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BMW Motorrad factory celebrates building 500,000th Boxer-powered GS motorcycle.

BMW 500,000

New liquid-cooled R 1200 GS marks half a million milestone.

The 500,000th Boxer-powered GS model – a new R 1200 GS – has rolled off the production line at the BMW Motorrad factory. Construction of BMW motorcycles commenced at the Berlin-Spandau plant in 1969 and the first ever GS entered production in the autumn of 1980.

Since then, over three decades of GS motorcycles have been manufactured in Berlin and delivered all over the world. The Boxer-powered models, from the original R 80 G/S to the all-new R 1200 GS Adventure this year, have become icons in their own right.

What started as a revolutionary 798cc, 50bhp dual-purpose model has evolved into an iconic, genre-defining 1170cc adventure motorcycle, making 125bhp and offering riders state-of-the art technology and performance-enhancing aids, including on- and off-road ABS, traction control and semi-active suspension.

The Boxer-powered GS range changed the motorcycling landscape around the world, creating the adventure-sports category – now one of the fastest growing sectors – and breaking sales records along the way in the UK and Europe.

The liquid-cooled R 1200 GS was the UK’s best-selling motorcycle over 125cc in 2013, as well as the best-selling motorcycle outright in Europe. With over 25,000 registered worldwide, the first-ever liquid-cooled Boxer GS became BMW Motorrad’s fastest-selling new model in the company’s entire 90-year history.

Stephan Schaller, President of BMW Motorrad, said: “By combining street, off-road and everyday qualities, BMW Motorrad created the new travel enduro species with the R 80 G/S. The flat-twin GS became the synonym for this segment. The outstanding talents of the Boxer-powered GS models – ride dynamics, off-road qualities, comfort and endurance – have been continuously nurtured, developed and transferred very successfully to other BMW Motorrad model series.”

Marc Sielemann, Head of the BMW Motorrad Berlin Plant, said: “As a plant it is a privilege for us to continue building on the successful history of the legendary flat-twin GS. With the precision-cooled drive unit, a new evolutionary stage was reached last year. Manufacturing half a million units underlines the fact that the Boxer GS represents a cornerstone of our motorcycle production more than ever before.”

To see a video of the production of an R 1200 GS motorcycle at the BMW Motorrad plant on YouTube click here.

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  1. Jdilpkle says:

    They should have a picture of my friends new water cooled BMW boxer churning out clouds of oil smoke. I guess that would come in handy on your “Long Way Round” trip when you are being followed by Italian Multistrada riders.

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