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New Moto Guzzi Audace: Italian Muscle

Audace-top-i (1)

Sporting the glorious big V-twin from the California, with some header/exhaust tweaks to pump up high rpm performance, the new Moto Guzzi Audace is a stripped-down, all-business machine with unique handlebars and footpegs to create its own ergonomic package. Here is the initial press release from Moto Guzzi on this new model. We do not know U.S. pricing yet, but it should be in U.S. dealers next summer.


Ostentatious, muscular and fierce, the Audace can be picked out immediately by its front end, made stylistically lighter by the circular headlight unit and the carbon mudguard mounted on a fork without any telescope covering. It has no chrome plating so every mechanical detail, each small exposed metallic part is dark as night, an ideal condition for fully enjoying a bike in solitude with the striking beauty of the Moto Guzzi Audace.

Light comes through only in the stark contrast with the color of the lateral strip that shows several brand new details. Like the undersump lug that gives the side view a gritty look, the metallic radiator grille and the short megaphone exhaust. The side panel covers have also been changed, lightened like the passenger footpeg bracket. The platform footboards mounted on all the other models in the range are gone here, as is the rocker gear shift control in order to make room for sportier footpegs mounted farther forward and the classic gear shifter pedal.


Particular attention was given to the saddle, covered in Alcantara skai with exposed red stitching, lowered in terms of the seating position and installation ready for the foldaway passenger seat. The drag handlebar is also new which, thanks to the forward position of the footpegs and the different seating level, create a longer and more dominating riding position.

Another particularly elegant feature is the burnished valve covers, the rear shock absorbers with separate gas bottle and the alloy wheels personalized with the Moto Guzzi logo, as well as the minimal mirrors.

The generosity of the 1400cc “Made in Mandello” 90° V-twin is well-known by now and on the Audace, thanks to the exhaust system with redesigned fluid dynamics, it is even more lively at high revs. As a result, thanks in part to some weigth being shaved, the Audace is definitely quicker off the line. It will certainly be the one that is most used with the “Veloce” output map and the one where the MGTC traction control system will need to intervene most often…



  1. Mike says:

    Moto Guzzi I still
    want. 1 minute video. Headsets preferred.

  2. Paolo says:

    May be time to change my Breva!

  3. Neil says:

    The Audace is a big improvement over the custom.
    They got rid of all the silly bits.
    I can’t help thinking that this bike would be improved if they put the fuel tank under the seat like a V Rod and only having the air box of above the motor.
    All that space under the seat is empty and it would reduce some of that visual bulk above the engine.

  4. frank says:

    Bellissimo with an edge! ..

  5. Sam says:

    Real foot-pegs!!!!!! Very nice scoot! Many more dealers please!


  6. Pat says:

    Stunning. If I were buying a larger bike then my T100, I would seriously look this way…

  7. beasty says:

    Beautiful! I’d own one in a heartbeat……….if I could just find a Guzzi dealer.

    • MGNorge says:

      That is a problem. I’m rather lucky as I’m within an hour of one of the best. Haven’t had to use them yet plus the Guzzi is easy to look after anyway.
      Actually, when I stop to think about it, the one “mega” dealer we have close is the exception. Everyone else is also a little drive. So I said to myself, self, do I buy what’s close or do I buy what I want? I’ve been a very happy boy!

    • mickey says:

      I actually used the find a dealer near you feature on Guzzis website one time and it came back ” we can’t find one”,

  8. Eric says:

    Nice use of the 1400 ‘platform’ for both this bike and the Eldo. Neither are for me though. I’ll hang on to my Breva 1100 – until the V7 Scrambler shows up.

  9. 2ndderivative says:

    “sportier footpegs mounted farther forward”


  10. dino says:

    Nice change of pace from all the Hyper-Sport bike released lately!

    Not a fan of the flat-black paint, but even a rattle-can color job could work on this bike. Or better yet, get a pro paint job to color it up (maybe a dark candy burgundy?) and would still work without acres of chrome…

    Minimal, just built to go… I like it!

  11. mugwump says:

    Reminds me of a CTX 700

  12. Ian says:

    Very nice, so too is the Eldorado. Real bikes for the real world! Might even be able to get out of second gear on these without getting arrested, unlike most of the bikes pictured below.

  13. xlayn says:

    so this is MG CB500 platform, change exhaust, wheels call it a new model.
    in my books…. still fine :), way better than buying the base model and wait for aftermarket parts to appear.

    hispterlayn…. come on you know you like better the Dorado one
    engineerlayn…. come on you know it’s just different parts on the same engine, buy the cheaper one and call it a day
    trolllayn…. lol, moe slow machines, where is the turbo, way to expensive with that I buy 10 used CBR F4 all of them faster than this one
    drunklayn…. most…. beautiful machine evahhh, can you white-wall the engine cases?