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The Power of a Paint Job


Pictured is the 2016 Yamaha “speedblock” R1 unveiled at the Paul Ricard circuit in France earlier today. Many of us like to think that motorcycles appeal to us simply due to their function, but the power of aesthetic appeal as a factor for most consumers can’t be denied.

For us here at MD, there is just something special about the yellow/black Yamaha colors revived by the company in celebration of its 60th anniversary. We don’t know if this particular model will be available in the U.S. market at this point. In addition to the graphics, it features an Akrapovic slip-on. Here is what Yamaha has to say about this model, which will definitely be available in Europe in December of this year:

To celebrate 60 years of motorcycle design and manufacturing, the company will be producing a limited edition YZF-R1 60th Anniversary model for 2016 that perfectly captures the spirit of Yamaha. Featuring Yamaha’s iconic Yellow/Black bodywork colours with the famous speedblock design and equipped with an Akrapovic slip-on muffler, the YZF-R1 60th Anniversary model pays tribute to the legendary riders and the winning Yamaha Racing bikes from our past.



  1. mickey says:

    according to Yamaha will be running these colors at the Japanese Moto GP. How cool to see Lorenzo and Rossi decked out retro!

  2. Pigiron says:

    If I take off my glasses and squint at the yellow paint that exhaust pipe looks just a little bit like an expansion chamber. 😉

  3. takehikes says:

    Thank Rollin “Molly” Sanders of Paint by Molly fame for the paint scheme…..he also is responsible for Kawasaki Green and a whole lot more…..he was the man when it came to paint and design.

  4. GP says:

    When I was younger, Yamaha’s competition bikes were yellow/black/white (their Enduro bikes were pale blue, which I miss as well), Suzuki’s were yellow, Honda’s were red, Kawasaki’s were green, and KTM’s were white. Now, any brand can be any color off of the showroom floor. I do wish that Yamaha would go back to their racing colors of the ’70’s.

  5. Jeremy in TX says:

    I guess I’m not quite old enough. I like my Yamahas in blue.

  6. Hot Dog says:

    It’s the classic Bumble Bee paint job we all grew up with. I’m trying to not make eye contact with her.

    • TimC says:

      Dude, it’s ridiculous. I love how a couple haters have jumped on here to call us paint droolers idiots, but this is awesome.

      • Hot Dog says:

        TimC, this is a fantastic paint job! I love the Super 10 in this paint cover. I want more! My 09′ TMAX is a Bumble Bee!

  7. Gutterslob says:

    If you ask me, they needed to make the radiator grilling yellow as well.

  8. Frank says:

    I really like these colors, and this bike looks good wearing them. But I have to say, I think that the original bike that wore them look even better.

  9. FNFAL says:

    Looks like the 1980 YZ80 color scheme my friend and I used to race. Being 14 on that thing made you invincible. Back then that power-band hit at the upper revs was something desired…and not to be smoothed out. What a beast!

  10. todd says:

    I didn’t want an R1 until now. Too bad the FZ07 doesn’t look like this bike.

  11. KenHoward says:

    Yellow/black/yellow, minus the white.

  12. Spike5519 says:

    Yes, but would you all buy one or just go to a dealership and drool?

    • mickey says:

      Im way too old to fold myself up on one of these and couldnt handle the power anyway, so it’s drool material for me, but this paint job on an FJ -09 might get me to open my wallet. That I can still ride and handle.

      • MGNorge says:

        Same for me. I like looking and reading about all motorcycles but anything of this sort is out of the cards. Reminds me of my brother who owns an MV Agusta F4 but hardly rides it anymore because of the very tight ergos. It’s become mostly garage candy.

    • Jason says:

      There is no chance of me buying a sportbike regardless of the color.

  13. JimS says:

    I too wish Yamaha would go back to these colors for their racing bikes. That blue just leaves me lifeless.

  14. Norm G. says:

    the Yam boys ran this on their race bikes at the Moto-America finale.

    • Norm G. says:

      disclaimer: unfortunately, the limited surface area on this new design makes it on application not quite as good as the original LE (that one’s in a league of it’s own) or even the more recent limited edition Crossplane in World Colours (R/W/B). that was what a 2012…?

    • Scott says:

      Similar, but different.

      I like this production scheme better than the Graves version. Classic.

  15. Bill C says:

    Back in the 70’s, I wanted my YZ’s in red white and black like the Euro’s had.

    Now in 2015, I really love the yellow and black!

  16. RAD says:

    That color brings back so many memories.
    It’s just special .

  17. Ken says:

    They should offer this paint job on all of thief bikes, really brings back my 1971 Mimi endruo!

  18. Pete says:

    Funny! You really buy bikes for the paint job! Sorry, I forget. You live in the homeland of Harleys….

    • Brian says:

      Wow. That’s right up there with the most ridiculous comments I’ve read on this site. That’s like a YouTube or Yahoo News quality comment…

    • nickst4 says:

      Amazing how people get so worked-up by paintjobs! After decades of jap sportsbikes looking like a dog’s dinner, they go all gooey over a few black blocks. Time to go back to single colours so we can see if the designers had any sense of style at all. At least most Italian bikes have paintjobs that reveal the bike underneath…

    • VForce says:

      Yes we live in the Homeland of Harleys and appreciate gorgeous Yamaha paint jobs. And your point is????

      You and rationality are clearly not the best of friends.

  19. Dave says:

    Why won’t they just drop the blue and return to this?

  20. Tommy D says:

    Thank you Yamaha for not coming out with this color and making me 16K lighter in the wallet. I own a 2006 Yamaha R6 in this style/color. The color was the 50th Anniversary special and I love it. (Google images for 2006 yamaha yzf-r6 50th anniversary)

    • Tommy D says:

      My 50th R6 was just totaled yesterday at a track-day with my friend taking her for a session. Time for Yamaha to bring this to the USA and make me 16K lighter in the wallet.

  21. This paint job should be available most of the time on most of there bikes, like kawasaki’s green. Or a Honda painted red or a blue and white Suzuki.

  22. TimC says:

    If they make this an option on the R3, I’m getting one on general principle.

  23. Marc says:

    A Yamaha with a proper paint job.

  24. mickey says:

    Yamaha would be nuts not to offer at least a limited run of this paint job in the US

  25. VForce says:

    Gorgeous paint job. Well done Yamaha. They would be crazy not to offer this paint in the US. Even if it were $1000 more I think customers would pay it, just as they did with the 2006 LE R1 for Yamaha’s 50th.

    Unfortunately, I have never seen an Akro pipe look so awful.

  26. Bart says:

    Great looking paint job on an awesome performing bike!

  27. Gham says:

    Fantastic paint! Which begs the question….whats with all the matte black,grey and white?

  28. Curly says:

    It’s beautiful! Makes that bodywork—-work.

  29. Chip Harding says:

    Those new graphics are pretty bold!

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