awkward and unsophisticated. The CTX1300, on the other hand, is well proportioned, with a lovely engine, exhausts, wheels and brakes. I will give this the benefit of the doubt until I see it in person and (hopefully) test ride it. Good job, Honda.

    • Ben says:

      The only thing I don’t care for is the short windshield. Maybe they’ll add a taller one as an accessory. Otherwise I think I could like it.

    • paul246 says:

      I also like the balanced look of the bike, especially with two up. This looks like a smooth riding and comfortable cruiser, especially with two up.

  26. Ben says:

    I’d rather have an updated standard. Maybe bring back the GL1000?

  27. Mike Simmons says:

    IMHO Honda would have been better off to do a redesign of the ST1300 (ala FJR) rather than bring out this ugly beast. At least the footpegs are where they are supposed to be tho’


  28. John says:

    The ST1300 engine is absolutely gorgeous, but it deserves to be in a naked roadster, not a cruiser.

  29. randy says:

    Can I just buy the engine and put it in a Smart car? I’m sure the CTX is a fine motorcycle, but I’m sorry, it’s ugly,and I agree with George. If you’re not selling the 700 , why do it?

  30. George says:

    Is the CTX700 a sales success anywhere? I just wonder why Honda would put it’s efforts in this direction.

    • denny says:

      It’s inexplicable to me too. Honda started this strange direction with that (excuse me) stupid DN-01 which was complete flop and does not seem to give up. They are moving away from motorcycles into some weird land of twisted fantasies.

  31. ABQ says:

    They better put a large gas tank on it.

  32. Blackcayman says:

    perfect timing for all the Pacific Coast Buyers who now want to hang with all their buddys who went to heavy cruisers

  33. SecaKid says:

    I wish the CTX700 had mid-mount footpegs.

    • denny says:

      And optional lower bars; that would be somehow digestable. View that motorcycle must be ‘comfortable’ is essentially deviant one; its very purpose is to challenge MAN to use it for reward of higher order than mushy comfort.

  34. Jeremy in TX says:

    “Perhaps the greatest challenge the CTX1300 faces is proving whether Honda’s original concept of an accessible, practical, convenient cruiser holds commercial promise.”


  35. mickey says:

    Looks like an ST 1300 powered version of the F6B

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