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Billy Standley Rides His Harley-Davidson Into the Ground


Whether you are a fan of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, or not, every once in a while an H-D rider displays so much passion for his/her brand that it kind of blows your mind. Take Billy Standley, for instance, who was buried last week in a see-through Plexiglas casket aboard his 1967 Electra Glide.

According to several published reports, Standley had told his family this was his wish for many years, and his sons built the unusual casket for him before his death. Standley died of lung cancer at age 82. The video below shows Standley and his beloved Harley-Davidson being lowered together into the ground (he apparently had to purchase the equivalent of 3 normal plots at the cemetery). His perfect posture and grip on the handlebars are courtesy of metal braces and straps.


  1. roadrash1 says:

    Somebody’s gonna dig that bike up….

  2. BIgJames says:

    You know, I started out thinking, what a waste. Then I thought about my old Harley, that I’ve owned since new, that has ~250K on her and think, man what a piece, yeah, understand why they buried them together… It’s his bike, always would have been anyway, why not make it permanent.

  3. kent_skinner says:

    There’s a Harley on a trailer joke in here somewhere.

    But honestly, we all do things that other people don’t really understand. Some people go fishing when it’s cold and raining, some people run marathons or climb mountains. This is definitely not on my list, but his choice didn’t impact me or hurt anybody. Whatever, dude.

  4. Gus says:

    Not sure why he needed a helmet……

  5. Seth says:

    which will ooze first, Billy or the Harley?

  6. David Smallridge says:

    I have to think that no-one can ignore that this man’s family built something for him he wanted and desired. That speaks volumes as to how important He was to them, ergo He no doubt loved his family, that kind of stuff is indeed earned. How wasteful is it to bury a motorcycle in lieu of donating it? He’s self absorbed? I see whole lot of comments that are exactly that” I.E. this is what I would do, if it were “me”. Billy, may your journey be a peacful one. Billy’s family: May you have found peace and solace in knowing what Billy was passionate about, honoring his last wishes and may you realize the chains are only broken temporarily.

  7. Provologna says:

    An updated version of the burial tradition of ancient Egypt, in which they buried the Pharoah in a replica of a room in his palace, sometimes including the remains of a “domestic” feline.

    Where’s his dog?

  8. Karlsbad says:

    What a waste, the family should have donated the bike to a worthwhile charity for children auctioned it off or something like that. The deceased would never know the difference I can’t even imagine why in this day and age we even still bury bodies total waste of good land. (JMO)

    • George says:

      My first thought was about the same as yours. But then there are lots of people that have a treasured memento or book (bible) or notes from family or all sorts of physical items.

      Apparently this man really enjoyed his HD. If he is like me, riding many thousands of miles every year, he probably has a lot of great memories and experiences while riding his motorcycle.

      I think this was his way of trying to take those good feelings with him.

      No fault or harm in that at all.

  9. Schmutz says:

    I hope that thing has a Corbin seat on it.

  10. Hair says:

    This isn’t how I want to be remembered.

    • PepDawg says:

      I am with you here. As passionate as I am about my toys and hobby, when I am googled or someone looks up my Internet footprint or my grandkids research me etc, I want to be remembered for other things too. I am motorcycling but I am more than motorcycling.

      I think I would rather leave the motorcycles to my family so that it would continue to bring joy to others how they see fit.

      This is certainly getting its 15 minutes of fame. To each his own…

  11. Michael H says:

    Not sure that I believe this story. Don’t state laws require a concrete burial vault into which a casket is placed? Someone is going to accidentally step where that plexiglass box is buried in a few years and collapse the thing.

    • George says:

      Who is to say they did not install a properly sized vault? You don’t see the vault at the gravesite as it is already installed down in the hole.

    • MGNorge says:

      A story I read on this previously stated that a cement vault was made to enclose what you see. I think it also stated that three plots were used.

  12. MGNorge says:

    At first I thought how morbid it seemed but a lot of that came from seeing him propped up like that. Then after thinking about it I realized humans have been buried with their treasures since forever. Why not? It certainly would be a first for me to be in attendance to something like this.

  13. Eric says:

    I told my wife I wanted to be buried in a brand new Porsche. She came home later that day with a brand new die cast model of a 911 and asked if I was ready.

  14. ZuluFourSeven says:

    You know, I’ve been riding motorcycles for about 40 years now, and a lot of times a bike was my only transportation, but all I can say to this is WOW! This poor man’s life was defined by a MACHINE! Not family, friends or something he did that was bigger than himself, like military service, police or professional fireman. Just, a…. machine. That is SO sad! I feel sorry for both him and his “family” – which must not have meant much to him.

    • Austin ZZR 1200 says:

      Don’t worry, this self-absorbed, ‘not the greatest generation’ will die off eventually

      • ZuluFourSeven says:

        ‘not the greatest generation’? What is that supposed to mean?

        • Austin ZZR 1200 says:

          Exactly that, the generation that succeeded the “Greatest Generation” who suffered through the Depression, fought WWII and overall behaved like responsible adults.

          • ZuluFourSeven says:

            Aw, I’m not naïve enough to believe that one generation is any “greater” than another. My Dad and most of my uncles were WWII vets. I had cousins in Vietnam. I was in the Marine Corps in the 80’s. And I have nephews and friends currently in the armed forces. I will say to anyone, that the United States Military of today is every bit as good, or better, than any proceeding generation. This, even in spite of the POS CinC we have today.

  15. Sprint says:

    H.O.G. Heaven!

  16. Krisd says:

    What a waste of a bike….

  17. Tommy See says:

    His wishes were granted by an understanding family. I want all my money buried with me. Daughter said she,ll write the check and put it in the casket with me. Yep.

  18. Gary says:

    Some day, after the human race goes the way of the dinosaur, an alien scientist will unearth Billy’s remains and say … “What The F??!!”

  19. EZMark says:

    Imagine the looks on the faces in 100 years when they relocate that cemetery and find the remains of that guy sitting on the Harley. He’ll look like Ghost Rider.

  20. Austin ZZR 1200 says:

    No comment

  21. joe b says:

    they forgot to put a cigarette in his mouth, omg!

  22. Hot Dog says:

    Super high class!

    • Hot Dog says:

      I told my daughter I want her to toss my ashes out the truck window with an empty beer can. I think Billy one upped me.

      • Sid says:

        Nice one! Stroh’s, schlitz, …?

        btw…How did you hear about a computer, let alone the internet? J/k! 🙂

  23. Mr.Mike says:

    I tried to talk my wife into assembling my bones into a chair after I die to pass on to my children, but she won’t do it. Maybe she’ll change her mind after seeing this.

  24. Bones says:

    My hat’s off to Billy, and to his family for seeing that his wishes were carried out. Ride on.

  25. George says:

    It is unconventional but it is what he wanted. Ride on!

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