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New Products from Schuberth and Held From AIMExpo (video)


Gabe visited the Schuberth display in Florida last week. In this video, he interviews Schuberth North America’s Marking & Public Relations Manager Sarah Schilke about new Schuberth helmets and Held gloves and jackets. Here is Gabe’s video report:


  1. Snake says:

    Are modern Helds still made overseas? Are they making any models still in Germany? I had a pair of Galaxys that I, finally, retired this year after 10 years of riding on them. They still seemed very OK but I thought it was time for a change after 10 years, never know what the stitching and materials are doing in the hidden areas after that long. I would have replaced my Galaxys with yet another pair of Helds but I decided I wanted Knox SPS, which Held (regretfully) does not feature.

  2. cadman97 says:

    2:49 to 2:55, Gabe seemed to forget all about that jacket…lol! Cute gal!

    • Gabe says:

      LOL! We had another jacket set up and ready to go, but we left it in the Held booth, which was 100 feet away. Awkward…

  3. Gpokluda says:

    Wow. An open face helmet in a variety of colors. What a novel idea from Schuberth.

  4. SpaceJJ says:

    Sarah is a cutie!

  5. cagefreee says:

    Nice to see Sarah doing so well in the mostly male bike industry. I got to know her during her days as parts person at my friends bike dealership(OCH),she rode street and dirt and wasn’t afraid to crash her dirt bike in the desert or ride her vfr in the rain, nice girl and a rider to boot.

  6. Dale says:

    What a fabulous idea for gloves. 2 in 1.

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