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Quotes from World Ducati Week 2014 (Ducati Corse)

Luigi dall’Igna (Managing Director, Ducati Corse)
“Attending my first World Ducati Week was a great thrill. The genuine affection of the Ducatisti showed just how powerful the Ducati brand is, because what I saw in Misano was quite unique, something only the motorcycle manufacturers from Borgo Panigale could possibly achieve. I knew there would be plenty of human warmth from the public but I never thought there’d be this much. It made me realise that we absolutely have to get back into the business of winning, for them too, to honour the brand they love so much. We’ll give it everything we can”.

Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati Team)
“I’d heard so much about WDW, from the papers, from friends who’d been to it in the past, and I thought I had a pretty good idea of what to expect when I finally took part in it this year. Yet until you’re here, in the midst of this sea of Ducatisti, you simply can’t understand what it’s all about. I just didn’t expect to see so many people, so much passion. The walkabout through the crowds was great and does us good, especially as we’re going through such a tough time, and feeling all that supportive passion for Ducati really encourages us to go the extra mile. The entire team is doing everything possible, as are the boys in Borgo Panigale, and after WDW I’m certain we’ll do even more, thanks to the encouragement and affection we’ve received from thousands of Ducatisti these last few days”.

Cal Crutchlow (Ducati Team)
“Coming to WDW was a breathtaking experience. I’m just sorry I couldn’t experience it in full because of the operations on my forearms: I’d have loved to compete in the Drag Race by Tudor. I’ll definitely be putting my name down for the next edition though. World Ducati Week is something truly exceptional. Back in the UK I’d heard loads about it and I was really eager to come to Misano. Seen from above, the paddock is just a sea of red, the same Ducati Red that flows in the veins of all those Ducatisti. Even as a professional rider, I’ve never seen anything like it. The sheer enthusiasm of those who came to Misano is something unique and it has made me see just how special Ducati really is”.

Andrea Iannone (Ducati Pramac Racing)
“This was my first time here at WDW. I have to say, it’s an absolutely extraordinary event. Seeing all these enthusiasts and fervent Ducatisti just makes me want to stay with Ducati more than ever: it’s so clearly a world-class motorcycle brand with truly passionate fans all over the world. Receiving such a warm welcome from the crowds makes me proud to be a Ducati rider and that’s why I’d just love to continue racing with them all the way to the end of my career”.

Davide Giugliano (Ducati Superbike Team)

“This wasn’t my first WDW as I was here in 2012. While being at the last edition was fantastic it has to be said that returning as an official Ducati rider is an even bigger thrill. WDW is an incredible event that brings together countless motorcycling enthusiasts, especially, of course, Ducatisti. Here, professional riders and road riders are united by the same passion, a real love for the motorcycles made in Borgo Panigale, and that’s what makes World Ducati Week so incredible”.

Chaz Davies (Ducati Superbike Team)

“This was my first World Ducati Week and I found it phenomenal. I never thought I’d see so many Ducati motorcycles all in one place! The Friday evening parade was a wonderful surprise. I thought it was reserved for us riders and Ducati managers, but when I saw that long line of bikes enter the track I was blown away. It turned out to be just one of many thrilling moments during these three days at WDW and I hope to repeat the experience at the next edition”.

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