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Supercross Fan or Not, Watch this Red Bull Straight Rhythm Video


Red Bull has developed a supercross-style event it calls Straight Rhythm, which is essentially a supercross track unwound into a straight line. The first Straight Rhythm event will be held in Southern California on October 4.

In case you haven’t noticed, Red Bull creates great videos, and the one below features top supercross stars sampling a Straight Rhythm course. It’s definitely worth a watch.


  1. Mick says:

    I used to make jokes about this sort of thing as motocross tracks got more and more jumps and less and less corners, corners only being used to pack the jumps into a given area.

    I suppose some folks might like watching it. But to me it is an example of hitting rock bottom.

    Red Bull is into spectacle. And I guess this fits. I’ll just pretend that it never existed.

  2. Wow, A photographers dream.

  3. Roadrash1 says:

    They call that a “whip”. More of a style thing, than anything else.

    If you want to fly lower, and get back on the ground quicker, you
    need to “scrub” the takeoff ramp prior to launching.

    This new format does look entertaining. I hope none of the main
    title contenders get injured doing it before the Supercross season

  4. Brinskee says:

    That’s pretty incredible. Like wow, really incredible. Makes me want to buy a dirt bike again and try my hand at it. Like most professional sports, these guys make it look so easy.

    Here’s a question: what is this maneuver they do on some of the jumps where they kick the bike out sideways at the top of the jump? Is this to get back on the ground faster so they can being to accelerate rather than soar through the air? Interesting.

    • Vrooom says:

      I completely agree, though know I’d end up in the hospital sooner rather than later. They do make it look easy!

      • Vrooom says:

        My screen jumped up (realigned) just as I clicked reply to someones post and it was apparently reported as abuse. Totally my fault, apologies.

    • huu says:

      Its (the one where the bars are turned down at the jump face) called a scrub or Bubba scrub after James Stewart who popularized it a decade ago. Basically it loads the suspension less on the jump face and the bike will go on an lower trajectory. The idea is to hit the same landing spot, but at a higher speed. There are great risks involved of course, f. ex. hitting the foot peg on the jump can lead to an ugly crash.