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Imola WSB Results


Jonathan Rea (Honda) won both races at Imola yesterday to take the points lead in the WSB championship from Tom Sykes (Kawasaki). Chaz Davies (Ducati) finished second in both races, while Sykes finished in third in Race 1 and Sylvain Guintoli (Aprilia) took third in Race 2.

Rea’s Honda is working very well as he led every lap in both races. Sykes currently sits second in the championship.

For additional details, results in points visit the official WSB site.


  1. stinkywheels says:

    Is Ken Tate still the team owner? If that’s the case it’s understandable that the oldest design can still win. I’d much rather see WSB than GP. Too bad I’m missing it. Rooting for Ducati, but good to see ALL brands represented.

    • Hot Dog says:

      Except there’s no Yamaha. Can anyone explain why?

      • Norm G. says:

        like aprilia’s narrow V4, exotic are expensive to make go fast. because they won 2 championships, everybody talks about how many engines Noale burns through in a season, but truth be told, Yamaha Italy ALSO burned through their fair share of crossplanes the season Spies won his championship. granted that was “year 1”, and Graves certainly uses far less now that reliability’s known, but there’s no getting around it’s a costly configuration.

  2. Mark says:

    Now, if we could just watch WSBK on TV in the states without the purchase of some channel that I will never watch expect for this…..

    Really miss this show, much better than moto(snooze)gp

    • bikerrandy says:

      For an extra $10 a month on Dish it’s worth it to me. Besides the wife get’s a lot more channels she likes. Moto GP is mostly hype and then a boring dominated race. WSBK is the real deal !

      • mickey says:

        “Moto GP is mostly hype and then a boring dominated race. WSBK is the real deal !”

        LOL the guy led every lap of both races. Nothing boring about that. Even Marquez had to pass people to win.

  3. Jose Barreira says:

    Great to sit in front of the tv to see motorcycles racing and not knowing who’s going to win. I do love MotoGP and the “Aliens…” But it’s on SBK’s that we feel of the couch!

  4. Provologna says:

    At Austin MotoGP I talked with a pro photographer on the pedestrian bridge over turn 3 while bikes practiced. He said the Repsol Honda 1000cc makes about 230hp. What is estimated power of Honda’s WSBK 1000cc?

    The same guy said MotoGP and WSBK all run pump gas, and the super high octane fuel was banned years ago do to extremely high health risk. Is this true? I can’t fathom how pump gas could yield 230hp per liter.

    Strangely, as dominant as is Marquez in MotoGP, its’ nothing compared to the current Red Bull Formula 1 Champion four years in a row now, with winning margins that would make Marquez blush.

    • Dave says:

      Definitely not pump gas. The fuel change he’s referencing was the ban on leaded gas back in the Mick Doohan era.

      I’ve heard the top MotoGP bikes make 250hp+. To achieve 213mph on a bike configured for road racing (not super aero) might take a little more than 230hp I think. Tough to know, they keep those numbers fairly secret. WSBK is likey around 200-210hp. The BMW s1000r makes 180hp(@the wheel), street stock.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “I can’t fathom how pump gas could yield 230hp per liter.”

      walk in the park kazanski. HP = (torque x RPM)/5252. what that means is if torque is held constant…? and you figure out a way to increase mechanical REVOLUTIONS…? the output of this equation is also going to increase. it is a mathematical certainty.

    • Hot Dog says:

      When Spies was on a R1 Yamaha, I read that the bike developed 232 RWHP and during the season the wrenches managed to squeeze 4 more out of it.

      • Dave says:

        The rules change all the time. I think they have reigned them back a little since Spies was in WSBK because speeds were getting too close to that of MotoGP. Comments like “street bike racing” were flying around.

      • Norm G. says:

        re: “When Spies was on a R1 Yamaha, I read that the bike developed 232 RWHP”

        R1 or M1…?

    • Gutterslob says:

      Most of the MotoGP factory bikes made more than 230hp during the 800cc era. Stoner said in an interview that those bikes were already de-tuned simply because; a)they couldn’t get all the power to ground even with electronics, or b)the tyres wouldn’t last. Most 1000cc GP bikes would easily eclipse that even with limited engines and a litre less fuel this year, rpovided the tyres could take it.

      Many of the Formula 1 teams had to use more conservative mapping (engine freeze at the time so no mods to engine) when Pirelli replaced Bridgestone. The new tyres simply couldn’t last long enough with the power those cars previously put out.

  5. Gary says:

    It appears Rea has figured out how to not crash so much. Cool. The lad is seriously quick.

  6. Brian says:

    totally cool to go into a race weekend not knowing who is going to win. Nice to see so many possibilities on podium finishes. and good to see the Ducati coming to grips. Great races for Chaz. Congrats to Johnny on his wins.
    Hope this stays the course once the series is 100% EVO…

  7. tori zimbalis says:

    Its a testament to the success of the 08 CBR….so long in tooth…yet still can be developed to win at this level…of course Johhny can ride like the wind which helps too…

    great stuff

    • Provologna says:

      I’m shocked to learn the Honda design is six years old. I didn’t think it possible for such an old bike to be competitive at this level.

      • Dave says:

        I don’t think there are any well supported bikes out there that are much newer designs. Plus, as Norm points out, it’s not 6 years old, it’s 6 years developed, and it’s Honda, who’s racing pedigree can’t be disputed.

        • tori zimbalis says:

          the Yamaha R1..BMW 1K and ZX10r were all conceived after the original 08 CBR 1000rr

          I think the Honda Benefits from the rules and the fly by wire throttle system….which helps it as was not production item

    • Krisd says:

      Yeah I was going to say the same thing- amazing result for Honda given the age of the bike.

    • Norm G. says:

      guys guys, your “ageism” is showing. if this were superstock, you might have something…? but this is a state of the art WSBK. 6 years old, also means 6 years of data. Rea and the CBR at Imola were always there or there abouts. what it shows is the important role SUPPORT plays in achieving successful outcomes.

      • Norm G. says:

        ps: if you listen, you could clearly hear they’re dropping a cylinder now as a TC strategy. only something I pointed out last year that current WORL’ CHAMPEENS Kawi began doing with the Zed. and the Zed really isn’t anything special when you consider it sports an IDENTICAL BORE/STROKE RATIO to the CBR. these results aren’t going to be typical everywhere since the Honda’s still down on top end (a homologation issue), but Tokyo and TenKate were quickly running out of excuses.

      • Gutterslob says:

        In the case of IOM TT Superstock racing, they do have something. The CBR has dominated for a while (without traction control, even), though the ZX10R with Gary Johnson and HP4 with Michael Dunlop might spoil the party this year.