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Team Hero EBR Delighted With Their Progress

team hero ebr WSB testing

Team Hero EBR

Winter tests – Jerez, Spain 26-27 January 2015-01-27

Conditions: Dry, sunny

Team Hero EBR riders Larry Pegram and Niccolo Canepa completed two days of testing at Jerez, delighted with the progress made and are now looking forward to the next tests in Phillip Island on 16-17th February. The weather conditions were ideal and the team were able to put in over 200 laps and try many different ideas throughout the two days.

Niccolo went almost a second faster than he did in last year’s race in Jerez and his best lap was also three seconds quicker than the Hero EBR at the Spanish circuit. It was team manager Larry Pegram’s first visit to Jerez and so he had to spend some time learning the 4.423 kilometre circuit and made good progress until some technical issues prevented him from putting in many laps on the second day.

Larry Pegram

“After Portimao, it was good to have some decent weather and for us to be able to put in the laps. I am happy because I feel that we have made significant progress over these two days and I think we are way ahead of where we were at the same stage last year. I have really enjoyed Jerez. It’s very different to Portimao and easier to learn for sure. One thing I have to get used to in Europe is to use the kerbs. In USA, you cannot use the kerbs because they are painted in some kind of paint that is very slippery. Here I followed some other riders and saw that they were using every inch (and more!) of the track – and that’s what I’m going to have to do if I want to improve my lap times.

I noticed that all the regular riders got up to pace pretty quickly and that’s because they have been here many times before. It’s a disadvantage I am going to have to get used to, but Niccolo doesn’t have that problem. I am very happy with the way he has performed. He went three seconds faster than the Hero EBR went last year and was also a second quicker than his best lap last year.

At the moment we are evaluating both the single disc and dual brake system. I feel that some tracks will suit the single disc and some tracks will suit the dual. What is so interesting is that the dual system is the absolute top of the line 10,000 Euro WSBK system, while the EBR single disc and caliper we use is basically stock. Both Nick and I are really impressed at how good the single ISO system is for a stock brake and also are really intrigued by the advantages it has in deep trail braking. I’m sure we can improve them a lot with more development, so we shall see what happens as the season pans out.

I delighted with how the team has gelled so soon. We are all getting along together great and the team spirit is excellent already. All in all, I’m loving this WSBK adventure and I am happy that we are making considerable progress every time we go out.”

Niccolo Canepa

“I am very happy with these two days because the weather has been great and we have been able to do a lot of good work. I am pleasantly surprised because since the other teams had already tested in Jerez and we are still learning the EBR, I expected the gap between me and the other riders to be bigger and it has not been so. The Hero EBR electronics are very good – better than my bike last year – and the traction and wheelie control work really well. Although I rode a twin last year, the characteristics of the Hero EBR are very different, so I have to adjust my style. And I really like what the EBR can do as I learn it. At the moment, I am confident that I will be faster than I was last year. Portimao and Jerez are two very different tracks, but between them we have learnt a lot, so I think the combination on these two circuits has been very good in helping us develop the bike. It was good to put in about 100 laps here and I and the rest of the team cannot wait for our next test.”

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