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German MotoGP Results


After changing weather led a number of riders to switch tires and start from pit lane, including Marc Marquez (Honda), Marquez proceeded to win his ninth straight MotoGP race in Germany earlier today … maintaining his perfect season. Coming home second was Honda teammate Dani Pedrosa, while Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha) finished third.

Marquez continues to stretch his already massive championship points lead. For additional details, results and points visit the official MotoGP site.


  1. Brian says:

    entertaining start to the race. very unfortunate to see Bradl’s gift deteriorate into a no-score… Would hate to have been his engineer for this race.
    Rest of the race a snooze fest. first time in a while I had to fast-forward the DVR through the second half of the race.

  2. Crug says:

    Maybe Marc will become fed up with motogp like Stoner and walk after his contract….

    • bikerrandy says:

      Naw, he’s having too much fun.

    • dino says:

      Stoner was a bit older, more championships, and his wife had just had a baby if I remember right (becoming a father will alter your life priorities in most cases)..

      MM will just keep cruisin’ along until something life-altering happens (hopefully not too bad for him)!

  3. bikerrandy says:

    Maybe if everyone has to have the same bike/rider weight things will quit being so lopsided.

    • Scotty says:

      Things have been just this lopsided in the past and we didn’t resort to one-make or rider weight shennanigans.

  4. Hot Dog says:

    Would some explain the rule changes for 2016?

    • endoman38 says:

      In 2016 Michelin will take over a tire supplier. There will also be a spec ECU for all teams.

      • Hot Dog says:

        Will there be a limited number of engines available?
        Will they be allowed to open up engines and change specs?
        Will there be limitations on testing?
        Is RPM going to be limited?

        I know Dorna can change at a moments notice so answers today might not work tomorrow.

  5. Marc Taylor says:

    Geez, and I thought the young Valentino was good on those V5s. Dang!!

  6. Scotty says:

    As some of you have said, this is almost unprecendented territory. Not since the withrawal of all factory teams leaving Ago on the MV has a single rider been so dominant. The others need to lift thier games and quickly – but this season is nearly over for all intents and purposes.

    • Dave says:

      This is how it will look until Dorna decides to change the rules to level the playing field. There’s 1 bike (the other Repsol Honda) that can consistently offer it’s rider the chance to challenge on talent alone and two others that can do so less consistently (factory Yamaha). Guys who used to dice with Marquez (Espargaro bros, Redding) are only finishing where their bikes limit them to.

      • Norm G. says:

        re: “This is how it will look until Dorna decides to change the rules”

        moving goal posts. nothing gives them more pleasure in the “11th hour”.

        re: “Guys who used to dice with Marquez (Espargaro bros, Redding) are only finishing where their bikes limit them to.”

        you’ve just articulated the law of NATCORK, carry on.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      “The others need to lift thier games and quickly”

      Unfortunately, Repsol Honda only has two game-lifting devices available, and they are both spoken for.

  7. Brinskee says:

    Totally unstoppable. Now the question: what race will he win the championship at?

  8. Jose Barreira says:

    The doubts of all of the tech team, old fashion start of the race,winner coming from 10th place and all of the GREAT race of MM,DP and others makes me feel very happy that I’m a biker.

    Records are made to be broken and some people are as GOOD as that!

    Moto 3 & 2 also excelente.

  9. mickey says:

    The start was certainly interesting. Watching Marquez, Pedrosa, Lorenzo and Rossi carve thru the normal riders was fun. Poor Bradl, looked like he made a smart move which turned into a disaster.

    That MM kid has got some talent. Hailwood’s record broken. Agostini’s record is at risk. That is running in pretty big dog territory right there.

  10. Norm G. says:

    9 from 9, well that’s it then.

  11. VLJ says:

    So, two by-the-numbers processional dirges in a row now. God, I hate wet/mixed weather Moto GP races.