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Take a Wild Ride with Mark Miller on the EBR 1190RS (video)


The Macau GP has always provided some of the most exciting, and dangerous, racing on the planet, and this year was no different. The race was won in a fairy tale comeback by Ian Hutchinson (Yamaha), which you can read about here.

Miller’s team, Splitlath Redmond Racing, are campaigning the EBR 1190RS Superbike, and the video footage below will give you some idea just how intense Macau can be. Miller ultimately finished 11th in the race.


  1. Spider says:

    Wow!…great video and amazing skill on the city street course.
    The negative comments written by one of the readers is cruel, disrespectful, and ignorant.
    Normally it would be best to ignore them but such venom directed at someone who is dead is uncalled for and needs to be called out. I am an old biker and slower than I was in the past but I might have the strength to punch him in the mouth.
    An apology from the commenter is the least that should be done. Switching gears to something more pleasant….
    A big thanks to motorcycledaily for showing us these great videos and all the industry and bike updates.
    Merry Christmas to them and to ALL of you!

  2. AFW says:

    Who would watch bikes ride themselves??? Racing viewership would die instantly. The whole point of racing/sports is to watch other humans do amazing things for our entertainment.

    • Mr.Mike says:

      Humans are boring. I look forward to the coming of our robot overlords – and they’ll be riding Zero motorcycles when they get here.

      • Jeremy in TX says:

        Then all we have to do is wait for the batteries to run out. Won’t be a long domination.

  3. Mr.Mike says:

    It seems like so much of getting around a course like this at speed is dependent on brain-body coordination and minimizing reaction times, which these riders are way better at than me – but are still very limited by their human software and hardware. I can’t wait to see how fast bikes in the future will be able to ride a course like this by themselves without having to drag around relatively slow thinking and moving humans.

  4. Brian says:

    wow. makes one really appreciate air fences and run off.
    Amazing footage and really ballsy of the men that race this.

  5. Ricardo says:

    Only a guy that races at the Isle of Man TT can win this race such as Ian Hutchinson, I wonder if John Mcguiness is interested…or Michael Dunlop the new hero at the TT.

  6. oregonlocal says:

    Shit for brains racing just like the Isle of Man, the old Nurburgring, etc. etc. etc. Racing is faster and ***better*** on safe tracks. Lots of passing, and higher speeds, and all around better racing. Marquez is amazing to watch because he can fall off his bike going 209 mph and not get hurt just like he did in practice this year.

    I watched Lorenzo Bandini burn to death on live closed circuit TV while trapped in his Ferrari at Monte Carlo F1 race in 1967 because his car wasn’t safe, he was wearing inadequate protective clothing and there was no meaningful help by track marshals or emergency responders.

    The old false machismo of “dicing with death” while racing, celebrated by idiots like Ernest Hemingway is insane. It was numerous rider revolts by the heavy hitters that forced the promoters to abandon unsafe tracks and ghoulish spectacles that were defended as heroic dices with death. Motorcycle racing is better with nice wide gravel runoffs.

    F### Joey Dunlop – he got what he deserved racing through the trees.

  7. adaleb says:

    Amazing footage. Go EBR!

  8. TURBO CBR says:

    LOL That bike has never done anything but souind nice..Good bar hopper

  9. richard says:

    Loving the sound of the bike…nasty

  10. glen says:

    Dangerous? Kind of reminds me of going up the FDR highway on Manhattan’s east side.

  11. Neil says:

    “Ju godda haff some pig stoenss to ride a pike in the Macau cran pree, meng.” (Scarface)
    An amazing race. Roadracing is pure racing. Perhaps the bikes should have less speed and horsepower, but this is what inspired us as kids to ride rudimentary bicycles helmetless down big hills in the 60s and 70s and often crash but always try again. It’s not about the frontal lobe of the brain. It’s all about the dopamine, the speed, the rush. The Buell is an amazing bike. I was very impressed to see it and the KTM at Road Atlanta, whizzing by at 180 mph and almost too loud for my earplugs even. Great stuff.

  12. Lev says:

    Looks like a video game

  13. todder says:

    Pretty tight course, I can see why it’s dangerous and quite exhilarating. Thumbs up on the great footage!

  14. Grant says:

    Nice, great to start the day watching such great footage, thanks!

  15. Buzz says:

    The video title says No Music.

    I’d say that was some pretty sweet music.

  16. Jason says:

    That start looks promising for the 1190R. Its always great how the v-twin sounds so effortless as is revs compared to the 4-cyl shrieks. While this race maybe isn’t as crazy (risk to the rider) as the Isle of Mann TT, it sure doesn’t look too forgiving.

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