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Suzuki announces several 2015 motorcycles and ATV’s with a broad range of feature updates

2015 Suzuki DR200S

2015 Suzuki DR200S

BREA, Calif. – Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. (SMAI) announces several 2015 Suzuki motorcycles and ATVs with a broad range of feature updates.

The new 2015 Suzuki DR200S features significant updates to make it a more stylish, more comfortable and more versatile DualSport motorcycle. For 2015, this 199cc DualSport gets RM-Z-inspired styling, lead by Champion Yellow bodywork, plus a newly shaped seat that integrates naturally with the bike’s redesigned fuel tank. Riders will enjoy increased comfort for street rides, and better cornering control on the dirt. The ergonomics redesign also makes the DR200S a better fit to a wider range of riders. The DR’s 3.4-gallon fuel tank and 105 mpg estimated fuel economy* will keep riders enjoying the bike instead of filling the gas tank.

The air-cooled four-stroke engine is compact, helping keep the bike light and maneuverable, yet it makes ample torque to handle dirt trails, plus smooth top-end power that allows confident open-road riding. The cylinder is plated with the same Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) that helps keep so many Suzuki motorcycle engines strong and lightweight. Add front disc brakes, pre-load adjustable rear suspension, and push-button electric start, and you have a DualSport bike that is ready for any day of riding.

With an industry-leading MSRP of $4,499, the 2015 Suzuki DR200S – available in Yellow and in Black – is an affordable way to enjoy motorcycling on a wide variety of roads and trails.

The Suzuki DR-Z125L returns for 2015; its 124cc four-stroke engine and 19-inch front wheel with front disc brakes provide an inviting off-road ride for a wide range of enthusiasts. In Champion Yellow, the DR-Z125L delivers the aggressive style of the RM-Z motocross bikes, with a friendly suggested retail price of $3,199.

The 2015 Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi, KingQuad 400ASi and 400FSi utility-sport ATVs return with important improvements over previous designs to deliver improved power feel, better fuel economy, easier cold starting, and more.

The 2015 Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi is equipped with a newly designed twin-spark-plug cylinder head for improved combustion and power feeling. The ATV also uses new multi-hole fuel injectors for finer injection spray as well as projection-type spark plugs for better cold engine starting. The engine’s intake and exhaust cam profiles are modified for improved power feeling, and the exhaust system is updated for cleaner emissions. With these revisions, the 750AXi’s engine delivers smoother operation throughout the rev range, plus quicker response and stronger feel at the mid to high rpm range. Fuel consumption is improved by 10 percent*.

The KingQuad 750AXi is available with electric Power Steering in Red and Green versions at a suggested retail price of $9,499, and in True Timber XD3 Camo for $9,999. It’s also available without power steering at a suggested retail price of $8,899 (Red, Green) and $9,299 (True Timber XD3 Camo).

The 2015 Suzuki KingQuad 400ASi and FSi deliver improvements over previous design, including the new ECU with Slip-Control Logic technology for improved traction and grip. The utility-sport 400cc KingQuads also receive highly efficient iridium spark plugs for better combustion and cleaner emission. The inner structure of the exhaust muffler is redesigned for stronger feel in the low-to-mid RPM range. Along with cleaner emissions, these changes help the KingQuad 400cc ATVs deliver better fuel consumption, 15 percent for the ASi and 17 percent for the FSi. The improvements for 2015 to both the 750cc and 400cc engine help Suzuki KingQuad ATVs meet strict EPA regulations for cleaner emissions.

The KingQuad 400ASi uses Suzuki’s QuadMatic full automatic continuously variable transmission, and is available in Red and in Green bodywork for a suggested retail price of $6,499, and in a True Timber XD3 Camo version at a retail price of $6,899. The KingQuad 400FSi features a five-speed transmission with semi-automatic clutch, and it’s also available in Red and in Green bodywork for a suggested retail price of $6,499, and in a True Timber XD3 Camo version at a retail price of $6,899.

Suzuki Manufacturing of America corporation (SMAC) and Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. (SMAI) announce that the SMAC ATV assembly facility in Rome, Ga., will begin assembling engines for all Suzuki KingQuad ATVs beginning in June. Suzuki Motor Corporation in Japan is transferring the Suzuki ATV engine assembly work to SMAC to better serve the growing global market, including Suzuki dealers in America and 52 countries around the world.

The ATV engine assembly will be phased in over a three-month period, starting with 400cc engines in June, followed by 750cc engines in July and 500cc engines in August. This growth at SMAC involves an investment of more than $1 million in new equipment or equipment transfer from Japan.

For ATV riders aged 12 and older, the Suzuki QuadSport Z90 is back for 2015. It includes the sporty style and riding performance that make it a favorite of youth riders. The ATV features a smooth-running four-stroke engine and predictable automatic transmission. Electric start fires up this ATV, and a recoil starter is there for back-up. And a 1.6-gallon fuel tank keeps the fun running for a long time.

With full floorboards, riders have a secure platform for their feet, and Suzuki’s signature T-shaped seat is a comfortable perch that allows freedom of movement for active riding. Independent front suspension and a single-shock rear suspension provide long wheel travel and a sporty ride.

Parents and adult supervisors will appreciate the low-maintenance and reliable character of the QuadSport; it features drum brakes and shaft drive. The child-sized controls and the screw-type throttle limiter allow graduated learning for new riders.

The QuadSport Z90 is available in White at a suggested retail price of $2,899.

Following the recent announcement of the new 2015 RM-Z450, the RM-Z250 and the return of the RM85, Suzuki announces Trackside Support and Contingency plans. Starting with the Loretta Lynn’s AMA Amateur National Championship this summer, Suzuki motocross Support Trucks will attend a number of races, offering assistance to Suzuki racers. Along with the races at Loretta Lynn’s, the Suzuki Trackside Support teams will attend the Mini Olympics, as well as next spring’s Ricky Carmichael Amateur Supercross, and the James Stewart Texas Spring Classic, among others. Suzuki’s Contingency program for motocross racers offers more than $3.7 million in race payouts to Suzuki racers. Along with the Trackside Support program, Suzuki is proving that it backs its owners who race and the Suzuki dealers who support racing. The 2015 Suzuki RM-Z450 carries a suggested retail price of $8,749. The RM-Z250 retails for $7,599, and the 2015 RM85 retails for $4,099.

*Suzuki’s fuel economy/consumption estimates are based on EPA exhaust emission measurement test procedures and are intended for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage/consumption will vary depending on how you ride, how you maintain your vehicle, weather, road conditions, tire pressure, installation of accessories, cargo, rider and passenger weight, and other factors.


  1. Gronde says:

    Why doesn’t Suzuki just build a 250cc bike instead of a 200? They’re needlessly losing sales to Honda and Kawasaki by under powering the DR200. Also, an updated DR-Z400s would definitely be on my short list of what DP bike to buy. Next.

  2. red says:

    I’m conflicted.. yes it (DR650) could use a few updates but it’s a great $ deal and a great platform to build on. Afraid it would only get screwed up by an update and lose something.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      Fuel-injection, a 6th gear, a little more punch from the engine and a little more fuel capacity from the factory would be enough to get me to sign on the dotted line. I would say some fresher styling would be nice, but then it is nice to have a bike that doesn’t look any worse after you drop it a few times.

  3. Jeremy in TX says:

    I am waiting for a better DR650 as well. After seeing the “new” DR200S that doesn’t cost much less than the fuel injected, water-cooled, disc-braked Honda CRF250L, I have to say that my hopes are pretty low that Suzuki has the nerve and foresight blaze any trails with a next-gen DR650. Suzuki hasn’t taken any chances in a very long time.

  4. Sam Jones says:

    The DR650 (I’ve owned two) is one of the most UNDER RATED motorcycles in the world! How about trimming a little weight, a larger (optional) tank and some suspension mods..?

    • azi says:

      Agreed. Mild suspension upgrade + better seat + slightly larger tank = perfection

      • Jeremy in TX says:

        I may be in the minority with respect to DR fans, but I would want any new DR650 effort to have fuel injection, too.

        • Tom K. says:

          Don’t forget to take the seat a couple of notches down the Brinnehl scale, it’s currently somewhere between “2×4” and “rock”. In contrast, the KLR’s seat feels like one of Kirstie Ally’s boobies.

      • seth says:

        better stock tires, something like the TW301 and TW302

  5. skybullet says:

    I almost got excited. My DR650 is getting ragged out after 11 years. It is such a great all around ride I will always have something like it in the stable. The KLR650 finally got a major update, how about the DR650? Something more like the 690 Duke??