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Triumph Motorcycles Announces Bonneville Newchurch Special Edition for US Market

Triumph Bonneville New Church Special Edition

·       – New Special Edition Bonneville styled to celebrate the popular annual international Triumph Tridays festival in Austria

·       – Contemporary new paint scheme: Cranberry Red / Pure White

·       – Enhanced styling features that include blacked-out fenders, headlamp bowl, handlebars, mirrors and springs

·       – Eye catching black wheels with exquisite red pinstripe detailing (check blue)

·       – Custom profile saddle

Bonneville Newchurch

Every year a small town in the mountains of Austria plays host to the world’s biggest Triumph party as thousands of Triumph fans descend to celebrate their love of the brand and the bikes they own. Featuring everything from outrageous customs to an off-road drag race known as “The Rumble”, the town of Neukirchen has its name changed to Newchurch for the weeklong Tridays party.

The Tridays party is an annual pilgrimage for Triumph owners to descend on the beautiful town of Newchurch and celebrate all things British.  Along with spectacular mountain road rides, incredible stunt shows, and off road duelling, Tridays is the place where Triumph owners show off their latest customised rides.

To celebrate this passion and energy, Triumph has produced the new Bonneville Newchurch Special Edition.  This new model features fresh new contemporary paint schemes, a new low profile seat and with cool black detailing throughout.

The fuel tank is sumptuously hand painted with a new design that highlights the iconic lines and proudly sporting the new Triumph logo.  The Bonneville Newchurch is available in Cranberry Red / Pure White and features hand painted black detailing.  To further carry the customised scheme, the Bonneville Newchurch wears blacked-out fenders, headlamp bowl, handlebars, mirrors and springs which combine to deliver a customised contemporary look.  Finishing off the transformation are all black seven spoke cast wheels featuring a hand painted pinstriped coachline.

This net result is a Bonneville with a more striking appeal and a perfect starting base for owners to continue their own customisation desires.

The beating heart of the Bonneville Newchurch is its iconic 865cc parallel twin engine. A handsome block of air-cooled metal, the motor shares all the striking visual cool of the original Bonneville, right down to its look-alike carburettors, classic exhaust routing and engine cases.

But the outward elegance of the motor hides a power unit carefully engineered and tuned. Under the skin the Bonneville is modern and delivers the quality, durability and practicality expected of a new Triumph.

The parallel twin engine produces 68PS peak power and 68Nm of torque spread across a wide, useable rev range for comfortable performance flexibility in any gear. And the latest technical sophistication of fuel injection and electronic engine management ensures perfectly predictable throttle control, generating a lively engine response tailored to meet today’s riding demands.

Like all Bonneville based models, the Newchurch offers a low seat height, comfortable riding ergonomics, and engaging handling.

Available with a huge selection of Triumph Accessories, the options for personalization are endless from wind-protecting screens or leather panniers, to a choice of two Arrow exhaust systems and a host of chrome or anodised embellishments.

The Bonneville Newchurch will be available in Triumph dealerships in April 2015 and will be priced starting at $8,699.  As with all Triumphs, the Bonneville Newchurch comes with an unlimited mileage, two-year factory warranty. Service intervals are every 6000 miles, or one year, whichever comes first.

The Bonneville Newchurch. Join the celebration!


  1. dh says:

    Like it would like to see different color side panels

  2. Jdilpkle says:

    I like it!

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