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2015 Victory Magnum Announced: Bagger With High Style


Victory Motorcycles has announced a new member of its bagger class called the Magnum. Joining the highly rated Cross Country models, the new Magnum features a 21″ front wheel, new LED lighting system, painted dash and powerful 100 watt audio system. Three-tone paint schemes are available on the machines which are powered by the same 106 cubic inch, six-speed Freedom engine that has impressed us in prior testing. The new Magnum should be available this Fall at prices ranging from $21,999 to $22,999. Here is the full press release from Victory:

Victory Motorcycles today stunned the motorcycle world by revealing the most extreme custom bagger ever produced by a mainstream manufacturer.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — July 28th, 2014 — Building on the international success of the sector-leading Cross Country, Victory Motorcycles have indulged themselves with a mainstream production model like no manufacturer before, creating a factory-custom bagger for a new generation of riders.

The new Magnum redefines the bagger class with its winning combination of fast handling chassis geometry, the lowest seat height in its class, uncompromised cornering clearance, and continent-crossing comfort as standard.


Its tall but muscular 21-inch front wheel, buried deep within a stylised front fender, reinforces the Magnum’s slammed stance and the new LED headlight system, shrouded in the already-iconic Cobra-Hood fairing is just about the only thing that is capable of eclipsing the high status detailing of the new King of the Street.

Powered by Victory Motorcycles thundering 106ci (1731cc) Freedom® Motor, the new Magnum offers riders mountains of torque and easily accessible power across the rev range, delivered through a slick six speed overdrive transmission.

Finished in one of four radical eye-popping graphic schemes with 100W of music blasting out from the most powerful in-dash audio system that Victory Motorcycles has ever fitted to a motorcycle, the Magnum is guaranteed to make an entrance!



  • New design, 21-inch cast front wheel: the largest on a production bagger
  • 120-section front tyre for uncompromised grip
  • Stylised front fender that perfectly matches the line of the wheel’s rim
  • Three-tone paint in eye-popping graphic schemes
  • Colour-matched, painted facia for Victory’s superb dashboard
  • Low-Pro seat for a clean silhouette
  • Suspension slammed by an inch without impacting on ride comfort
  • 100W in-dash audio system
  • Full LED lighting
  • Low profile boomerang screen


  • Acclaimed 106/6 Freedom Engine offers world class torque and horsepower in every gear
  • The engine as a structural member at the heart of the sand-cast aluminium chassis provides superb drive line integrity with a low centre of gravity
  • Low seat ergonomics with high cornering clearance rewrites the rules
  • Fully floating brake rotor technology with multi-piston calipers and ABS delivers safe, confident braking
  • Quality suspension provides long haul comfort and street performance


  • Sunset Red over Supersteel Grey
  • Plasma Lime
  • Metasheen Black over Supersteel Grey
  • Ness Midnight Cherry


The Magnum will be available from Victory Motorcycle dealerships outside the US from late 2014



  1. David beck says:

    Awesome paint job can’t wait to test ride, I ride 2013 street glide magnum looking good look out Harley Davidson

  2. DaveA says:

    I will never understand why people who obviously don’t like cruiser-segment bikes feel like it’s a good use of their time to post comments about how they don’t like a particular example of same. Do we really need another “oh great, an overweight/slow/ugly/expensive/[insert tired cruiser-centric criticism here]” comment? Ever?

    I’m not a cruiser guy either, but It’s ok with me if others like them. STFU already. Cripes.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      “Do we really need another “oh great, an overweight/slow/ugly/expensive/[insert tired cruiser-centric criticism here]” comment? Ever?”

      You are right. We need that about as much as we need another overweight/slow/ugly/expensive/[insert tired cruiser-centric criticism here] cruiser. 🙂

      • Scottie says:

        Do we really need another “bend over, smash your crotch and pretend you are a skilled rider” sport bike?

        • Jeremy in TX says:

          It was just a joke, Scottie. Whatever they motorcycle gods are willing to make, I say bring it!

  3. Norm G. says:

    styling’s good. paint like a bag o’ skittles…? not so much.

  4. Adventure Seeker says:

    For the same price an Honda F6B is a 6 cylinder and cooled. Sorry Victory but you run too hot like HD.

  5. MG3 says:

    Please MD. No more gigantic, ugly motorcycles that we can’t afford to buy. Thanks.

  6. MrD says:

    Just a few questions to stir the pot, please keep in mind that I am not a big fan of the Ness/Victory looks. So feel free to start any of these questions with “is it just me or…”

    …does the back fender and pipes stick way too far past the back wheel?
    …could you put castors on the pipes to double as wheelie bars.
    …is that green one Kawasaki factory paint? (it kind of matches my KLX)

  7. C.bevilacqua says:

    After having 3 victory bikes over a period of about 4 years,a cross country and two 8 balls, I could never deal with the top heavyness on them. Alot of motor up high and that big gas tank. Iv’e owned many different brands of bikes hd’s bmw’s Honda’s. I loved the power on them but the tendency to tip over was always there. This affected their low speed handling greatly in contrast to alot of low speed handling of hd cruisers. This factor and they run hot. Top end power was unbeatable. But I was always dropping them at low speeds. And getting them back up was difficult.Maybe I’m just getting old. I don’t hear this from alot of vic riders,,some but not alot. Guys who have a big twin hd to compare the handling do notice the difference in a big way.

    • Provologna says:

      Being 60 now, I’m not a cruiser fan, but a few have caught my eye. I’m 6-3 and apparently the target audience is very short persons. I used to leg press well over 1k lbs, and got up to 290# on the chest press. Even then, I thought exactly what you describe just sitting on the Victory and tossing it side to side in the showroom: it felt very top heavy, maybe even more so than the H-D with the water cooled Porsche designed motor.

      So top heavy that I declined test ride when offered.

      Then again, after getting into mountain biking, I even found the 2012 CB1100 a bit top heavy.

  8. Brakeman says:

    “New design, 21-inch cast front wheel: the largest on a production bagger”

    “My front wheel is bigger than yours…”

  9. Ricardo says:

    I like the red one, although like with any other chopperesque colors, these become outdatedvery fast and the bike does not looks good after a couple of years…

  10. Jeremy in TX says:

    I don’t like cruisers, but I actually think this bike looks pretty good for what it is. So it is a good-looking bike that I would never be interested in buying. Which makes me wonder what actual cruiser buyers think of it.

  11. Kjazz says:

    Great windscreen optics….otherwise, not the ugliest nor the least inspired motorcycle I’ve seen lately.

  12. Pete says:

    cool locomotive

  13. Motowarrior says:

    “Acclaimed 106/6 Freedom Engine offers world class torque and horsepower in every gear”. I really hate those other motorcycles that only produce torque and horsepower in alternating gears. And by the way, I stick by my prediction that Victory will eventually fade away as Indian get it’s wheels under it. Having said all that, Victory is still my favorite traditional cruiser, and this one isn’t nearly as ugly as some of you are saying, in my ever humble opinion.

    • todd says:

      That is a funny statement since torque and horsepower have no relation whatsoever to gear ratios.

      • xlayn says:

        Maybe he meant acceleration (and by alternating gears he means to switch gears to get to the sweat spot)
        and yes, it’s not related to gear ratios.

        • todd says:

          Whatever Victory meant by that statement was overshadowed by the sheer stupidity of it.

    • Jamo says:

      Actually, the gear ratio has a lot to do with torque and horsepower, too. The gear ratio is a torque multiplier. Torque in second gear is more than torque in third gear, depending on the ratio. So, you could compare one gear box to another and determine whether its torque was world class in that gear.
      Horsepower has a different analysis and would include the cam profile, but the basic principal holds.

      • Jeremy in TX says:

        The statement was the “engine offers world class torque and HP in every gear.” That is coming from Victory’s brochure engineering department, I’d think.

        The engine produces a certain torque and hp measure for a given rpm regardless of the gear ratios in the transmission. The gear and final drive ratios may multiply torque to the rear wheel, but the horsepower won’t change since those ratios inversely affect the rotational speed. No cam profile analysis needed.

  14. Frank says:

    Great looking bike in red.

  15. todd says:

    The dash greets you with a wide, nerdy glasses grin.

  16. ApriliaRST says:

    Please, please: If you comment that a motorcycle featured here is ugly, heavy or some other negative, tell us what YOU ride so we can make a quick calculation of the validity of your personal judgement. I do that every time I post; it’s right in my screen name.

    • Tank says:

      In that case, that’s the last time I say Robyn Lawley is too fat.

    • mickey says:

      How does knowing what I ride validate my personal judgement?..who does the calculation for validation? 2006HondaST1300,2014HondaCB1100DLX,2009YamahaYPV400..and formerly 29 other motorcycles previously in the last 49 years (Honda, Yam, Suz, Kaw, HD, Tri, BSA) ..Happy now?

      • Provologna says:


        I owned about 65 bikes. Last was Yamaha WR250F.

        Everyone’s opinion is 100% self-validating. If you are in any way offended by someone’s opinion of a bike, I humbly suggest you find something to do other than read these posts.

  17. takehikes says:

    I’mm no fan of baggers at all but damn Victory nailed design and price….

  18. Jamo says:

    I like the paint scheme, especially the green. Victory needs the right paint lines to go with the “Nessie” design, and this paint scheme looks right. I’d like to see them change the Nessie design, though.

  19. Auphliam says:

    I like it, although that green one is pretty painful. Kind of wonder what’s going on with Victory though. Indian is making a big splash and Victory is trimming the product line down substatnially. Even this is just an accessory platform for the Cross bikes. Suspect we’re going to see a major retooling of this line-up in the near future.

    • TexinOhio says:

      Talked to a rep at one of their demo days here in Columbus a couple months ago. He said the idea was to have Indian be the traditional older style cruiser platform, and Victory would be the cruiser platform aimed at younger riders.

  20. Cyclemotorist says:

    I think it looks fine in any color but Plasma Lime. I could also do with fewer stripes. I like the general shape and style.

  21. Delta says:


  22. Wendy says:

    I will never unsee that green thing. You have ruined my life

  23. mechanicus says:

    I just cant get into the sharp-edged Ness styling. Bright buffoon paint is a negatve also. Controls above the batwing extensions = cold wet hands. Pass.

  24. Michael Watts says:

    Great looking bike!
    We live in the best of times!
    So many choices and such high quality machinery all around.
    The negative commenters seem to revel in any changes sometimes and some seen generally unhappy about anything.
    Keep up the good work Polaris, Victory, HD, and so many more manufacturers.
    And thank you Motorcycledaily for the regular updates and articles.

  25. Terpinator says:


  26. mickey says:

    Slingshot, Roadmaster and Magnum.. Been a heck of a day on MCD lol

  27. al says:

    This might be the ugliest motorcycle I’ve ever seen?

  28. John Smith says:

    Why did it take so long for Harley’s to have ABS? The dealers couldn’t spell it on the order sheets!

  29. John Smith says:

    Because there just aren’t enough Harley clones to go around. OK, maybe this one doesn’t shake like a hula dancer at idle but really, enough is enough.

  30. Benny says:

    Overall it looks ok but that dash gotta go, looks like it was slapped on at the last minute. Definitely appreciate what Victory is doin but I have to say Harley has them beat in the looks dept for sure..

  31. VLJ says:

    The thing really looks pretty decent, at least in the red/white/black scheme, but that painted dash just screams, “Biker Boyz!”

    Man, how ghetto.

  32. Mike says:

    Looks like a Kawasaki ZRX1100 Cruiser!

  33. Michael H says:

    The engine is fine, and the bike is very nicely done. It’s a good alternative to the HD Street Glide.

  34. Matric says:

    It’s an awful engine. Seems like 2 big and long springs.

  35. Trpldog says:

    HD’s, NASCAR, and big fat motorcycles ridden by men dressed up like Halloween characters – sigh.

    • Trpldog says:

      …makes me proud to be an ‘Merican.
      Valentino who???

      • cage free says:

        Rossi, isn’t that an Italian wine? Owners of these kind of bikes really are only in it for the style and have no clue about performance or any knowledge of bikes other than their bad ass circus wagons. I know I’m generalizing but stereotypes are for a reason.

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