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Hero Hastur 620 Concept Appears Headed For Production


Hero Motocorp, fueled by its massive volume of budget bike sales and the high performance design/engineering skills of  partner Erik Buell Racing, has unveiled another new model in India, the light and fast Hastur 620 cc parallel twin. Labelled a “concept”, the bike definitely looks like it is moving toward production with details, fit and finish beyond most pure concept machines.

Coming on the heels of an EBR-influenced 250, the Hastur 620 is similarly light and high performance for its class with a claimed 80 hp at 9,600 rpm and a near 150 mph top speed. Fully fueled weight is claimed to be just 352 pounds.

With high end features such as adjustable suspension and dual four-piston radial calipers for the front brakes, the Hastur features a six-speed transmission and cast aluminum wheels.

Interestingly, the concept claims to have a counter-rotating crank to reduce inertia for quicker handling, similar to production MV Agusta bikes. It is all wrapped up in a steel trellis frame, which utilizes the engine as a stressed member.

Looks like something aimed at Western markets, eventually, including the U.S. through EBR and its 60 plus dealers.


  1. Bill Wolk says:

    It reminds me of the angular trellis framed bikes coming from KTM and Bimota. Sure, I can nitpick it, but I really like the look of it overall. You want ugly – take another look at the VFR1200 and most of the recent bikes coming from Honda until this year…

  2. Tom101 says:

    I love it.. as long as the numbers end up being at least fairly true I will head right down to my local EBR dealer and buy it. Ill park it right next to my XB9SX and my XB12R, if Erik Buell had anything to do with it the handling is gonna be superb. Everything he made was fun as hell to ride. I don’t understand the comments about it being ugly.. when you see videos of it on youtube it looks wicked as hell and has the numbers to back up those looks… that thing is gonna be fun to ride. They say its going to be the same price or less as a SV650 too..

  3. Tom Shields says:

    Other than the gratituous belly bodywork and the really ugly headlight enclosure, this is a pretty cool looking motor scooter.

  4. Nick says:

    Hastur the Unspeakable is a character in the uncanny fiction of H P Lovecraft. He is a mysterious and evil personage also known as “The King in Yellow.”

    Is that why this bike is named Hastur? Because it’s obscure, evil, and yellow?

    • Gentleman Rook says:

      +1 for know the reference! Several of Lovecraft’s contemporaries did “King In Yellow” stories as well. Interesting comparison–has me wondering if our friends overseas have been using non-Euclidian geometry in their assembly…

  5. Casatomasa says:

    What’s with all the ugly fugly talk. I like it in a Ducati – KTM Duke kind of way, utilitarian essential mod baby! Like to see more of this in my local showroom.

  6. Mike says:

    I think it looks great. Very promising for the Asian brands… don’t understand all these negative comments, I presume everyone here is a professor of all things aesthetic. Really like the different and original solutions esp the trellis frame and the rear swing arm.

  7. falcodoug says:

    Did a web search on this thing. Looked at the pictures of the details. Looks like it was made by Tonka.

  8. Provologna says:

    Generally I agree with the ugly label as used by posters here. I thank posters for bringing to my attention the genuine stupidity of the frontal “beak” favored by adventure bike stylists. These beaks are simultaneously useless, non-functional, and horridly ugly. Worse than the tail wings found on 50s American cars.

    But I’m not hating this bike’s styling as much as many posters. Yes to a more subdued color scheme, maybe black and gray with a few select bits of strategically placed chrome to flirt with the eye. Maybe a flat or satin Road Warrior finish is the perfect “adult” contrast for the otherwise immature Transformer mechanical styling.

    The terms “fit” and “finish” bend grammar rules too far describing graphic art, and are best reserved for real 3-D mechanical objects. One wonders if the author might have carelessly copied/pasted Hero press release with these particular words.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      I’ll go out on a limb and say the author was referring to the real bike Hero showcased when he commented on the “fit and finish”. If that is a CAD job in the picture, then it looks identical to the real thing to the last detail.

      • Provologna says:

        Thanks, Jeremy. I prefer text and image be consistent with each other? Do you have any idea why is no real image posted here? Did you see actual bike, or image of same? Link would be nice if available.

    • Tim says:

      I’m not a fan of the beak in this intance, or in many other instances, but I would venture to bet that it is not useless or non functional. Even the smallest sport fairings can make a noticable difference in air flow that the rider feels. In this design, it appears the beak probably does have at least some some aerodynamic purpose.

  9. Sean says:

    I’m guessing all the guys wishing this thing had a round flood light on it (like the one in my back yard) are up there in age. Those light don’t belong on anything but a retro bike. It’s 2014!!!

  10. Norm G. says:

    reminds me of a bimota DB6, hold the wonky.

  11. goose says:

    Sorry to pile on but this thing is just ugly. It looks like it was styled by a talent free 5 year old.

    Seems like it would be fun to ride but I’d have to keep ginger in the garage to settle my stomach when I actually saw the bike.


  12. mechanicuss says:

    one of the ugliest motorcycles i have ever seen. the spawn of mikey’s statue of liberty bike and a macdonald’s happy meal toy transformer

  13. Starmag says:

    I was at a seance last night and who should turn up but Nostradamus! He said headlight kits are going to be very popular in the future.

  14. DaveA says:

    I can’t help but think that the only place this bike would approach 80hp is when measured at the brochure, but apart from that it seems pretty sweet. If it can manage a pipe-and-fi-tuned 80hp at the wheel, it could be the first worthy successor to the SV throne.

    Side note: Kawasaki should be embarrassed that a 2013 Ninja 650 makes the same HP (or less even, depending on what test you read) as a 1998 SV650.

    • Lenz says:

      Mr Dave – very much like the “80hp when measured at the brochure” – cruel but cool.

      But seriously, it IS possible to produce a stimulating power to weight ratio with low rolling chassis mass and a well designed IC engine. Engine longevity / component material stress becomes an issue though as compression ratios increase.

    • Starmag says:

      ” measured at the brochure ” Awesome, thanks for the laugh.

      • DaveA says:

        Thanks guys…I first said those words when I had my beloved (seriously…awesome bike) 1996 Triumph Daytona 1200. A friend saw it and mentioned that he read how it made 147hp, and I said “the only place that bike makes 147hp is at the brochure.” In reality it was _well_ short of that number, but was a fabulous bike once set up a bit w. suspension, a better seat, and Heli bars. Man, I miss it.

        Regarding Lenz’z comments…I agree 100%. In fact, such a bike was made by Suzuki in 1998, and then improved in 2003; the SV650. What I was getting at in my post is that if Suzuki can make the SV what it was over 15 years ago, _surely_ someone (Hello Kawasaki?!!?) should be making a lighter, faster equivalent. It is a travesty that the Ninja 650 is at once beautiful and (relatively) gutless. Here’s hoping that this Hero is the answer to my prayers!

    • Dave says:

      Re: “Kawasaki should be embarrassed that a 2013 Ninja 650 makes the same HP (or less even, depending on what test you read) as a 1998 SV650.”

      Why? Both of those engines are capable of far more when tuned for peak power but that wasn’t their goal. HP isn’t the most important thing in motorcycling. Many of the best bikes existed among competitors that had bigger power and less of everything that makes a bike fun to ride.

      • DaveA says:

        So you say…but the SV is largely regarded as one of the most fun-to-ride bikes ever built, like, ever. Are you suggesting that if the Ninja 650 made 8 or 9 more hp it would somehow be a worse bike? Please. I am in no way suggesting that hp is everything. What I am saying is that Kawasaki came out with that parallel twin motor in a bike that was aimed _squarely_ at the SV650. The motor has rendered that bike a lame pretender to the throne ever since, and many years on it’s still lame.

        Also, the SV is way (way) more responsive to tuning at every level than the kawi motor is. In fact, a pipe and a PC tune on the Ninja just barely manages to get the Ninja on par with a bone stock 2003 SV650. Give that SV the pipe-and-pc treatment, and the significant gap appears anew. The Ninja 650 motor is, by comparison, a turd. has been since the moment it appeared, and still is now.

        On a side note, I am not a hater. I badly wish this were not the case with the bike. It’s beautiful, and has a wonderful chassis. If it didn’t take a full-on ‘superbike’ build (bore, significant head work, cams, etc.) to get the motor into well-tuned SV territory, I’d have one in my garage right now in track trim.

        To get back on-topic…if this Hero turns out to be the bike that the Ninja should have been all this time, I want one.

  15. John says:

    Gawd, it’s ugly. And it looks about as uncomfortable as it gets. Kawasaki’s droopy boob light thing is NOT something that should be copied. That really needs to go. If it happens to be dirt cheap, like $5000 or less, sure, buy it and start ripping the ugly off it.

    • Austin ZZR 1200 says:

      Now visualize it without the belly spoiler and with a round headlight…a parallel SV. The upright position looks comfortable to me…

      • John says:

        Yeah, it’s just the plastic, from the tank to the tail that need to go. The frame and the rest is rather cool. The engine, however, looks like a plastic mockup that was made for Ikea.

  16. Lenz says:

    Little chunky lookin (design software image) but the boxes that get ticks from me: light+, essential+, easy handling ?,simplicity ?,stimulating power to weight+. If the build quality is there then the manufacturer may not just kick goals in India.

  17. Karlsbad says:

    Can you say Hooligan, 80 HP & 352 lbs. seems like a recipe for success to me. We are living in wonderful times as motorcycle enthusiasts.(repeat)
    Regardless of what some people may say, every manufacturer is building or contemplating building something that appeals to everyone. Whether it be a naked hooligan bike a UJM a full on repli racer a Dual Sport thumper or multi engine a sport touring gem a bagger a cruiser or a full on Luxo tourer like the BMW or Goldwing pick your ride most all have two wheels and make you smile every time you swing a leg over them. I love motorcycles!!!!

  18. Ricardo says:

    Looks very KTMsih, style is good. The price should be better if they want to compete with the Monster 796

  19. roadrash1 says:

    Looks like a fun bike.
    I don’t know who likes those headlights, I’m old (52) so I’d rather see one nice clean light, or two like on my old Street Triple.
    Even the headlight on my 2013 FZ 8 looks weird to me, but it’s subjective. Somebody must like this look…..

    • Randy Singer says:

      I remember that many older riders at the time hated the styling of Japanese motorcycles from the late ’60’s and early ’70’s. Now many folks wax nostalgic about it. Motorcycle manufacturers, especially those who are pushing smaller sport-bikes and beginners bikes, aren’t targeting boomer generation buyers. They are targeting buyers in the 16 to 30 age range. Those folks grew up with the Transformers and Manga, and appreciate an entirely different aesthetic.

      On a different note, it’s quite possible that KTM will be releasing a bike extremely similar to the Hastur, made in India also, and they may even do a better job:–general-news/ktm-500cc-and-800cc-twins-in-development/24452.html

    • roadrash1 says:

      I understand the demographics angle. And that may explain what appears “strange looking” to me.
      But, I like the looks of the KTMs. Like the 390.
      And I had 5 Buells, so I’m not totally mainstream. Style is subjective, to be sure. Or, beauty is in the eye of the “Beer Holder”.

  20. sean says:

    I think this kind of bike more than anything Honda is spitting out would attract new younger riders. Cost are down, weight is down, performance is up, and younger riders want wild styling for the most part, they want something cool, modern, unique. Good work. The only problem is nobody knows the brand and apparantly the dealer network is sparse to say the least but the product looks right for what they are trying to do.

  21. Peter says:

    This bike could be a blast if the susupension and fueling arrive reasonably sorted. As far as styling – if you really disliked this – change out the front headlight and cowl and the rest of the bike is fairly conventional looking, if somewhat angular. If it comes in at the right price (<$5K?) it could be a big success.

  22. Tim says:

    I like the look. What it lacks in terms of the tank, fender and sport fairing shapes, it more than makes up for it with that beautiful frame. If they come in at the weight and HP they suggest, this thing would undoubtedly be awesome to ride.

  23. Provologna says:

    I admit it has much of a “Transformer” esthetic, generally not considered a good thing. Still, though, somehow I’m attracted to it’s looks, even beyond the apparently fantastic performance potential.

    The day Hero/Buell pack something like this motor (with appropriate frame, accessories, dealer support, engine tuning, and reliability) into a sub-400 lb adventure bike is judgement day for all the adventure pretenders.

  24. CCRider says:

    yeesh.. that thing’s got a face only a mother could love.. 🙁

  25. Vrooom says:

    Normally I don’t care how a bike looks. I ride a V-Strom most of the time, not a pretty bike. However I’m willing to make an exception, while this looks like it would handle well, it’s pug fugly.

    • kjazz says:

      I hate to have to bring this to your attention Vrooom, but apparently (as noted far below), the term “fugly” is an overused colloquialism, or something like that. However, I only used “fugly” without further modification; you sir, have had the good form to use an enhanced term with the use of “pug”, which I believe raises the bar noticeably!! At least in my opinion. If I had thought to use such a strong modifier as “pug”, I would have. So I just want to at the same time a) put you on notice to stay clear of Zuki and the colloquialism police which seek to cause us to use more words than necessary, and b) to hold you in high esteem for having the good taste to use the term “fugly” and its modifier “pug” in regards to your honest opinion of this motorcycle’s appearance. By the way, so that I may incorporate your term into my bag of colloquialisms…. while “fugly” is roughly a concatenation of F-ing and ugly….. what term(s) does “pug” represent??

      Thanks, kjazz
      President and CEO of the Knights of Fugly

  26. allworld says:

    The bikes that would seem to be headed our way form Hero with EB’s fingerprints all over them is looking very good. What we need are dealerships.

  27. TimU says:

    Butt ugly. I won’t buy it. When is the transformer fad going to end?

    • Hot Dog says:

      As soon as the cruiser fad?

      • Tim says:

        Nice reply, Hot Dog. Good to see you back. I thought you had been banished or something.

        • Hot Dog says:

          Dirck made me stand in the corner, I think I was shooting my lip from my hip a bit much. I do like the style of this bike, nervous and edgy. I hope they can keep the power/weight as stated.

          • Tim says:

            Me too. I’m guessing the price point will be well below something like the KTM, and that’s a good thing as well. I’m sure it won’t be KTM quality though.

  28. Gary says:

    “…fit and finish beyond most pure concept machines.” – Yeah, you’ve got to love the fit & finish of those CAD drawings.

  29. takehikes says:

    somebody will but it but I wont.
    Performance would be great but for me styling has disappeared from motorcycles.

  30. Tank says:

    I wonder what Erik would have done at Polaris.

  31. Ed Chambers says:

    That’s a good looking bike.Reminds me of allot of the high end one off street fighters I’ve seen.Also looks a little like a Buell. Hmmm

  32. motowarrior says:

    Build ’em all and let the marketplace sort ’em out!

  33. Dargo says:

    where has the beauty and grace gone in motorcycle design. Soon, Adobe will be making bikes…
    I’m interested in what everyone thinks is a “perfect” design from their perspective and why

  34. Montana says:

    That’s either the widest parallel twin ever built, or the engine is offset to the right.

    • Selecter says:

      This is a poor photo – there are better ones out there that are a bit higher in resolution, and shows that the effect you’re seeing is actually just a shroud over the right side of the valve cover that sticks out in front and to the side of the radiator. I did a double-take at that when I’d seen it last night, too!

      For a parallel twin, though, the engine does look unexpectedly wide! Perhaps the frame is just that narrow?

      Either way – the specs look great. I will be waiting if it shows up on US shores. This looks like the angrier, lighter brother to the XB-9R Firebolt.

  35. Austin ZZR 1200 says:

    Now we’re talking. I have an even bigger man-crush on Eric Buell. Go EBR!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Tom R says:

    Will this be in the next Transformers movie?

  37. ApriliaRST says:

    You have to admit, they got the weight and power levels right: 80 hp, 352 pounds.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      No kidding. That bike would be a riot if it were to have similarly impressive brakes and suspension.

  38. Randy says:

    The frame and wheels look real enough. Maybe the engine is a plastic, 3D printed, stand in?

  39. Chuck Smith says:

    Interesting how the right side of the frame appears to mount to the left side of the engine. M.C. Escher would be impressed.

    • ApriliaRST says:

      Look again. Twin upper spars with a single one from the bottom of the steering head mounting to the top center of the engine.

      • Chuck Smith says:

        Don’t think so. Look at the relation of the radiator to the engine. Widest parallel twin ever? More likely a bad photo.

  40. PN says:

    Does it bite?

  41. todd says:

    Definitely aimed directly at the KTM market.

    • ApriliaRST says:

      Um, not unless Hero makes the valve followers with a bearing that is essentially a regular replacement maintenance item. Then the KTM guys would feel right at home.

  42. jim says:

    good stuff, hope all the best. However it kinda looks like it rolled off the production line over there at photoshop.

  43. kjazz says:


    • stinkywheels says:


    • ApriliaRST says:

      This isn’t Reddit where the least thoughtful single word replies get the most upvotes. No, here you have to defend your view by telling us which bikes you think are pretty and which ones of those you actually wrote a check for. If you’re not a buyer, your opinion doesn’t mean much.

      • Ninja 14 says:

        Eloquent and succinct.

      • stinkywheels says:

        Unfortunately, motorcycling has evolved into a fashion show(at least for some). I’ve heard from people on every bike on this site, the exhaust is ugly, the headlight is ugly, the rear fender is ugly, it doesn’t come in avocado green, beak, no beak. You only see the gauges and top of the tank when you’re riding it for gods sake! Some bikes, like people, stir emotion and all have some redeeming attributes, but to say they must be blonde or it’s fugly and clashes with their purse is being a fashionista and should be on the Lady GaGa website.

      • kjazz says:

        Okay, okay…..I’ll have a go at it, not that it’ll do any good for me or you or him or her or anybody else.

        The contrasting color looks like a very desperate attempt to somehow throw pizzazz on this motorcycle. Sometimes that works, but here it doesn’t hold any appeal to me. It does get my attention, but then so does a gap tooth smile on an otherwise attractive woman. The overall aesthetic going here is indeed Transformer-ish. Looks like a toy or something. And that damn front nacelle…..really, we’ve been there and done that, way too much already. The slab-sided chin fairing…..looks like over-thought minimalism.

        Sure, it probably looks good from one angle or another….maybe. But so does Sandra Bernhard.

        • stinkywheels says:

          When you mention gap toothed women, Madonna and Lauren Hutton, weird chin, Saundra Bullock. I’m not a fan of the beak look, and I miss the fugly headlights on the Speed Triple. I’ve got a couple of cosmetically challenged bikes (according to my wife and Harley riders) a Buell Ulysses and BMW R100CS. Thought of beautifying them, but never wanted to do a nose job on Barbara Streisand cause it might mess up her voice, or in the bikes case put on a lot makeup that doesn’t really matter anyway.

          • kjazz says:

            I dont miss the fugly headlights of the Speed Triple…. they’re sitting in my garage right this minute!!! Wouldn’t trade em. I’m not at all opposed to the odd differentiation. At least, not those that work.

    • kjazz says:

      Everntually, you have to park it and walk away…… I repeat, fugly.

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