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MV Agusta “Teaser” Video Gives Relatively Clear View of New Dragster 800


Are we getting close to the reveal of the 2014 MV Agusta Dragster 800? It would appear so, as the latest video teaser below offers some relatively clear views of the new bike. Expected to feature the 798 cc triple found on several of its other models, the new Dragster 800 has an upright seating position and attitude reminiscent of the Ducati Diavel.


  1. Fat Old Man says:

    King, Holmes, Paterno and Berliner walk into a bar and . . . (someone please finish this)

  2. Motowarrior says:

    It should sell by the tens in the US. MORE DEALERS, please.

  3. vitesse says:

    Naming a 798cc a “dragster” doesn’t compute. So then what do you call a Hayabusa or ZX14R?

    • Gronde says:


    • todd says:

      There are many displacement categories in drag racing. The name “Dragster” implies it’s only intended for short, straight sections of road. There’s also a popular Italjet 50cc scooter named the dragster. Maybe MV will need to change the name?

  4. Chris says:

    Like the dual tail lights. My two closest calls have been from the rear. More light
    may = more safety. Meanwhile, keep your eyes on your mirrors, boys.

  5. VLJ says:

    I have to say, it would be awfully cool to see Mariano Rivera come rolling in from the bullpen on an MV Agusta.

  6. male says:

    MV Agusta really made us curious :))

  7. Norm G. says:

    re: “the new Dragster 800 has an upright seating position and attitude reminiscent of the Ducati Diavel.”

    people are sitting supermoto legs akimbo, wheelying and doing smokey burnouts on diavels…?

  8. todd says:

    It’s not going to perform any better than the guy/gal riding it. Chances are, in that case, you can smoke the thing with a Ninja 250.

    • Bud says:

      In that case there is no need for any other motorcycles on the market? Only 250 Ninjas?

      • todd says:

        Yes, if performance is your main concern, you need more practice. Buying a new, bigger bike won’t make you any faster.

  9. ApriliaRST says:

    Couldn’t see nothin’. 🙁

  10. allworld says:

    Well from what I could see, I like it.
    I think it is great the MV is building up their line, but they need to build up the dealer network too.

    For now I am firmly in Triumphs camp, but……… 🙂

  11. Norm G. says:

    i gotta question, why are they dangling the carrot…? just show the damn thing already.

  12. Superlight says:

    I really like MVs; heck, I even bought an F3, but for the life of me I can’t condone the infinite portfolio expansion the company is following. I think it’s very confusing to dealers and customers alike and especially so when their dealer network is so sparse. What will we get next, an MV 800 trike? Why not fewer models executed perfectly, so they win comparison tests rather than finishing last because the details weren’t finished? I don’t get it.

    • MGNorge says:

      You’re reading a lot into this but I do understand your concerns. Only time will tell if they’ve taken the cake out of the oven too soon. Even so, most companies seek to expand so they can become stronger. Giovanni Castiglioni is young and wants to build MV into even more than his father did. If they can sink their teeth into a larger part of the market then you’ll see more dealers. Until then we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Randy Singer says:

      MV is expanding their model range for the same reason that Ducati offers the Diavel, the Hypermotard, and the Street Fighter…they want to sell bikes to a demographic other than Baby Boomers. It’s fine to sell bikes to well-off older folks, but as even Harley Davidson found, that can’t sustain you forever. For a brand to grow they have to be attractive to young riders. Just be happy they didn’t decide to try and do it by introducing an MV Dark. 😎

      • Buzz says:

        You better check your sales numbers.

        H-D is kicking serious butt amongst the youngsters in the states.

        A young hipster on a Sportster is pretty popular right now.

        Pretty much a bunch of old farts in the local Ducati dealer these days.

        • Norm G. says:

          re: “old farts”

          alta cockers.

        • TimC says:

          I don’t care how popular they are; hipsters SUCK. And this gay lumberjack flannel look? Oh god*….

          *This opinion endorsed by my best friend in SF – he warned me about the trend. Just hitting here in Denver, though not done correctly of course.

          • TimC says:

            I meant to say “best gay friend in SF” – none of this is homophobic to say the least, more like “how can these idiots dress like THIS???” Ahem.

          • Buzz says:

            I didn’t say I was a fan of the look. It’s just popular right now.

            I probably wasn’t totally accurate though. The Hipster look is now being replaced by the beatnik look.

            20 something beatniks on crusty Sportys with giant sissy bars and sleeping bag rolls strapped to it is all the rage down here.

            It’s like an Easy Rider movie up and down the beach these days.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      They will sell way more bikes by doing this. Fewer models executed perfectly won’t sell much better than few models executed imperfectly.

    • stinkywheels says:

      I’m kinda with you on this. It’s kinda like they didn’t get the Brutale right. BUUUUT the Diavel is one cool, rideable Ducati. I’m not overly fond of excessively wide rear tires, but there must be a lot of riders who have more money than I to waste on overly wide tires.

      • Jeremy in TX says:

        Indeed. The kind of riders who buy MV’s can spring the extra cash for the wider tire.

    • Joe Bogusheimer says:

      I understand where you’re coming from. I sort of like their new sport-touring/adventure model that they debuted a little while ago. Anyway, I’ve noticed the same thing – in every review it’s like “It’s a beautiful bike that runs and rides great when you’re riding it hard, but unrefined when just cruising around, doing the stop and go, or just generally at low speeds.

  13. ABQ says:

    All I could see was those nice tail lights. If I saw one in real life that is about all I would see anyway.

  14. Rob says:

    0:41 of the vid gives the clearest shot of the bike. Looks very like a chopped Brutale to me. Perhaps the wheelbase is longer? Engine tuned for more low-down oomph? Would like to know what really sets it apart from the Brutale.

  15. mickey says:

    Might be cool, might not be, who can tell by that clip?

  16. John says:

    Doesn’t look like a cruiser to me.