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Indianapolis MotoGP Results


Guess who?  That’s right, Marc Marquez (Honda) kept his perfect season going in Indianapolis with his 10th straight victory. Yamaha factory riders Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi filled out the podium in second and third place.

Marquez is the first rider to win 10 in a row in the premier class since Mick Doohan accomplished this (also on a Honda) back in 1997.  Doohan won a total of 12 races that year (still a record).

The first half of the race saw some close racing at the front as several riders swapped the lead, including Rossi, Lorenzo and Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati). Once Marquez got in front, he fairly quickly established a comfortable gap over second place.

Rain threatened near the end of the race, but the riders finished on their dry tires.

For additional details, results and points, visit the official MotoGP site.


  1. bikerrandy says:

    I don’t think Stoner’s ego is big enough for him to want to find out if he can beat Marquez. If he couldn’t this would just add to Marquez’s infallibility.

  2. Norm G. says:

    (norm references article picture, then ponders the unponderable)

    now that the fingers of HRC’s 30-man boffin army are all used up…

    God only knows what manner of hilarity is about to ensue come parc ferme Brno…?

  3. mickey says:

    Dang we could have had an MCD regulars meeting somewhere like over by the Harley tent then we could have stood around and made fun of the new 500 water cooled or over at the Honda tent by the NM4 and done the same thing. Come to think of it, the NM4 deserved it more. What a batcycle.

    • TF says:

      There was a Harley tent? LOL!

      I was too busy drooling on the two Desmosidicis…..or the Repsol Honda/Montesa trials bike.

      • Norm G. says:

        i was too busy giving Livio Suppo the 3rd degree. headlock with a noogie baby, ala 3 stooges.

  4. jim says:

    FOX network coverage sucked as usual.

    • Scarecrow800 says:

      … and the real bite in the heiney is, they started out so well. I was prepared to spend 3 hours being a fan boy watching Moto 3, Moto 2 and the GP. I think this is the first time this year they had all 3 rounds in one stretch. Until now they have M2 and M3 on fox 2, which doesn’t seem to be available on my provider. The 2 and 3 races were great and the GP was great … up until that 12 minute commercial break. Then we got to look at Marquez and Valentinos butt for a few minutes. Cheeze. Maybe someone will take up the franchise next year, anybody could do better, even El Ray or the Oprah network could probably do better.

  5. Scotty says:

    When will it end? Place your bets!!!!

    • Norm G. says:

      Q: When will it end?

      A: November 9th Valencia Spain.

      (click/click, Norm presses his EZ button. whew, thank Jeebus he was able to sort a replacement.)

  6. Man Relish says:

    to quote the comic book guy from the simpsons, “worst coverage ever.” by fox
    it looked like there weren’t many fans in the stands or on the grass

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “to quote the comic book guy from the simpsons, “worst coverage ever.”

      okay, ’twas a cock-up for sure. some “boinker” hipster thought it’d be cool to re-enact the DC/reflecting pool scene from Forrest Gump and went and yanked all the cords. haha, we had a laugh. however (comma) it’d be a good job if we stop and consider this for a moment.

      was this “worst coverage ever”…? or is ZERO coverage of motorcycling in the states WORST COVERAGE EVER…?

      see, there is actually a LOWER TIER of service available to us. all’s we have to do is say the word and it’s ours.

  7. Brian says:

    I think the highlight of the weekend was the final farewell to Colin Edwards. I was happy to have seen him and said hello and had many pictures signed last season at Laguna. What a great guy and awesome to see him in the points for this race.
    Hoping to eventually make it to the boot camp…

    • TF says:

      Everyone was cheering him on. And he was so available for the fans. He signed a shirt and spotter card for my wife and daughter. Nicky too……couldn’t sign anything but was handing out stickers. Both are great guys.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “I think the highlight of the weekend was the final farewell to Colin Edwards.”


      the comment from Hayes rating his dad as “sketchy”…?

      +100…!!! 🙂 LOL

  8. Brinskee says:

    Great race – from what I can tell by the post race interviews, Marquez was holding off on any passing attempts with a clever strategy of saving his front – and then later back tires from overheating. Rossi duking it out with Dovi was silly in my book because everyone knew Dovi’s softer tires would grease up and let go eventually (which they did) and when the battle got a little too fierce and mistakes were made, boom the door is open and Marquez ran away with it.

    All fine, good race, and Marquez came out on top yet again. Powerful to watch this kid. Who’s going to be the lucky one to steal a win (or two?) this season? And when will it happen? It’s all building up to this…

    Again, I will take this opportunity to complain about Fox Sports One. What AWFUL commentating, and losing half the race to what looked like technical issues is just ridiculous. The point I was making a few weeks ago (months?) was that WE DO HAVE A CHOICE of where to watch the races! I’m getting closer and closer to buying the viewing package directly from Dorna – anyone else have any experience with this? Is it worth it?

    And the more people that jump ship = less advertising dollars for FS1 – which is EXACTLY why they should find a better formula that works and replace the horrible commentators (NOT Scott Russell) with someone who actually knows who the riders are…

    • TF says:

      My family really enjoys the basic MotoGP subscription. I think the coverage is excellent. It’s expensive though……whether or not it’s worth it is really up to you. We have a lot of Sunday morning family MotoGP breakfast parties (due to time differences) but you can also watch any of the races whenever you want including past seasons. It’s especially fun (for me at least) to go back and watch the 500cc two strokes race.

      • Norm G. says:

        re: “It’s expensive though”

        I see your “expensive” and RAISE you cost of airfare, 3-day ticket, 3-day parking, rental car and 4 nights hotel stay.



        the $7 dollar shish-kabob. oh yeah, bringing the pain.

        • Jeremy in TX says:

          $7 shish-kabob? Man, you guys had it easy at the Brickyard. I think I paid $15 at COTA for a piece of sausage in a hotdog bun.

          • Norm G. says:

            re: “$7 shish-kabob? Man, you guys had it easy at the Brickyard.”

            exactly, it’s commonly understood INDY has always been a surprisingly low cost affair. this, from the very beginning.

            tickets are cheap, hotels are cheap, rooms are cheap, etc. food’s OUTSTANDING btw. the only place I’ve ever gotten cheaper car hire is Salt Lake City during WSBK (no idea how that happened).

            jonesin’ to rent some pain…? right then, fly into Frisco (SFO) or Hartsfield (ATL). they’re more than happy to take a big wet bite out of your ass.

      • Curly says:

        But it’s not really expensive for what you get for your 99 Euros ($133). It’s 18 race weekends times 3 races and all of the practices and qualifying and other videos with NO commercials! That’s $7.39 for each weekend event. Plus you get to watch the full races or practices in real time or replay them later. Instead of the wince generating Fox guys they have good old Nick Harris and his crew that actually know what they are talking about and did I mention NO commercials! So that’s 54 races and all the extra videos when you want them for $133 or less than $2.50 per race.

  9. Curly says:

    You’ve just got to like MM. I think he’s proven that it’s not just the best bike on the track but also his awesome talent along with the ability to adapt and learn on the fly. I’m a Yamaha fan through and through but for some weird reason I’m kinda’ pulling for Marquez to run the table this year. It would be a heart breaker for him to get to the last race of the season and blow an engine on the last lap or some such.

    That was a fun race for at least the first half and the track improvements at Indy seemed to make a huge difference. I hope it stays on the schedule.

  10. RD350 says:

    Props to Dovi for riding the crappy Ducati so well. An underrated rider who deserves a better seat.

  11. mickey says:

    Not saying he wouldn’t have won anyway, but he was given a gift in this one by Rossi and Dovi in the front going wide and letting Marquez and Lorenzo through. Went yesterday, looked for Norm, but have no idea what he looks like so don’t know if I saw him or not lol.

    Anyhow first few laps were exciting, and I was pulling for Pedro of course to ride well, and he came from 8th to 4th so not too bad.

    There was so much Rossi gear in the stands you’d have thought a giant ship full of his relatives came over. The guy is worth every penny Yamaha is giving him in merchandise sale alone.

    • TexinOhio says:

      Sounds like Norm was in the Pagoda. Wish I knew who he was cause I was up there myself yesterday.

      • dino says:

        Just should have waited around, when he walks in, they all look and go “Norm!” (cue the Cheers soundtrack)


        • Hot Dog says:

          All you would’ve had to do is look for a tall, dashingly handsome, debonair gentleman whose stride made ladies swoon, hounds howl and the Pagodas lights flicker. You could’ve asked this guy if he saw Norm.

          I was there and thought it was a great event. The venue is spectacular. Moto 3 is awesome as it seems they keep the throttle pegged WFO. The official program was very nice but an explanation of flagging/colors needs to be included.

      • Norm G. says:

        re: “Wish I knew who he was”

        I was the fat man holding the “bier stein” filled with Thai Singha. no wait that’s Julian Ryder. sorry, people confuse us all the time.

    • TF says:

      The crowd where I was standing went crazy when VR took the lead on the first lap. It was without a doubt the biggest crowd reaction all day. Yes, he is worth every penny.

  12. Bob L. says:

    All I can think of to say is, the guy (and his team)is just awesome!

  13. VLJ says:

    We’re gonna need a bigger boat. – Valentino Scheider

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