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Team Hero EBR U-turn: Discontinuing WSB Effort


The following press release was received from Pegram Racing (Manager of the Team Hero EBR WSB effort) this morning. Despite an assurance to the media and fans just a couple of weeks ago that Team Hero EBR would continue to compete through the remainder of the 2015 WSB championship series despite the bankruptcy of Erik Buell Racing, Pegram announced today that the team has discontinued its efforts … for now.

Here is the press release from Pegram Racing:

Team Hero EBR will be forced to withdrawal from the World Superbike Championship for the immediate future. With the recent bankruptcy of EBR and the reprioritizing of efforts by title sponsor Hero, Pegram Racing is unable to continue its Team Hero EBR program at this time. Pegram Racing is dedicated to returning to racing very quickly and will announce our future plans very soon.

“This is a really hard pill for us all at Pegram Racing to swallow, as we always live by the philosophy of Never Give Up” said team owner Larry Pegram. “The whole team did a amazing job of improving results from last year and giving some pride back to EBR and Hero.  Niccolo Canepa was riding like the Champion he is, he was literally making peoples jaw drop at what he was doing with our motorcycle. I am so proud of the job he did. One thing for sure Pegram Racing will be back and it will be sooner than you think.”

In making the withdrawal announcement, Pegram Racing would also like to recognize the dedicated employees of EBR, who lost their employment with the bankruptcy.. “We have worked closely with them and not only appreciate how amazing it was to have a true American Superbike to ride, but how intensely hard that small group of employees at EBR worked to build the EBR bikes, and also support our racing program and other racers.” said Larry, “We are hoping they too will return soon. They deserve to continue.” 


  1. TooGood619 says:

    I get the whole American made bike thing, but Buell bikes sucked when the business was up and running as well as the EBR race bikes. And even when DMG took over AMA road racing and let a 1200cc twin race with inline 600’s they still barely won a title in American road racing, one I feel was completely unfair and maybe just done to get “American made” back at the top. Erick Buell reminds me of a punch drunk boxer that doesn’t know that his skills have diminished and it was time to give up after the last title was won…Roy Jones Jr. syndrome!

  2. jon says:

    So why was my comment deleted???

  3. chris says:

    It does matter to some of us here and it should after all this is the U.S.A. right! and all the nay sayer’s haven’t got a clue , What E.B.R. accomplished in such a short time on limited funding is absolutely amazing if you have not rode one of there bike’s YOU have no clue what you are talking about.

  4. Provologna says:

    Yawn…And this actually matters to anyone here exactly how? Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing (apology to William).

  5. Gordon Haight says:

    NOBODY believed that they would continue racing just for the fun of it. Racing = Big Bucks and in this cars there is no ROI.

  6. Craig says:

    It’s sad… I mean, the bikes finally look good and the product a real choice for those looking at other bikes without excuse and now this.

    Of course, why race without a business, but I was hoping they might come to Moto American and at least use them here with some support… Wishes / Dreams and just too bad. Don’t think they were going to get competitive with those 4 cylinders… but in MotoAmerica, they could have.

    Well-noted… Great minds don’t always mean good business, but good business may have never went racing and then we would have a good discussion.

  7. Vrooom says:

    Not surprising, it hasn’t been a successful year for them. The bottom 5 is where they’ve been every race, and sponsors aren’t going to want to spoon out money for that, especially with the manufacturer out of business.

  8. Craigj474 says:

    There’s the worlds biggest surprise. If you are consistently a back marker, and the manufacturer just went t*ts up, why would you keep racing (as a business, I know why you’d want to keep racing in general)? Erik deserved better. Twice.

  9. Norm G. says:

    so this makes 3 teams who’ve cancelled WSBK Christmas…

    #1 Bimota, called that.
    #2 JR Racing BMW, called that too.
    #3 Hero/EBR, not even Erik seen this one coming.

  10. PatrickD says:

    Good number of racists here on MD.

    Where are the yank backers, then? H-D?

  11. Krisd says:

    That’s a bit harsh- they set pole once didn’t they?

    • Krisd says:

      Hey Dirck- did you delete the derogatory comment? Can you delete my comment back at him too then? Cheers

    • Vrooom says:

      I just checked and don’t even see that they made Superpole 2 even once. They sit in last and 3rd to last in the standings.

  12. David van doren says:

    Like Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison –

  13. Mike Simmons says:

    Imagine that!!?? Hero is acting like a bunch of Indian businessmen! Buell’s biggest mistake was trusting ’em!

  14. Tom R says:

    “Hero is re-directing it investment strategy, to include more 7-11 stores and roadside motels”.

    -Press release not quite yet released.

    • bikerrandy says:

      Now THAT’s FUNNY !…………but also relavent. 8^ )

      • Austin ZZR1200 says:

        racist but funny

        • bikerrandy says:

          What make’s it racist to you? If you like me have been across country you can see for yourself how many 7-Elevens and independent motels have east Indians running them. It’s just a coincidence. Nothing more. Unless you’re a race baiter.

  15. al says:

    I got it. Eric designs and builds incredible bikes but is not a business man..

  16. Tom R says:

    Hero back out, eh? So, they turned out to be Indian givers. Get it?

    • Austin ZZR1200 says:

      racist and not so clever. The funny thing here, from the comments, EB is totally blameless. Could it not have to do with some of the choices he has made? Goes back to brilliance does not always equal good business sense. When it does (see Elon Musk) it masks the fact that smart people fail at business all the time…

      • Mike Simmons says:

        Methinks Elon Musk would be considerably less brilliant if there were no government subsidies. Anybody can be brilliant with other peoples money.

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