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What Are You Waiting For Suzuki? Randy de Puniet Laps Austin Quickly Following MotoGP Race


After former champ Kevin Schwantz stepped off the Suzuki MotoGP prototype machine following several laps of the Austin circuit earlier this week, he said the bike is good and Suzuki should start racing . . . now. Suzuki’s fastest test rider also put in several laps at Austin following the race, posting a best of 2:05.8 seconds. An impressive time for a prototype that Suzuki claims will not be ready to race until next year.

How impressive? de Puniet’s best lap at the track was faster than the fastest lap posted in the MotoGP race Sunday by nearly half the field. Faster than Scott Redding and Nicky Hayden, for instance. Schwantz opined that Suzuki will be competitive enough, and will learn more by racing. We agree. Get in the game Suzuki.

Suzuki is planning to make “wild card” entries at one or more races this year. Suzuki will be allowed the same concessions Ducati is now allowed, i.e., all the advantages of the Open class, such as 20% more fuel and a softer rear tire option, while being allowed to run its own software on the spec ECU.


  1. Brian says:

    Kawi really doesn’t have a business model to move back to GP, that’s for sure, but any level of success I think translates to sales later.
    The shame is that they are a massive company and the motorcycle division is probably just a sliver of the cost to build one of their huges boats. R&D and running a season of GP probably costs a lot less than those cargo ships. Just a shame not to see another company on the grid. it made things more interesting.

  2. Guu says:

    Well, major part of the game is to have the tires and fuel last the whole race. One lap really isn’t indicative of where they are regarding true racing conditions.

  3. Don Fraser says:

    will surprise me if Suzuki is doing anything in a few years

    • MGNorge says:

      Times have been hard on many manufacturers. Many pulled back and tightened up their operations. But there has been a reawakening brewing and we’re seeing life in many of the brands. I would expect this to be true of Suzuki also.

    • Norm G. says:

      well if they suddenly changed their minds and homologated this as the next GSXR…? I for one would not be mad. if any thing, I’d be even MORE impressed than their attempts at pursuing MotoGP glory. K-heavy’s wisely chosen production over prototype and they’re having a field day.

  4. Norm G. says:

    Q: “What Are You Waiting For Suzuki?”

    A: we’re waiting for the “horse” to tire of this “carrot” we’re dangling.

    so long as press/publicity stays good…? don’t look for us on any starting grid, look for us to keep stringing you.

  5. Blackcayman says:

    why don’t they simply ask for another class?

    The Suzuki testbed class

  6. endoman38 says:

    It’ll be good to see Suzuki back on the grid. Now Kaw has to get with the program.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “Now Kaw has to get with the program.”

      they did, the syntax was Yoda + Duinker + Sykes =’s WORL’ CHAMPEEN. that computes…!!!

      see what I did there…?

  7. mickey says:

    When did DePruniet learn to quit wadding up bikes?

    Look forward to Suzukis return. Bautista was getting close to putting one on the podium before Suzuki quit last time. That would be a milestone these days.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “When did DePruniet learn to quit wadding up bikes?”

      who said he quit…? he did have a minor off (understandable), but Suzuki knows you wad 0% of the bikes you don’t race.

  8. Norm G. says:

    re: “Faster than Scott Redding and Nicky Hayden”

    but then, so’s my little sister on her Power Wheels.

    • Gary says:

      Don’t exaggerate. It would require a Trek 12-speed racing bicycle to beat Redding and Hayden on their motor-sickles.

  9. Dargo says:

    Stoner needs come back as a rider during one of Suzuki’s wild card races….

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