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American Motorcyclist Association salutes motorcycling moms on Mother’s Day

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — The American Motorcyclist Association salutes all motorcycling moms on Mothers’ Day, May 10.

More than 7 million of the nation’s 27 million motorcycle riders are women, according to industry estimates. And Mother’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to express your love, support and appreciation for the mom’s in your family and circle of friends.

“The AMA recognizes and greatly appreciates the contributions of women to the motorcycling community,” said Rob Dingman, AMA president and CEO. “From the earliest days of motorcycling, women have played key roles in fighting for the right to ride and acting as ambassadors to the non-riding public.”

The stories of AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame members, such as Mona Ehnes, Hazel Kolb, Dot Robinson, Cristine Sommer-Simmons, Bessie Stringfield, Adeline and Augusta VanBuren and Margaret Wilson, provide ample evidence of the vital role of women in the motorcycling world.

The AMA meets the needs and interests of women riders, fighting for their rights as motorcyclists, providing seminars and workshops at AMA events and offering an optional Woman Rider affinity card with membership.

On May 9, the AMA is hosting Ladies’ Day at its Pickerington, Ohio, campus to encourage more women to consider motorcycling as a pastime, a sport and as daily transportation.

AMA Chair Maggie McNally-Bradshaw is scheduled to attend the event, which features information on choosing the right type of bike, finding the right gear and learning to be safe on the road.

“Motorcycling welcomes more women participants,” Dingman said. “The AMA encourages women to become AMA members, adding their voices to our mission of protecting and promoting motorcycling and the motorcycle lifestyle. Numbers mean power, especially when dealing with elected officials and government agencies.”

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