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Polaris, Owner of Indian and Victory Motorcycles, Acquires Electric Motorcycle Business from Brammo


The following press release was received by MD from Polaris Industries, Inc., owner of Victory and Indian Motorcycles, earlier today. Polaris has acquired the motorcycle business from electric motorcycle pioneer Brammo.  Here is the press release from Polaris:

MINNEAPOLIS (January 15, 2015) — Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII) today announced it has acquired the electric motorcycle business of Brammo Inc. In addition, Polaris is acting as a leading investor in a recapitalization of Brammo that enables the company to focus exclusively on the design, development and integration of electric vehicle powertrains.

Going forward, the two companies will leverage Polaris’ leading position in the global powersports industry to market a variety of electric vehicles utilizing Brammo’s award winning lithium-ion electric drivetrain technology, while freeing Brammo to continue developing its innovative electric vehicle powertrains. Brammo supplies these products, including the Brammo Power™ battery pack and Brammo Power™ vehicle management systems, globally to a wide range of OEMs. As part of this transaction, Polaris will utilize the assets acquired to begin manufacturing electric motorcycles in the second half of 2015 at its Spirit Lake, IA facility.

“We have enjoyed our involvement with Brammo Motorcycles over the past three years, and our excitement about their industry-leading lithium-ion electric drivetrain technology has increased commensurate with their improvements in cost and performance. Polaris and Brammo share a goal of adding the most advanced and highest capability electric solutions to Polaris’ portfolio of leading powersports products,” said Scott Wine, Polaris Chairman and CEO. The agreement allows both companies to be more agile during the development cycle with clear accountability toward selling products that exemplify Polaris’ standard for delivering world class vehicles.

Polaris has been a strategic investor and partner with Brammo since 2011. During that time, the companies have collaborated on a number of projects in motorcycles, off-road and on-road vehicles. “Today’s announcement strengthens not only Polaris’ commitment to bringing our consumers lithium-ion electric solutions, but also this partnership’s ability to continue innovating and developing leading electric drivetrain technology,” said Wine. “We anticipate a return on these investments and believe the new alignment brings us that much closer to delivering world-class electric solutions across our products.”

Brammo has designed and developed numerous electric vehicles, including the award-winning Enertia and Empulse motorcycles. Testifying to its capabilities and technology, Brammo motorcycles have won a number of awards including:  2013 Playboy “Motorcycle of Year” and “Best Electric” (Empulse R), 2012 GQ “Best Stuff of the Year” (Empulse), 2011 Popular Science “Best of What’s New” (Empulse), 2011 “Best of 2011” and a 2010 Silver Edison Award. In addition, Brammo’s motorcycles have won numerous racing championships including the 2013 FIM eRR North American World Cup Champion and 2012 TTXGP World Championship.

About Polaris

Polaris is a recognized leader in the powersports industry with annual 2013 sales of $3.8 billion. Polaris designs, engineers, manufactures and markets innovative, high quality off-road vehicles, including all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and the Polaris RANGER® and RZR® side-by-side vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles and on-road electric/hybrid powered vehicles.

Polaris is among the global sales leaders for both snowmobiles and off-road vehicles and has established a presence in the heavyweight cruiser and touring motorcycle market with the Victory, Indian Motorcycle and Slingshot brands. Additionally, Polaris continues to invest in the global on-road small electric/hybrid powered vehicle industry with Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), Goupil Industrie SA, Aixam Mega S.A.S., and internally developed vehicles. Polaris enhances the riding experience with a complete line of Polaris Engineered parts, accessories and apparel, Klim branded apparel and ORV accessories under the Kolpin, Pro Armor and Cycle Country brands.

Polaris Industries Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “PII”, and the Company is included in the S&P Mid-Cap 400 stock price index.

Information about the complete line of Polaris products, apparel and vehicle accessories are available from authorized Polaris dealers or anytime at

About Brammo

Brammo Inc. is a leading electric vehicle technology company headquartered in North America. Brammo designs and develops electric vehicles including the award winning Enertia and Empulse motorcycles. Brammo is the 2013, FIM eRR North American World Cup Champion. Brammo is an OEM supplier of its innovative Brammo Digital Drivetrain systems including the Brammo Power battery pack and Brammo Power vehicle management system. Brammo has vehicle distribution and marketing operations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Information about Brammo can be found at


  1. Auphliam says:

    LA Times reporting we can expect to see an electric Victory in dealers by summer.

    That seems optimistic, unless they’re just re-branding existing bikes.

  2. GP says:

    E-Trail or Dual Sport Bike, Please.

  3. relic says:

    All we need are improvements to the lithium battery, which was invented BY EDISON 100 years ago. Look up the definition of insanity.
    The real issue is the battery burns out in a year(just like my phone)

  4. jim says:

    Saw a Zero in person launch from a red light last weekend in San Francisco. Pretty darn quick and the sound while quiet will capture your attention (..wha…batmobile?). Perfect for a dense urban environment, alongside Mini, Scion IQ, Smart4two, and BMW I3.

  5. Mr.Mike says:

    This is great news for people who are hoping electric goes mainstream soon. Pioneers like Brammo never had the capital to substantially impact the market. I predict a big player will acquire Zero as well.

  6. Huggy says:

    Long live the internal combustion engine!

  7. FNFAL says:

    Electric power has all but replaced fuel (Nitro) in the RC hobby scene. The power to weight ratios are also double their fuel counterparts but half their flight times unfortunately. I have a 7 pound heli with 4/7 hp continuous/intermittent duty.

    I’m using a 1kg Lithium Polymer battery that can discharge over 300A at 30V that fits in my hand. Now the down-side is the fire risk of Lithium, short flight times (3-5 min), and the slow degradation of the battery over time (few hundred cycles).

    I can see electric transforming the mo-mo market too, if they can perfect the above issues.

  8. Dale B says:

    I am surprised that Elon did not buy brammo or zero over a year ago.

    • Elon Musk? This market is way to small for him to mess with.

      • Norm G. says:

        that guy’s crashing rockets like so much Estes model.

        • Austin ZZR 1200 says:

          He forgot to put the nose cone on the Big Bertha

          • halfbaked says:

            Space X has crashed exactly one rocket it was last week during a reusability test of the Falcon 9 that by their own estimates had only a 50/50 chance at success. And Austin ZZR 1200 if you are in TX then why don’t you head on over to Houston or up to Waco to Space X and Yuck it up with them. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your humor.

          • Norm G. says:

            re: “He forgot to put the nose cone on the Big Bertha”

            LOL I get his joke. no worries, only a classic model rocketeer with a cluster of C engines and solar igniters in his blood could even attempt the humour to begin with. bravo.

          • billy says:

            Nike Ajax

  9. todder says:

    Probably nice way to get into sportbike/naked/sporttouring segment. Not only do they get Brammo’s patents, I could see maybe developing an lightweight 500-800cc petro plattform that shoehorns into the existing chassis.

    Glad to see dollars from my 2012 Cross Country Tour have been invested wisely.

  10. Tom says:

    MD, you missed the best American motorcycle story today. Its this

    Not some electric bike buy out.

  11. George Krpan says:

    Cha ching, payday for Brammo. One thing that is surely missing from the marketplace is a really good electric bicycle, that does not use a hub motor.

  12. Alberta Bootlicker says:

    Not many electrics on the road. Obviously they are not buying the brand for unit sales or their big profits. Like Harley and their LiveWire it is a form of entertainment for potential customers. Lots of press, lots of brand exposure, but people will continue to put their money down on Dyna Glides and Softails.

    Remember the massive hype about the Chevy Volt. How many do you see on the road? GM lost their shirt on the volt in hard dollars, but the PR for the brand was immense.

    Don’t expect Polaris to venture big into EV’s any time soon.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “Remember the massive hype about the Chevy Volt. How many do you see on the road? GM lost their shirt on the volt in hard dollars, but the PR for the brand was immense.”

      behold, transmitting live from NAIS Detroit, the all new 2016 Chevy Volt…

      and who says OEM’s don’t listen to their customers…? ps, also check out the reborn NSX. Dearborn’s even weighed in with an unexpected La Ferrari, Porsche 918 rival sans the electrics.

      • Alberta Bootlicker says:

        I went to the Calgary motorcycle show last weekend, the first big show on the Canadian annual circuit. At one end of the floor there was a large crowd standing around what sounded like some sort of a jet engine under demonstration. When I fought my way to the front of the crowd they were looking at the Harley LiveWire. The jet like sound is apparently the sound of the transmission meshing.

        I doubt they will outsell Road Glides, but it certainly is getting Harley a lot of attention.

    • MGNorge says:

      The case for electric vehicles is a hard sell when fuel prices go down. When they go up people start looking to dump their SUV’s even though doing so probably costs must more than the extra cost of fuel keeping them. People are very reactive to fuel prices. I can see an electric bike being desirable in some cases but largely not.

      • Alberta Bootlicker says:

        True, however I do not believe that most people buy EV’s to save money on fuel. If they have enough money to buy one they are probably smart enough to know about cradle to grave cost and emissions, range issues etc., and are not too worried about the price of gas. They are buying them because they are making a personal statement.

        Manufacturers are jumping on the band wagon so as to appear socially/environmentally conscious and not risk alienating a huge percentage of their market who are sensitive to these issues, even if they have no intent to buy and EV. It is an essential marketing tool in today’s environment.

  13. John says:

    “Polaris then announced the discontinuation of the Empulse, saying that it was “scary fast” and stated that it will be replaced by the new Polaris NoPulse which refers not only to the lack of “potato-potato”, but also the fact that only nearly dead, old, white men will buy them”

  14. Joe says:

    I think Polaris has the capability to produce a top flight sportbike .
    I wish they would do it.
    They could do it without there being any kind of slight to a customer base and corporate image that lives and dies on a product line that is immovably rooted in a carefully cultivated 75 year old tradition like Harley.
    I think they’re missing an entire segment of the buying public who would love to see an American made superbike that is genuinely and directly competitive with foreign machines. No disrespect intended to EB.

  15. Kent says:

    I can see a few possibilities
    – electric quad
    – electric “city bike”

    Good for Polaris for having the vision to see past cruisers. I’d love to own an American made bike some day, and HD is obviously not doing anything different. (Yes, I realize they have an electric prototype, but by “different” I mean something other than a 600 pound cruiser).

    • Jason says:

      I’m sure we will see and electric quad. Polaris already makes an electric version of the Ranger utility vehicle using technology they acquired when they purchased GEM.

  16. Matt says:

    Great news!

    Electric has some great attributes that make it an excellent choice for motorcycles. However 2 big problems with electric as everyone knows is capacity and re-charge time.

    At CES a couple weeks ago a company showed the capability to charge your phone in 30 seconds. They were claiming the technology is scalable to vehicles. Hope so..

    I personally think some type of on-board charging system using a small, compact, free-piston type engine like the one Toyota showed might do the trick..

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      “They were claiming the technology is scalable to vehicles.”

      Maybe with a charging cable the diameter of a telephone pole.

      • Starmag says:

        Good one. Thanks for the laugh.

      • Matt says:

        Apparently it is a new type of battery technology. Always fun to see new stuff, no idea if they will succeed in commercialization..

        • Jeremy in TX says:

          Doesn’t really matter what kind of battery tech you have… You ultimately need to get a lot of energy into that battery very fast. Not such a big deal on a cell phone. A large battery to power a car or motorcycle is a different story. I wouldn’t try to charge one of those in five minutes or less without and arc suit and a good life insurance policy.

          • Norm G. says:

            re: “Doesn’t really matter what kind of battery tech you have…”

            …’cause at the end of the day it’s limits are ultimately dictated by electron chemistry.

          • Dave says:

            Re: “You ultimately need to get a lot of energy into that battery very fast”

            But you don’t unless you’re burning more than 2x charges in a day and most people don’t. People remember to charge their cel phones, they’ll remember to charge their car or bike too.

          • Jeremy in TX says:

            “People remember to charge their cel phones, they’ll remember to charge their car or bike too.”

            I forget to charge my cellphone all the time. But anyway, what is the point of something like a 5 minute charge unless we are talking about someone who needs more than 2x charges in a 24 hour period? We are talking about the dream of making electric bikes a feasible alternative for more than just inner city commuters, here.

    • MGNorge says:

      Trouble with all fast charging schemes is heat. Being in model RC craft I know that some of the best li-po batteries will allow charging @ maybe 5 times their capacity or 5C as it’s referred to. Some of the most expensive formulations may allow beyond that. What that means roughly is to charge a battery @ 1C will bring a depleted battery to full charge in about an hour. A 5C charge rate will be about 1/5th of an hour, or 12 minutes. Many lithium batteries can also be brought back up to 80% very quickly but the last 20% takes quite a bit of extra time to make sure all cells are balanced. I think we’re some time away from 30 sec. recharges.

      • Dave says:

        Batteries are charged/discharged much more conservatively in full scale vehicles. I doubt any of them are charging and discharging to 100% capacity to ensure longevity and stability of the battery.

        Remember, the Tesla battery is actually just 1000’s of 18650 cells (like in your laptop), not high-capacity LiPo soft-cells.

        • Bryan Whitton says:

          Actually the Tesla 85KwH battery has a little less than 7000 cells and while they are 18650 sized batteries they are not the cells that are in your laptop. They have a much greater capacity than your laptop cell.

          • MGNorge says:

            I more recently became aware of the 18650 cells. They are readily available from a number of sources (Chinese). They have the form of a AA battery but larger. The Chinese will label them any which way they want (got to love it!), usually stating a 3000mAh capacity but with an accompanying statement that they may not reach that. I bought a few samples from a Chinese source. Two lower cost 18650 batteries and two priced about twice of the first. The cheap ones tested out as having only a 400mAh capacity while the more expensive ones ran to about 2,600mAh. Quite a difference but neither could hit their 3000mAh stated capacity. However, I knew which ones I was going to use in a high powered LED flashlight. The 18650 batteries deliver a nominal 3.7 volts, with many having built-in charge and discharge circuitry. I was just reading recently where Tesla uses a purpose built cell which does have higher capacity than the norm.

          • Dave says:

            18650 is the form factor, I am aware that there is a great range of capacities and chemistries available within it. Doesn’t change the validity of my statement. They are still metal encased, cylindrical cells that cannot be made to the same energy densities that their flat, soft-sided counterparts can be.

        • MGNorge says:

          You are correct, when I say being fully charged that means to be about 80% – 90% of their max and fully discharged means no lower than about 30%. This holds in the hobby industry as well. Lithium batteries can be quite dangerous if not handled correctly or abused in the charging process. Specialty chargers are made just for them, many provided with temperature probes to monitor heat build up and stop the charge if things warm too much.

      • Norm G. says:

        re: “Trouble with all fast charging schemes is heat.”

        close, the trouble with fast charging schemes are the Laws of the Universe.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “Electric has some great attributes that make it an excellent choice for motorcycles.”

      sadly, none that a charter member from the “Brotherhood of ICE” would be interested in.

      re: “However 2 big problems with electric as everyone knows is capacity and re-charge time.”

      3 big problems. gas in Colorado Springs is a $1.73.

      • Tom K. says:

        Norm – are you in the Springs? If so, and you didn’t currently live there, would you consider it for a retirement locale? On paper, it looks to be a pretty desirable place, especially compared to Chitcowgo.

        • Norm G. says:

          re: “Norm – are you in the Springs?”

          sorry no, just a random locale the reports currently say has one of the lowest fuel prices in the nation. the kind of price one would think they’d never see again in their lifetime.

          re: “would you consider it for a retirement locale?”

          I might, do they historically have fuel prices this low…? 🙂

          • Tom K. says:

            I saw a buck-eighty-something advertised in southern Wisconsin yesterday – I spent my allowance at Culver’s instead, they make a mean root-beer float. I’ve got the search narrowed down to somewhere west of Nebraska, east of the Sierra Nevada’s, and south of Montana. Lots of folks rave about The Springs, I don’t remember ever having gone through there. Does it make any difference where you sit once you enter God’s Waiting Room?

          • Norm G. says:

            Q: Does it make any difference where you sit once you enter God’s Waiting Room?

            A: not so much.

        • LarryC says:

          Actually the last two times I’ve filled up in the Springs it’s been $1.64. That’s not a good enough reason to move here though. The government’s regressive and prone to small town political infighting. Very little money is spent on infrastructure and the roads are terrible. Congestion is at LA level, just not as spread out. Mobility planning is always something put off until next year, or the year after, or… The Springs has half a dozen military installations and the government continues to increase staffing contributing to congestion and infrastructure problems. Cost of living is high. Tolerance for alternative lifestyles is low. It may look good on paper, but…

          • Jeremy in TX says:

            You could have been describing any city in the US.

          • Tom K. says:

            I’d have to think long and hard to come up with a mid-size or larger city in the U.S. that is in better shape today than it was ten, or even twenty years ago, it seems like the U.S.of A. is on the downhill side of its peak, and the grade is looking more and more black diamond all the time. Everything is relative, however, and from a climate, scenery, cost of living, crime and congestion basis, believe me, C.S. is far ahead of Chicago. Compare real estate taxes – I pay %5200 a year on a home that was just re-appraised from $190K to $160K. That’s what, over 3%? According to Sperling, C.S. is at about 0.5%. Income taxes are comparable, but sales taxes in Northern Illinois are considerably higher. And, the entire state is wobbling like it took one on its chin from Tyson in his prime, all we have to look forward to here is paying a lot more for a lot less.
            But to stay on subject, the lack of interest by the Japanese in the electric motorcycle market tells you what you need to know, there’s not enough money in it. When there is, you’ll see them in the thick of it. I vote with the guy who is calling for a better electric bicycle, I think I remember M.D. reviewing one of the more advanced examples maybe two years ago?

  17. Louis says:

    So, Brammo motorcycles are no more but Brammo electric power-trains will continue, in cruisers built by Polaris?
    Can we have some clarification on this?

    • Chaz says:

      Brammo’s headquarters is in Talent, Oregon. It doesn’t show much sign of activity when I have driven by it recently. I question what the sales figures are currently. They deeply cut prices in 2014, and were talking about taking the company public. Altogether, they were short of money, and a buyout must have seemed the best way out.

      • Jason says:

        I live in Portland and the local radio station says that the factory in Oregon will shut down.

        • Norm G. says:

          right then, buy out the competition, give the owners the payday they were looking for the whole time, then promptly mothball them in advance of a release of a new line of offroad vehicles featuring polaris “quiet electric” technology.

          • Jason says:

            More like buy a company and integrate them into your existing manufacturing and engineering locations. Local news now saying that while the Oregon facility will close some portion of it will be moved to an existing Polaris facility in Iowa.

            To Polaris will get the technology and whatever manufacturing equipment they want. I doubt they will find too many Brammo employees willing to relocate to Iowa.

            This is good news for anyone interested in electric motorcycles. A company the size of Polaris can use their manufacturing expertise and huge supply change to bring down the cost of an electric motorcycle.

  18. Kosher Kracker says:

    You guys have to remember that Polaris already owns two electric vehicle makers, GEM and Goupil. Now that they have bought the technology and brought it in-house, the costs for GEM and Goupil vehicles should go down. But…Polaris just announced a new 600,000 square foot facility in Huntsville, AL. Hmm…that is a huge factory for offroad production. I surmise that in a few years, say, by the 2019 model year, Polaris will have a highway vehicle classified as an automobile, with a hybrid engine and great offroad capability. Maybe even with a diesel hybrid. I would buy one in a heart beat! They already own a small “quadricycle” company, Aixam-Mega.

  19. allworld says:

    Well I guess HD really got their (Polaris) attention with the Live Wire concept bike. I believe electric vehicles are currently better suited for urban use and Polaris should develop an electric scooter similar in design to Honda’s NM4.

    • KenHoward says:

      ‘Build a scooter similar to the LiveWire: YES! Something like the absolutely wretched NM4? You’ve GOT to be kidding! Besides its appearance and ergonomics, who would want something that ridiculously long for urban use?

      • allworld says:

        People who currently don’t ride. Electric bikes, scooters and design language, used for the NM4, is not really gear to the people who were born last century.
        That type of vehicle should be only one in an entire line-up, not the sole offering. So yes some like the Live Wire and some that will bring new riders to the sport.

  20. takehikes says:

    they won’t screw this up. They did exactly the right thing with Indian and I’m sure they will here. HD has got to be fit to be tied. They hung their whole company on the nostalgia and eventually when you tie your wagon to one horse it will tire out or die. Good move Polaris.

    • Blackcayman says:

      ding ding ding

    • stinkywheels says:

      I’ve got a lot of bikes plus a HD. Got to ride a friends Victory through the hills. Makes a HD feel like a John Deere. Bought the HD used from a friend, mostly for the dealerships on every corner. Victorys depreciate real fast for a good buy used, The Indians and now Brammo will help make them the contender chasing the ageing champ a reality.

  21. Jose Barreira says:

    I like it! Whatever it as to do with the electric gets my vote.
    Gongratulations Polaris for your vision.

  22. ABQ says:

    I admire Polaris for pressing the envelope. I wonder what next.
    ( I wish that they would make those 4 wheelers for the street. They would sell.)

  23. Gary says:

    Auphliam, I’ll agree with you! Some laughed when Polaris bought Indian, and wondered why in the world they would do that, Indian would never be anything. Well, we found out. And as far as the comment that nobody wants the Indians or Victories, I’m seeing more and more of both of those in my area, and there are not many if any dealers close. And for the guy that would love to see an electric dirt bike, Zero makes the FX which is an on/off road bike, and there are a couple of manufactures (Sherco, Gas Gas, and a few others) that make electric trials bikes with more coming on line soon. I think this will be a good deal for getting Brammo designed bikes more available, and moved further along the development line. Polaris is obviously thinking way past V-twin crusiers for everything. The electric movement is just a short time until it busts out and becomes more affordable and mainstream.

  24. Auphliam says:

    Some of you need to use your brains for more than just skull stuffing.

    “Polaris is a recognized leader in the powersports industry with annual 2013 sales of $3.8 billion.”

    Yeah, they have no idea what they’re doing. Thank god they’ve got your comments to show them the way.

    • mickey says:

      first day on the internet?

    • stinkywheels says:

      They’ve got $3.8 billion in snowmobiles, quads and side by sides,spyders, and cruisers. I wasn’t aware of their expertise in electrics. Their cruisers were a hard sell but are picking up, I hope it works on their electrics. Better stop, my stuffed skull is hurting.

  25. GKS says:

    I, for one, hope that Polaris will continue to develop and produce the sporty Empulse naked bike and not just offer up an electric drivetrain cruiser.

  26. Still want an 800, 2-stroke, direct injected, twin street bike.

  27. Congrats to Brammo! Pave the way!

  28. Michael H says:

    Hand it to Polaris, when they decided to compete with the Big Gorilla form Milwaukee, they went all-in. Two motorcycle lines, and now an electric bike to ramp into competition with HD’s electric bike.

    Whether or not you like what Polaris manufactures, you’ve got to admire Scott Wine’s balls for doing it.

  29. Madman says:

    Polaris once again chasing after Harley. Good luck with electric! I’ll stick with my fossil fuel burning pavement ripping dirt destroying two wheeler….

    • Dave says:

      Re: “Polaris once again chasing after Harley.”

      You have that backwards. Polaris has been investing in Brammo, who has been selling the best electric motorcycles into the market for several years now. HD has marketed a concept bike that is nowhere near production ready. HD is *years* behind Polaris in this segment.

    • Mike says:


      Stock Victory Vision vs any stock Harley tour bike … chasing at all, Harleys end up being so far behind I could not see them!

      You stated “pavement ripping dirt destroying two wheeler”………dream on …….this is no stock Harley tour bike what you stated describles unless it high sided at redline going 58mph and plowed though a corn field!

      For those that have to have a vintage looking tour bike…… consider a new Polaris Indian or even a restored 1940s Indian vs a new Harley!!!

  30. chasejj says:

    Polaris-Good luck.Lets see.
    They barely make any motorcycles that burn petrol that anyone wants and now they will be heavily investing in ebikes the market has determined nobody wants.

    KTM is the model of success. Polaris….not so much.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      I think Polaris’s quarterly sales are greater than KTM’s annual sales, and Polaris is growing at a fast clip. They are quite the model of success.

      Like Mickey mentioned earlier, I suspect they want an electric cruiser. Fast.

    • Mike says:

      Chasejj: Fact Check………provide a supporting link!

  31. paulysr says:

    Maybe an electric woods/trail bike please? It doesn’t need to be “ready to race” just less expensive, durable, and fun!

    • William says:

      I second this motion. Well said. A nice handling quiet electric dirt bike would be so awesome. I am not going to race, so the “ready to race” is of no concern to me. Dirt riding has the largest problem with too much noise because riding areas get closed down. Loud gas bikes on the street don’t get the roads closed down. I think electric has big potential for offroad as compared to street.

  32. DaveA says:

    I don’t know if this is a direction Polaris/Brammo would go, but I’m excited for an electric dirt bike with an easily swappable battery pack. I don’t understand why this hasn’t already come to pass…off road riding seems like the best fit for the current state of the technology.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      I completely agree. The batteries will run a long time in an enduro / trail environment. Probably even do well on an MX track, too. Best of all, it remedies the main complaint that gets dirt bikes banned in a lot of places: noise.

      Zero has such a bike, as does Alta and KTM (if its a purer dirt bike you are after). I came close to buying a Zero last year, but the dealer and I couldn’t agree on the price.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “off road riding seems like the best fit for the current state of the technology.”

      sayeth the military and the “gub’ment”. dateline Washington, 6 January 2015…

  33. Yoyodyne says:

    This is very good news, now there will be sufficient capital to further develop the Brammo models.

    • Jason says:

      Read the article more closely:

      “Going forward, the two companies will leverage Polaris’ leading position in the global powersports industry to market a variety of electric vehicles utilizing Brammo’s award winning lithium-ion electric drivetrain technology, while freeing Brammo to continue developing its innovative electric vehicle powertrains.”

      The Brammo motorcycles brand is dead. Polaris bought the company for their EV technology, not to continue making Brammo motorcycles.

  34. azi says:

    Interesting times indeed when the manufacturers of some of the most anachronistic motorcycle designs (HD, Indian, Victory) are also investing in electric technology with production potential.

  35. mickey says:

    Get ready for the electric chopper

  36. Gronde says:

    Brammo needed more money to further develop these machines to their full potential. Maybe Polaris can bring them to market with more range and much more affordable prices.

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