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Honda Open Class MotoGP Bike Will Get More Power Next Year


We brought to the attention of our readers at the beginning of the MotoGP season the fact that Honda had chosen a development path for its Open class bike that put it at a great disadvantage in comparison with Yamaha’s, and now Ducati’s Open bikes.

The results have borne this out, as the riders aboard the Honda RCV1000R are found well down the standings in 12th, 13th and 14th position after the completion of the first five races.

The basic complaint concerning the bike, including the primary criticism from former champ Nicky Hayden, is that the RCV1000R is down on power significantly compared with the competition. The handling of the bike is satisfactory, apparently.

According to a story posted at, in 2015 Honda is expected to do what Yamaha did this year by providing essentially a full factory bike to the Open class teams, absent the seamless transmission that the factory Repsol Honda riders enjoy. Of course, that factory bike will be running the series’ spec software, not custom factory software.

The new bike will have all the other advantages of the Open class machines, such as more fuel, a greater number of engines during the year, unlimited engine development, and softer rear tire.

There is even speculation in the article that one of the riders of the RCV1000R will have a chance to ride the full factory spec Open class bike for the last four rounds this year, beginning at Motegi. That would be the rider with the highest points total at that point. Currently, Nicky Hayden has the highest number of points of the riders on this machine.


  1. John says:

    It’s painful to watch Nicky and others suffer like this with 60+ HP less. Even Aleix with his M1 engine is still 25 km/h slower on the straights.

    The public were promised a new V4 from Honda a couple of years ago, they are way behind schedule on everything.

    A single ECU won’t change anything at all. It’s high time these self-elected governing bodies stopped screwing with the viewing public, the govts paying millions to host rounds, and the manufacturers, screw them and start a new world series because they are only self serving and the TV channels are pulling the coverage already so wtf I’ll go ride my bike and look at the wheel in front of me for kicks rather than stay up later every year as the time slot slips to very late on Sunday now. All they want to do is sell the rights to payTV and get millions out of the govts hosting the rounds, its obvious its not about the racing anymore.

  2. Neil says:

    Nicky never passed people like the aliens do. He’s a good rider. But he’s not a GREAT MotoGp rider like Stoner, Rossi or Marquez. Marquez beats everyone.

  3. mickey says:

    Love to see pics of Marquez, Lorenzo and Pedrosa coming thru the same corner as the one of Nicky above. Betting all would be carrying much more corner speed, with Marquez dragging knee and elbow, and Lorenzo and Pedrosa dragging knees with elbows close to dragging. Look how upright Hayden is taking that corner, he’s not even scuffing his knee puck.

    • Dave says:

      Chances are, the biggest difference would be the paint jobs. Hayden is an excellent rider. Speed is not about how much stuff you can drag on the ground and for all you know he’s exiting that turn on the gas. (Hint: look at his right wrist..)

    • Jim says:

      Mickey – Dragging elbows is not new to Nicky but don’t let that stop you from making yourself look foolish.

  4. Mugwump says:

    To be an alien, first you need a space ship

  5. Jim says:

    Why all the elaborate BS rules? I though MotoGP was the pinnacle of Factory engineering? There should be no limits. I realize not everyone has Honda’s deep pockets but that is showing regardless of “rules”. At least give them all the fuel they want.

    • MGNorge says:

      That is rather how I think of MotoGP. I don’t think it’s just Honda that has deep pockets either. But I do know that Honda is passioante about racing and isn’t afraid to spend money when needed. Back in the 60’s they didn’t have big pockets but still showed many of the established brands the fast way around race tracks. Part of what I want to see is engineering prowess and MotoGP is the class to show it.

  6. Dave says:

    He should have gone world superbike – he would be top 5 there week in and out……

    • Dave says:

      I mean after all – I know Ego wise he didn’t do it – but what is better – contending for a WSBK championship on top flight equipment with top flight riders or being a back-marker in the “Top Racing series……”?

      • Norm G. says:

        Q: “but what is better – contending for a WSBK championship on top flight equipment with top flight riders or being a back-marker in the “Top Racing series……”?”

        A: C, none of the above. it’s rock/paper/scissors.

        paper (pun intended) beats rock, and cashing million dollar checks beats cashing thousand dollar checks since the risk (in either series) of getting “killed in the line of duty” is EQUAL.

    • Jim says:

      I agree. He’s wasted half his career there. Colin Edwards even more so. It’s a shame.

      • bikerrandy says:

        I agree………both Edwards and Hayden must be racing just for the $ they’re paid for what they do now. Can’t blame them really. I’d probably do the same. $ lasts longer than titles if you spend it wisely.

        Edwards is retiring after this season with 20 years of successful racing under his belt. Not many road racers can say that.

        • Norm G. says:

          re: “Edwards is retiring after this season with 20 years of successful racing under his belt.”

          and there it is. do your 20 then get outta dodge, same as any other career.

  7. Hair says:

    I find it dishearten that people dis member of motorcycling best of the best club. I have now doubt that Mr. Haden could run the wheels of any bike that I have ever owned.

  8. kando says:

    Nicky wasted too much time on that Italian piece of crap, the factory of Ducati screwed him over. Now that he switched look how well the ducks are doing…hmmmmm…..

    • Dave says:

      Re: “the factory of Ducati screwed him over”

      How so? The same way they’re screwing Crutchlow over? I bet the Ducati team paid/is paying these guys the best salary that they are capable of attracting.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “the factory of Ducati screwed him over”

      imagine how Tardozzi felt…?

    • VLJ says:

      Come race day the Ducatis still aren’t doing anything. It’s only during practice and qualifying when they’re allowed the advantage of the softer tires that they make a dent in the time sheets. Once the flag drops on Sunday, they proceed steadily rearward.

    • PatrickD says:

      He was on the Ducati with Stoner when it was still winning races, and he managed one podium. The flag waving attitude for Nicky never stands scrutiny.

  9. Silver says:

    Uhh, yeah…so with the Factory bikes.

  10. TexinOhio says:

    Yeah if Espargaro is any indication of what someone can do on a “open” bike, this could be pretty good for Hayden.

  11. mickey says:

    Well, it would certainly be interesting to see what Hayden could do with a full factory bike. Interesting indeed. Hope it happens.

    • EZ Mark says:

      Hayden HAD a full factory bike for 10 years.
      He squeaked out one lucky championship and was never close to another one.
      He’s a good kid but he’ll always be a backmarker in MotoGP.

      • Silver says:

        Sad that MotoGP is probably the only 2 wheeled motorsport he couldn’t dominate, yet he’s chosen to spend most of his career there.

      • Dirck Edge says:

        Raced Valentino straight up for two years on the same bike. Wonder how Vale’s doing now that he has a competitive machine?

      • Norm G. says:

        re: “he’ll always be a backmarker”

        he’ll always be American… convenient.

      • al says:

        have a look at his top five finishes. Back marker I think not..Certainly not one of the aliens, but a damn good rider.

      • DaveA says:

        I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Nicky = alien but the above is too harsh a judgement. Hayden was as fast as anyone ever was on the Ducati with the exception of Stoner. If you remember, Rossi was still a full-fleged alien-status guy before he went to Ducati. Once there, he was regularly out-qualified and out-raced by Hayden.

      • EZ Mark says:

        Bottom line is 7 titles for Rossi, 1 for Hayden.
        And that 1 title he only won by 5 points after 3 mechanical failures by Rossi.

        • Guu says:

          Hayden also outrode Pedrosa for his title on the same bike. Others have done that too, but they are all all-time greats.

          • mickey says:

            Pedrosa was a rookie that year and had never ridden a MotoGP bike before. He had 2 wins that season…same as Hayden.

            I have always liked Nicky on a personal level. Great guy.Anyone who regularly follows this site knows I have never felt he was the greatest talent on a MotoGP bike.He got really really lucky the year he won his Championship and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

            I made the comment above about it being interesting because this will show one way or another what he can do. Apologists for years have complained that he could win on a factory bike. Either he will be great finishing on or just off the podium in which case I will be eating crow, or he will still be back around 10th which would prove my point all along. Regardless it will be interesting.

          • VLJ says:

            Honda’s Open bike next year still won’t be competitive with their Factory bikes, not come race day. Anyone expecting Nicky’s bike to be a patch on MM’s is deluding himself.

            Or is everyone conveniently overlooking the fact that the Open bikes aren’t showing up during the race? Sure, they practice and qualify well, but that’s because of the softer tire advantage they’re given. That advantage isn’t there on Sunday, and they fall well back down the order.

          • Dave says:

            There are only 7 bikes that can be called “Factory”, the rest are all Open, the best of them sitting 4th overall right now (Dovizioso’s Ducati). The Espargaro’s are 7th & 8th, also ahead of a couple of factory/satellite riders in Smith and Bautista.

            While I agree that the Open bikes are not competitive with 1st-3rd places, the racing is actually closer than it’s ever been. In the 500cc days, the front 3-5 riders lapping well into the field was normal. Now that doesn’t happen.

            That said, knowing that 1 of 3 bikes has any chance of winning makes for boring racing.

      • EZ Mark says:

        OK maybe backmarker is too harsh. How about paddock filler? He’s probably never going to even challenge for a win again.
        The shame is he could have been one of the all time greats in Flat Track. I think he raced 6 Grand National events and won 4 of them. Too bad there’s no money in that sport.

        • Norm G. says:

          re: “Too bad there’s no money in that sport.”

          too bad he’s a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

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