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Ryan Villopoto Closes In on Record-Tying Fourth Consecutive Supercross Title

With a win at Seattle last weekend, his fifth of the year and 40th of his career, Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto is close to clinching his fourth consecutive Supercross Championship in the premier class, tying the record set by Jeremy McGrath.

The only other rider left with a statistical chance at the title is James Stewart (Suzuki). With two races remaining, Villopoto needs only 3 points to take the title. For perspective, at his worst race this year Villopoto scored 15 points, after a disastrous start to the main event required him to charge through the field from the back of the pack.

The surprise this year has been the resurgence of Stewart, who also has 5 wins. Crashes and illness cost Stewart big points at several rounds, however.

Remarkably, Villopoto is only 25 years old, and could possibly challenge McGrath’s career numbers, including 72 supercross wins and 7 supercross titles.


  1. Roadrash says:

    I follow the sport closely, and I’ve heard nothing about Villopoto having an injury that will keep him from contesting this Summer’s outdoor season.
    He has said that he will retire after next year, so I think McGrath’s 72 win record is safe.
    RV trains and races with such total commitment, that I can easily understand the upcoming retirement.
    On the topic of the 450’s, I had a CR500, and I can only say that, although I thought THAT was a beast, the new 450 four strokes seem like my old CR500 with two powerbands bolted together!

  2. Reeb says:

    Villo is out for this season’s outdoor title. total shame. Because he could win another one without a doubt. Rumors are that he’ll just walk away from the sport if this knee is damaged more than they thought. He does have another year on his contract so hopefully he takes the summer off and sweeps next years Championships and finishes off his career at the MXON like Everts did. I doubt we will see him race past that point. Ricky retired at 26 years old. I believe that is RV’s plan as well.

    • Scotty says:

      Reeb I wonder with the pounding thier bodies take, plus the realisation that a 5% drop off mens coming 5th rather than first, means that at 27 or 28 they are past it?

  3. relic says:

    I will be the .douche…. Mac didn’t have the same level of competition that grew after 2000. The scene dried up after the factory 80s. H focused on cars Y nearly went under after the 80s glut. (Bradshaw was a casualty) k stayed on it and benefits even today..

  4. Gary says:

    Yea, I never had trophy girls that looked like that… darnit! 🙁

  5. VLJ says:

    That gorgeous brunette’s stomach and entire torso are so perfect, it’s almost painful to behold. Kee-rist.

    Oh, and yeah, apparently Ryan Villopoto did something or other….

    • Hot Dog says:

      Ya well, you know how you turn a fox into a dog? You marry her. On to the main subject, to watch Villopoto ride his bike, is amazing. I never grew up on the dirt and it seems that those who do, are better riders. I’ve never ridden a 450 but I’ve been told they’re beasts. I hope he stays healthy and breaks all the records he can.

      • Scotty says:

        They are beasts most likely, but the days of the factory 2T 500s were mental. We owned a YZ490 and it was a hell of a thing, and that was just a stock bike. Well except for the alcohol fuel and larger carb, and modified geometry for flat track racing. Yeah ours was a beast too.

  6. TimC says:

    So by “talent” you mean they can turn left?

  7. Starmag says:

    Judging by that photo Monster Energy really knows how to hire the talent. Villopoto too.

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