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Kawasaki Ninja H2™ Deliveries to Begin This Week

Ninja H2

The highly anticipated supercharged production sportbike will arrive in dealerships for collection by excited customers.

It’s been one of the most talked about bikes in decades, and the 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2™ motorcycles will be in the hands of eager customers at last. As a result, enthusiasts can soon expect to see owners making their first excursions on public roads, allowing these astonishing motorcycles to be seen in action.

Unveiled in Europe last fall, orders for the Ninja H2, and its track-only counterpart Ninja H2™R, were taken in December 2014. The bikes are built to order in a special facility at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd in Japan. With the first production run completed, the bikes have been shipped to the network of nearly 1000 Kawasaki Motor Corp., U.S.A. dealers across the country to be collected by very fortunate customers.

Deliveries of the Ninja H2R motorcycles will begin in April 2015 as scheduled, giving dealers time to collect additional parts such as the paddock stands to be supplied with the slick-shod Ninja H2R track bike.

The Ninja H2 and Ninja H2R share the same 998cc inline four-cylinder engine and proprietary Kawasaki supercharger, built specifically for this application. The bikes also feature a trellis frame for the first time on a production Kawasaki motorcycle, as well as premium Brembo® brakes, KYB® Separate Function suspension and custom Kawasaki wheels mounted to a single-sided swingarm.

The Ninja H2R wears carbon fiber bodywork that includes aerodynamic winglets to enhance its high-speed performance. The Ninja H2 uses special mirror-like black paint on its wind tunnel sculpted bodywork.

Devised, developed and built in-house by Kawasaki, the Ninja H2 sportbike and Ninja H2R hyperbike are redefining the standards in motorcycle performance.

As a result, both the Ninja H2 and Ninja H2R have become Internet sensations, with online stories and videos being enjoyed by huge audiences. A video taken at the motorcycle’s US launch at AIMExpo™, for example, has been seen by more than ten million people, illustrating the anticipation surrounding the supercharged Kawasaki sportbikes.

Motorcycle gatherings around the country will soon witness the arrival of a new hometown hero, when the first owners arrive on their Ninja H2 motorcycles.


  1. Norm G. says:

    re: “It is a pointless poser bike that will never be utilized to it’s potential.”

    God bless the Japanese… one and all. (Tiny Tim voice)

    • carl says:

      Agreed I can think of countless million dollar cars, boats, gadgets etc that will never be used to there full potential but sure would be nice to drive and own. Technology keeps moving forward so its either innovate or die.

  2. skybullet says:

    Kawasaki should have a special award for anyone who can ride this thing wide open from a standing start for more than 30 seconds. Over 90% of the buyers would never qualify or die trying. It is a pointless poser bike that will never be utilized to it’s potential.