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The Kurt Caselli Foundation Launches Concussion Management Program For Youth Motorcycle Racing

The Kurt Caselli Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of The KCF Concussion Management Program, the first of its kind for youth motorcycle racing.  In cooperation with the AMA Youth Hare & Hound Series, The KCF will begin collecting concussion baselines from all youth series competitors using the King-Devick Concussion Test.

In recent years, nearly every form of youth sports in the country has implemented some type of concussion management protocol. The Kurt Caselli Foundation recognized a void in youth motorcycle racing and began to take action.  Starting with the Youth Hare & Hound Series, The KCF hopes to bring awareness to the issue of mild traumatic brain injury, educate parents, and youth racers about the risks of repetitive concussions.

“The dangers of concussion induced traumatic brain injuries in sports have come into focus in recent years.  There can be long lasting brain function deficits and even death with multiple concussive episodes, particularly when concussion occurs prior to complete brain healing from a previous injury.  These problems are magnified in youth as the speed and extent of recovery are adversely affected in this group. Therefore, it is exceedingly important to implement concussion management programs in youth sports and all sports,” said Chris Alexander, MD, and The KCF Medical Advisor.

The Kurt Caselli Foundation will begin to administer the King-Devick Concussion Test at Round 4 of the AMA National Hare & Hound Series on April 24th in Lucerne Valley, CA.  All testing will be done free of charge for youth racers. For more information or to donate go to

About the King-Devick Test

King-Devick Test is an easy-to-administer test which is given on the sidelines of sporting events to aid in the detection of concussions in athletes.  King-Devick Test (K-D Test) can help to objectively determine whether players should be removed from games.  As a result, King-Devick Test can help prevent the serious consequences of repetitive concussions resulting from an athlete returning to play after a head injury.