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Indian Introduces New Roadmaster: Luxury Touring Returns to the Historic Brand


With the 2015 Roadmaster, Indian goes all in for luxury touring. Details are in the press release below, but there isn’t much missing from the list of luxury features, including nearly 38 gallons of weatherproof storage, power windscreen, heated seats and grips, tire pressure monitoring, Bluetooth, and “advanced infotainment system” including stereo, phone and Pandora integration.

Power is provided by the same Thunder Stroke 111, six-speed engine and transmission that so impressed us in prior testing. Available in September at dealers, U.S. MSRP for the Roadmaster is $26,999. Here is the full press release from Indian:

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — July 27, 2014 — Indian Motorcycle®, America’s first motorcycle company, is proud to announce the all-new 2015 Indian Roadmaster™, setting a new benchmark as the ultimate in luxury motorcycle touring. Revealed at the annual Indian Motorcycle dealer meeting, this exceptional new addition to the Indian Motorcycle family will make its public debut on August 2 at the 74th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and will be available for demo rides throughout the weeklong event along with the rest of the 2015 Indian Motorcycle lineup. More announcements regarding the 2015 line of Indian bikes will also be made on August 2.

2015 Indian Roadmaster

Originally produced from 1947-1953, the Indian Roadmaster was widely recognized as one of America’s most reliable and comfortable touring bikes, and the all-new 2015 Roadmaster is destined to reclaim that honor. In keeping with its legendary namesake, the Roadmaster comes loaded with premium features for comfort, convenience and luxury, including expansive storage capacity and unmatched power and performance.

“It has truly been a privilege and an honor for our team to be a part of motorcycling history in designing and reintroducing the Roadmaster, which has such a legendary reputation as the king of luxury touring bikes,” said Steve Menneto, VP of Motorcycles for Polaris Industries. “The quality, craftsmanship, performance and standard feature set on this bike is simply unmatched in the luxury touring segment, and we look forward to sharing the 2015 Roadmaster and other exciting announcements with the global motorcycling community beginning August 2nd in Sturgis.”


Comfort & Convenience by Design

The new Roadmaster was built from the ground up for all-day, two-passenger touring comfort, with expansive, easy-access storage for extended rides in virtually any weather condition. It offers:

  • Nearly 38 gallons of weatherproof storage
  • Standard hard-sided saddlebags and a roomy quick-release, carpet-lined rear trunk —both featuring remote locking for security and convenience
  • Enhanced driver leg room and adjustable passenger floorboards
  • The Horizon Windscreen featuring power-adjust
  • Desert Tan Genuine Leather heated seats with individual controls and high/low settings
  • Heated grips featuring 10 temperature settings
  • Adjustable airflow lower fairings with storage

Luxury is Standard

The 2015 Roadmaster takes American luxury and comfort to a whole new level with an extensive list of standard premium features that include:

  •  High-resolution Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Chrome front and rear highway bars
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Keyless ignition with remote saddlebag and trunk locks
  • Triple power ports
  • Pathfinder LED Lighting throughout
  • Electronic cruise control
  • Advanced infotainment system offering communication, navigation, and telephone and Pandora® integration
  •  Bluetooth capability for hands-free multi-device connectivity

Proven Power and Endless Chrome

Indian Motorcycle’s new flagship luxury touring bike is powered by the awe-inspiring and proven Thunder Stroke 111™ engine, a 49-degree, air-cooled V-twin power plant mated to a 6-speed overdrive transmission. The Roadmaster is dripping in standard chrome, including the forks, trim, trunk rack, front and rear highway bars, fender tips, and many other chrome components that are options on other brands.

Pricing & Availability

The 2015 Indian Roadmaster is available at a starting US MSRP of $26,999 with expected delivery in dealerships across North American in September. It is available in Thunder Black, Indian Motorcycle Red, and a two-tone Indian Motorcycle Red/Ivory Cream paint scheme.

Sturgis Rally attendees can experience the Roadmaster by visiting the Indian Motorcycle exhibit at 3rd & Lazelle St., or taking a demo ride at the Indian Motorcycle Demo Experience, I-90 @ Exit 30. Visit the Indian Motorcycle Sturgis event page for details.



  1. Provologna says:

    About twenty years ago, City Bike of San Francisco (PGE pre-Gabe era) threatened or considered never ever again reviewing cruiser bikes, predicting Armegedon soon would befall H-D, that their demographic was dying and not being replaced.

    To that I reply, same as my reply to my ex-girl friend when she threatened to never ever see me again: “Promises, promises!”

  2. Auphliam says:

    Why do people complain that a luxury vehicle isn’t a sport vehicle? It’s not like Indian is making any claims as such. Do you go read Land Rover reviews and complain that they’re heavier than a corvette?

    Seriously, it makes about as much sense as going to the hardware store and complaining because none of the hammers make good saws.

    • Provologna says:

      BMW, Lexus, M-B, Audi, and even Chevy Impala SS offer caged vehicles with high luxury and high performance, sometimes among the best handling among all cages.

      It seems more rare to find luxury and superb handling 2-wheelers (BMW and Kawasaki are exceptions).

  3. sherm says:

    If I named my kid Babe Ruth, would that guarantee a major league tryout?

  4. Ed Chambers says:

    Wow the haters are out in force today.I don’t really understand all the complaints about weight on a fully loaded touring rig, they’re all heavy get over it.When you travel long distance you want stuff ,stuff is heavy.This is a good looking fully loaded luxury touring motorcycle.Not an easy task by the way, when you tack maximum storage capacity,navigation,useable stereo,intercom,adjustable this and that and still have it look classy. I like it and if they’re still around when I wear out my “lucky 13” Harley Limited I may buy one.On a side note fully loaded luxury tourers are also excellent “luxury commuters” kinda like driving a Cadillac Fleetwood that gets 35 MPG.

  5. Harleynot says:

    Way to go Polaris! In just a few years you have given those of us who chose to be different, a beautiful a Touring Bike!
    I know I will be able to find where I parked my bike in the Sea of Black Sheep Harley’s ! Long Live Americas First Motorcycle Company!

  6. Cyclemotorist says:

    The Indian Roadmaster is every bit as attractive as the Harley Ultra.

    However, Harley owners and Harley sockpuppets would never agree.

    The Roadmaster wins by virtue of being less common and more interesting because it is different.

  7. Chaz says:

    A 1948 Indian Chief Roadmaster today in like-new condition sells for $10,000+ more than the 2015. Advantage=new model.
    The 1948 had a foot clutch and hand shift. Advantage=new model.
    The 1948 had leather saddlebags, but way less cubic feet. Advantage= new model.
    The 1948 weighed about 550 pounds. Way more motorcycle in the new one.

    A brew pub here in Stockton, California had a black Chief of about 1948 vintage in the bar area for years. Every time I went in, I would start having fantasies about putting on my old leather jacket and riding it down to Mexico. Even if I had someone to help me get the new one off of the sidestand, I have no desire to ride it anywhere.

  8. Gronde says:

    Does it come with a garbage disposal?

  9. Sam says:

    A lot of you think it’s ugly so tell us what beautiful work of art you ride??? Now we will see if beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder:)


  10. Dirck Edge says:

    FYI – Claimed curb weight (full tank of fuel): Honda Gold Wing = 904 to 933 Lbs. depending on options. Indian Roadmaster = 930 Lbs. Harley Electra Glide Ultra Classic = 879 Lbs. “in running order”, which sounds like empty gas tank.

  11. ApriliaRST says:

    Personally, I think the new Indians are across the spectrum well done and very beautiful motorcycles. This one could attract customers from both metric and American touring rig buyers. The one thing I’ve not done, is actually to visit an Indian dealership, but it’s on my list of things to do.

    Oh, and BTW: Yesterday, you all complained the Slingshot was not a motorcycle. Today, while you all agree the Roadmaster is indeed a motorcycle, there’s still mainly complaints. While it’s both your right and somewhat useful to read negative comments, it’s just a bit predictable. LOL

    • Blackcayman says:

      I Utah, the SLC HD Dealer bought the Indian Dealership and opened it right next door. That says a lot about the future of this brand.

      I was there 6 weeks ago for the Demo Days and rode all three Indian models multiple times. Its an impressive and beautifully built bike. The fit and finish is equal or above anything from the motor company.

      The Thunder Stroke 111 motor is impressive (for a heavy cruiser). Its smooth and powerful.

      I wish them all the best.

    • Provologna says:

      You’re negative comments on poster’s comments is about the most predictable thing here.

      • Auphliam says:

        Your negative comments about his negative comments on poster’s comments is about the most predictable thing…after his…and the others.

  12. Fuzzyson says:


  13. mickey says:

    630 kilos is the GVWR, ( gross vehicle weight rating) which is how much the bike weighs plus how much additional weight can be safely added to it. ( passengers and lugguge)

  14. mechanicus says:

    120 lbs heavier than an Ultra? Pass.

    • Mike says:

      Indian has nearly twice the HP as the Ultraless……other criteria counts, unless one owns a HD.

      You got anymore comparison points to make……..or sticking with the only negative one you could make

  15. John says:

    At 630 kilo in weight , no way on earth i’m going to buy one.I thought they may have bought out a smaller engine capacity and joined in on the mid size cruiser battle , but it doesn’t look like it.

    • Scotty says:

      My all round toring bike weighs 182kgs. That is a huge machine probably got its own postcode….

    • rwven says:

      The GVWR (total weight of bike, rider, passenger luggage etc.) is 1385 lbs / 630 kgs, that’s not the weight of the bike.

    • Stella says:

      Bike only weighs 421 kilos (full of fuel). 630 kilos is GVWR.

      • Motowarrior says:

        ONLY 928 pounds!? For less money you can have a BMW 1600KTL that weighs 150 lbs less, looks good, goes good, handles good and has 4 more cylinders. I guess I just don’t get the big fat cruiser thing.

        • Jeremy in TX says:

          You and me both. But clearly, we are in the minority in the US.

          • Provologna says:

            Me makes 3. Nothing compares to a six, flat or inline.

            My 2nd choice would be the Honda inline 6. None of these heavyweight twins offer me much love, rare exception being the Guzzi.

          • Provologna says:

            Sorry, meant Honda flat 6.

      • Scotty says:

        only 421 kilos? Oh thats alright then. 🙂 I just dont get the super heavy bikes, but I stronly suspect I am not the target demographic. My bike weight less than half the Indian…

  16. Norm G. says:

    on this one I definitely cast my ballot for the black. right then, cue Steppenwolf…

  17. Hot Dog says:

    Opulent decadence draped over a behemoth of a motorcycle. “Stand back Eve, I don’t know how big this thing’s going to get!”, “Gosh Adam, it’s a Roadmaster!” I’m sure it’ll appeal to quite a few but it’s just too much for me. The more miles I put on riding makes me want less, smaller and uncomplicated machines. I guess it’s the whole, “Hey, look at me, can you see me now” mentality. This is classic garage candy, to be looked at and occasionally run to the bar. How much is enough?

  18. kent_skinner says:

    I’ll keep dreaming, but some day there will be a mass produced American made bike that isn’t a cruiser. The Motus is cool, but way too expensive.

    I’d love to put an American bike in my garage.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      An EBR doesn’t count? Not cheap, but not terribly expensive in this day and age.

      • kent_skinner says:

        I hadn’t counted it because I haven’t seen one, and I’m not sure if they are for sale yet.
        But yeah, they should be fantastic.

  19. kjazz says:

    That is one very beautiful car.

  20. MG3 says:

    Hi-O Silver – Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

    It’s official! There are many motorcycles now that are more expensive than some (decent and desirable) cars.

    Indian (Polaris) makes really beautiful bikes, but I would never buy one. Too big, too heavy, a little too ‘retro’, and a-waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive. Wish em luck though.

    • TF says:

      It’s official! There is at least one motorcycle now that weighs more than some (decent and desirable) cars.

  21. ducremus says:

    Check out the seat height under the Specs section of their website:

    Fuel Capacity (gallons/liters) 5.5 gallons / 20.8 liters
    Ground Clearance 5.5 in / 140 mm
    Overall Height (in./cm.) 61.9 in / 1572 mm
    Overall Width (in./cm.) 39.8 in / 1012 mm
    Rake/Trail 25°
    Seat Height 65.7 in / 1668 mm
    Wheelbase 65.7 in / 1668 mm
    Overall Length (in./cm.) 104.6 in / 2656 mm
    GVWR 1385 lbs / 630 kgs

    It’s not over square, it’s not under square: It’s just plain square!! And heavy…

  22. Jamo says:

    Isn’t “Roadmaster” a Buick?

  23. VLJ says:

    Looks to be a very nice bike, and while all these claims by Indian of “class leading/new benchmark/sets the standard” for the luxury-touring market may be true in terms of the American niche, come on, let’s not get crazy here, Indian. I’m fairly certain the BMW GTL 1600 inline six-cylinder isn’t exactly going to lose sleep over this one.

  24. Harleynot says:

    The skirted fender is an Iconic piece of American Motorcycle History. It will never go away now that Indian Motorcycle of Spirit Lake has the resources to continue Americas First Motorcycle! Long Live Indian….

  25. Don G says:

    Just when I thought no one could make an uglier touring bike than the Victory Vision along comes this…

    • Jay Mack says:

      Polaris is heck bent on ugly. I don’t get it. WHen they came out with the first VIctorys, they were sharp. THey needed a little evolving, but I bought one and I thought is looked cool. Then they threw it away and came out with the Nessies. And bombed.

      • Gronde says:

        I used to suggest that Polaris should design a Sportbike. After seeing where their head is at, I hope they never do!

  26. cage free says:

    Looks like a Valkyrie tourer in the two tone version,just uglier.

  27. Auphliam says:

    After test riding the Chieftain earlier this summer, I was seriously considering trading my Cross Country Tour in on one. The lack of hard lowers and a tour pack were the only drawbacks. Looks like I’m out of excuses now 🙂

    Really liking the Roadmaster. I think I’ll be giving another look.

  28. Michael H says:

    That is a gorgeous motorcycle. The black with brown leather just tugs at me.

    At long last, there is an American made, v-twin competitor for the Harley Ultra series. This is going to be interesting. I look forward to the inevitable road test comparisons.

  29. Hair says:

    I like what Polaris has done with this brand. I’ve only had the pleasure of sitting on a few new Indians, I would not mind taking one for a test ride. The fit and feel on these bikes is really good. And while I don’t think of myself as quite rolling couch ready yet. I like these bikes.
    My one suggestion would be that Indian offer a aftermarket more normal looking front fender. I know that the fender is a design feature left over from the 1930s. And that is exactly my point. Some of us just want to move on.

  30. Jamo says:

    Gee. it’s almost just like a Harley Ultra Classic Limited! Almost. Only not so good looking. In fact, it looks more like a Victory. And that’s not so good.

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