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Lindemann Engineering Private Track Day/School


Sorbo got an early start riding all types of motorcycles, and he’s not afraid to wear shades that match his Mom.


  • Limited to 28 clients.
  • Coaching and bike set up included.

I owned the race org and track day org at Hawaii Raceway Park. We hadvery few problems in large part because they were so few of us. It’s hard to be a jerk on track or in the pits when you know everyone there.

I want that kind of experience again.

If there are 28 people who like this idea we can give it a go.

The first event for mature riders of any age and skill level, and machines of any type, from MotoGP machines to Ninja 250s to vintage racers will be at Streets of Willow on Friday, June 12th.

These track days will be for riders who want an organized event that runs on time, riders who can pass nicely, riders who don’t need to prove anything, riders who don’t want to be put at risk by anyone who can’t wait a few turns to make a clean pass.

If you speed in the pits, you are not invited. If you can’t keep a dog on a leash in the pits, you’re not invited. If you’re coming out to “win” a track day, you are not the target audience.

I want riders who want intensive, personal coaching and assistance for their riding and setup on their machines, or riders with unusual, vintage or valuable machines who don’t want to risk them in the zoo of a regular track day, or riders who just want a more organized, less chaotic track experience.

No groups. Max of 20 bikes on track at a time or some format that makes sense based on who is riding that day. For example, if we have 14 small bikes and 14 big bikes we may run the small bikes for 30 minutes followed by the big bikes for 30 minutes.

ALS ambulance on site.

Riders meeting details will be covered by email before the event. At the track you will need to sign a waver. Tech will come to your pit. The rider meeting will be brief. If you choose to arrive after the meeting a staff member will cover the rider meeting points when you sign the waver.

We will take a one hour lunch break.

Scheduled coaching will start with a corner walk before bikes go on track. During the lunch break, optional classroom sessions will be held covering:

  • How to self-debrief and take notes.
  • How your suspension & chassis work.
  • Riding skill sets.
  • Lines.
  • Making and sticking to a riding plan.
  • And more.

Bring a note book and your lunch.

In the morning Ed will be available to adjust your suspension at your pit.

Multiple courses. At Streets of Willow we will run four different courses each day – short forward and backwards and long forwards and backwards.

We will have smart, experienced corner workers. They will not need permission to wave the red flag. If they see a problem they will flag first and report second.

When you arrive, you will find the track was cleaned and set up the night before. Cones will already be set up. Braking markers, turn in markers, apex markers, exit markers, pit in & out.

The rules will be enforced. No refunds. Endanger anyone on track or in the pits, or mess with the vibe of the event, and you just go home.

Bring as many bikes as you like, you may even switch bikes with your friends.

The pit speed limit is 5 mph, not because we have a radar gun to bust you if you go 6 mph. It’s a test. It’s how we show each other that we understand the risks in what we do. It’s how we demonstrate to each other that we know what to do when you crash right in from of us. That we know what a red and a checkered flag mean. That we know how to signal to get off the track and all the other things that make me feel OK about being on the track with you.

If this all sounds good to you, join us.  You must sign up and pay by  May 8th.   Contact me at or 909.838.4587  More  info on the Calendar page of my web site:


  1. Jud Yamane says:

    just left a message at your shop. is this class full yet? what’s the price? let me know.

    hey, btw, you taught me at the the MSF course in HI @ Sand Island many years ago. i’ve been here in LA for ’bout 20 yrs now. let me know.


    • Ed Sorbo says:

      Hi Jud,
      “The more you know, the better it gets.” There is still room. $400 each. I got your message and left one for you. Phone tag, you’er it.

  2. Ed's Mom says:

    The photo was taken when Ed was about 3 on the North Shore of Oahu, Three Tables to be exact. His Dad, the third in the line counting Ed as #1, was a first year teacher. The other guy riding tandem with his wife is Ed’s Uncle Alden. I was pregnant with his little brother at the time of the photo.
    I was about 21 and my husband, not the same guy in photo, says I still have good legs at age 71.
    Ed rode that little motorcycle from when he could barely walk. While living in Bellingham Washington in a mobile home he drove it down the hallway and out the back door, one of his many visits to the emergency room.

  3. Ed Sorbo says:

    Mom use to ride me to school on that C-70 Passport. Being a boy I made her drop me off a block away so no one would see me. I had no idea how cool we were.

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