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Honda Unveils Redesigned 2016 CBR500R


Earlier today, Honda took the wraps off the 2016 CBR500R, which receives several styling and chassis updates outlined in the following press release. This 2016 model will be available early next year in the two color schemes shown.  Here is the press release:

With all-new styling that offers a sharper, more aggressive look and improved airflow for increased rider comfort and better handling, plus refinements like LED headlights and taillights, the new CBR500R adds great curb appeal to legendary performance and reliability. Other updates include a new muffler design for improved mass centralization, lighter weight and an improved exhaust note, plus an adjustable front brake lever, smoother gear-change feel, a larger fuel tank with a hinged fuel cap and front suspension with adjustable preload. The CBR500R also now uses a wave ignition key for smoother function. The inline-twin 471cc engine offers accessible power output that smoothly revs up to redline, while emphasizing low- to midrange torque for real-world usability. Honda Genuine Accessories are also available for the new CBR500R, including a high windscreen, seat cowl, tank pad, 12v accessory socket and seat bag.

  • Colors: Red, Matte Black Metallic, Pearl White
  • Availability: Early 2016





  1. John says:

    I would be more prone to buying this or the 650 if they were more sport touring oriented and tried less hard to be flashy. Comfy bench seat, upright bars and optional luggage. CB500X, I suppose. But I hate fake ADV bikes.

  2. Joe says:

    I actually like this bike a lot. I like the idea that it’s on the market even more. What I don’t like is that in the real world I can get a 90’s ‘any sportbike’ 600 for less than half the cost and its bigger (6 feet tall, well over 200 lbs) and just as agile. The money saved coould go a long way towards customization and refurbishing…

  3. azi says:

    Any news on whether this update still requires a valve clearance adjustment by the time you reach the first set of traffic lights after picking it up from the dealer?

    (I’ll be flipping tables if Dirck posts a Hyosung review on his next slow news week)

    • McRider says:

      The 2013 model called for a valve check at 600 miles, but my 2014 (and I presume the 2015) changed that to 16,000. I doubt the engine was changed, and the real reason was Honda gained more experience with the engine and the irate customers and decided the longer interval was OK.

  4. Kevin C. says:

    This is a nice bike. I think the upcoming KTM 500 will put 55 – 60 HP to the wheel. Since its being built in there new modern plant in India, I assume it will be price competitive.
    I just don’t see the point of having 2 A2 compliant bikes. The Euro Jr cup version of the CBR500 puts 54 at the wheel, and while that version is too loud for the street, it shows what this engine is capable of. When the KTM’s are revealed next month I think for the Cheap/grown-up/sporty rider the KTM would be the one to go for, assuming you have a dealer near by.

    Keep it light enough and the KTM 500 could make it difficult for most of the current batch of 650 twins too.

    • Mike says:

      Kevin C. says:
      October 16, 2015 at 12:30 pm

      “The Euro Jr cup version of the CBR500 puts 54 at the wheel, and while that version is too loud for the street, it shows what this engine is capable of.”



      The EJC version of the Honda CBR500 was slower than the KTM 690 Duke R EJC 690 single that ran the same series/tracks the year before!!!

      The KTM 690 Duke R EJC 690 single had 78hp so I am not so sure that a 54hp at the wheel CBR500 is showing that much capability?

      My 1956 BSA Goldstar RR(Real Roadracer) put out 44hp at the real wheel over half century ago vs 54 for the Honda CBX500……am I missing something here?


      • Kevin C. says:

        Good points! Esp the Goldstar. But the 6890 is WAY more expensive than the CBR and bigger ( are they finally. actually 690cc now?) I think the cbr should be able to produce 54 hp at the wheel in street configuration, Hell the old EX500 put out 50 hp 30years ago!

        • Dave says:

          There’s no reason to believe that 54hpis “all” the engine is capable of, but aspiring to the max hp/liter figure is missing the point of an engine like this, or the NC700. These are meant to be easy to ride and efficient bikes. Max hp isn’t very high on the list for this bike’s customers.

          • MGNorge says:

            I agree. Making comparisons on two or more motorcycles solely on peak hp numbers is missing the point. I guess people need something to discuss?

        • Mike says:

          Kevin: Related to cost I always looked at the difference between what I wanted and what was cheaper and divided the difference by the number of years I kept my bikes….which for me was 10 or more years.

          If the bike you reallllly want costs say $2500 more than your second choice bike new …that is only $250/year over 10 years…..with $250/year more being my limit.

          1980 CBX over 30 years = $15/year more than my second place bike purchase option, 1989 Yamaha FZR 1000 = $100/year more over 10 years.


          Dave: Come on now…Honda CBR 500R….how many “Rs” do you need to understand what Honda feels the market and buyer is for this bike? How many buyers would be thinking “WOW…the CBR 500R has the same engine design features and philosophy as the NC700, count me in big time because of just this!!!” My guess is 5 worldwide?

          Rumor has it that Honda will be offering competition for the CBR 500R though….an all new DN-01RR….625lb and 54hp with NC700 motor features?


          Thx everyone for your comments.

          • Dave says:

            Re: “how many “Rs” do you need to understand what Honda feels the market and buyer is for this bike?”

            That’s not how marketing works. They use the “R” and a low retail price to target their intended customer. Kawasaki has had tremendous by badging a 250 with the name “Ninja” for the same reason.

            It’s up to the customer to understand what they’re buying.

          • Mike says:

            Dave says:

            That’s not how marketing works. They/Honda use the “R” and a low retail price to target their intended customer.


            My Reply: Honda had many of us fooled all these decades with the true meaning of an “R” in the model name which realllly means a low “R”etail pricing marketing model

            I should have known this…all the following Hondaas indeed shared your ulra low retail price concept….all Hondas with “R” model designations …..over the prior decades…I am convinced…….hummmm

            CBR400RR (NC23, NC29)
            Hurricane (CBR600F)
            Honda CBR600F2
            Honda CBR600F3
            Honda DN-01RR
            Interceptor (VFR750)
            VFR750R RC30
            RVF750 RC45
            Firestorm (VTR1000)
            Hurricane (CBR1000F)
            RC51 (RVT1000R)
            Racing Modified (CB1100R)

      • azi says:

        Hmm, I think the Goldstar managed that by shoving in as much fuel as possible via a massive Amal carb. How did your Goldie feel to ride when it wasn’t at wide open throttle? (Not being sarcastic – I’m genuinely interested.) I’d imagine those mid century bikes would have abominable emissions readings if tested using modern EPA procedures.

        • todd says:

          If it was making that much power that means it was burning clean and efficiently. Of course, it’s not the semi less efficient lean burn we have now but the primary means of cleaning the exhaust is with a catalist.

        • Mike says:

          azi….thanks for your comments

          1950s Goldies RRs were putting out 42-44 hp,G-50 Matchless 48-50 and Norton Manx 50-52. We all know this is not about ancient 500cc singles making the same hp as this CBR 500R, but this comparison is revealing no matter how it is parsed.

          The unstated point in my replies of which I do apologize for not stating is here we are 60 years later and somehow 54hp from a 500 sport twin is

          Times must be changing because not so long ago and very long ago getting home first was the goal, now 54hp from a 500 sport twin is


          As far as the Goldie on a daily basis, most here would have tossed it in the gutter after a few minute ride…..same if you were young in the 1960s. It would not idle, but constant running at any rpm was ok….wide open off the apex or on a straight was sweeeet.

          If you really want to know what it waa like back then riding a Goldie RR on the road….. e me and I will send you a full story pdf with pix….then you form your own views.

          team222 at c o m c a s t dot net

          Again…thx for all your comments.

          • azi says:

            Cheers Mike. Mid century bikes are before my time, so I haven’t had personal experience of these models. I have however ridden many Japanese thumpers from the 70s through to the 90s. The Suzuki Freewind claimed 50hp at the flywheel – this was basically a mildly tuned DR650 engine with twin carburettors. If correct, it also embarrasses the CBR500 figures.

            I think the reason why these new 500c bikes appear so mild in HP figures is that the design goalposts have moved with regards to fuel economy, emissions, and service intervals. As Todd says, earlier bikes would be ‘burning efficiently’ but there are definite stoichiometric ranges within which an engine can burn before it either runs too hot or fouls the plugs. Our older carbed bikes, when tuned for performance, are likely to be running fairly rich mixtures relative to a 2016 CBR500.

            The Velocette Thruxton was also claimed to make 41hp, so it sounds like the ballpark for that era.

  5. Joe Bogusheimer says:

    They’ve gone backwards in the paint scheme department, IMO. The first year models had better paint schemes available, especially in my opinion the blue/white/red version. Otherwise it seems like a nice little bike with a few nice little upgrades.

    • Joe Bogusheimer says:

      And yeah, what happened to the grab handles? Does Honda not think people will want to carry passengers or luggage on this entry/mid-level bike?

      Unless it’s a flat-out race replica, I can’t think of any good reason for a street motorcycle not have reasonable passenger accomodations, or more importantly some practical way of carrying a little luggage with you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those super-practical commuter types, but having some way to carry something on the seat behind you often comes in handy, even if our bikes are mostly just toys.

      • McRider says:

        What happened to the grab handles is the same thing that’s happening to the rear end of all motorcycles lately…….it’s disappearing. Only a mere hint of a rear fender and passenger seat. It’s a style trend that must appeal to somebody, but not me.

        • todd says:

          And if you’ve ever tried to hold onto grab handles while being a passenger you’ll know that they’re scary dangerous.

  6. Mick says:

    Wow. “Let’s ride this Hyosung guy like a cheap Suzuki!”

    I, for one, am glad to see that the who can make the ugliest headlight/front end competition among the motorcycle manufacturers has finally come to an end.

    I’d ask who won. But maybe Dirck will have a slow week and want to ask that himself.

  7. Pacer says:

    For what it is worth, the Hyosung talk is old and annoying. Those who are responding are as guilty as the guy who brings it up. Arguing with him his like mud wrestling a pig. If you take the time to notice you’ll realize the pig is having a good time. Just ignore him and he’ll tire.

  8. HS1-RD-CX100-VFR says:

    This seems to be a contender for one of the least important model updates in motorcycling history. The CBR 500R is a perfectly fine bike for adult newbies or suburban commuters that finds a need to masquerade as a really dumbed-down sport bike. I am not sure it deserves either “R” in its name. For buyers who don’t find enough appeal in the current version to make a deal, I fail to see how this update gets them over to Honda’s side of the fence. Adjustable preload on the front is about the only real change and few riders will probably actually ever monkey with it. As far as the styling, take the eagle wing off the tank and it could be any Japanese bike.

  9. PN says:

    Hey, good for Honda for sexing it up. Maybe the Blackbird will return!

  10. Blackcayman says:

    Oh YAMAHA!!!!!–Yamaha-DT-07-Flat-Track-Concept.aspx

    Must. Have. This. Bike….in an 09 of course….with twin discs up front of course

  11. Marty O says:

    Why did they get rid of the grab handles? Other than that looks really cool. There is a black one on the Honda website that looks better than the red or white. I guess there is not change to the engine which is sad unless they got rid of the M2 restriction for the USA?

  12. Jeremy in TX says:

    Honda improved on an already very good-looking motorcycle. I like the white.

  13. randy says:

    nice bike.Now how about a 1200 version for a decent price?1200cc,inline 4,dual discs up front,chain drive.And a hard luggage option.Not like that ugly overpriced VFR.OH wait,they do make that overseas,its called the CB1300.

  14. Seca 1 says:

    Hyosungs GT 650R are 6299.00 much beter value than this Honda that’s made in Malaysia..

    • Rudedog4 says:

      You’re talking apples and oranges. There are no Hyosung dealers in CT, but there’s a Honda dealer only a few miles from me. Honda has a well established reputation for reliability; Hyosung, not so much.

      • Selecter says:

        I think we have two here – one’s a scooter shop (that doesn’t even touch Hyosung’s motorcycle line) and one is a “customs” shop that’s more of a t-shirt/accessory vendor. Good luck with that “2-year warranty” that will never do you any good, anyway!

        Did Hyosung ever solve that issue with the 650s sucking the valves into the piston? Shame about that… they had to replace an awful lot of motors when they were forced to, otherwise they had to ignore an awful lot of customers where they weren’t!

        P.S. – why does this guy continue to even change his handle? It’s plain to see when it’s the same shill posting over and over and over again, so why try to hide it?

        • Jeremy in TX says:

          What are you talking about? Hyosungs don’t have recalls!

          • xLaYN says:

            Time for another revelation?
            One day in a very far future someone will read your CF moto dissertation and they would think it actually was an incredible brand.
            Jeremy 1:1 at the beginning it was CF moto and everything was ok…

          • Seca 1 says:

            Whats wrong with the CF Moto??You probably have never ridden one ..Nice bike for 4995.00..In the southwest plenty of Hyosung dealers and reliability hasn’t been an issue since 2012 fuel injected models arrived..Warranties are only as good as the dealer anyways and parts are available overnight so maybe your thinking 5 yrs ago.. A dealer in the southwest drag raced for a full season redline to redline with no vavle issues but damn those Honda have had their issues with burning oil and Ducati all their recalls ..So all is good with Hyosung haters..

    • Dave says:

      By your logic, a mid 90’s Kawisaki EX500 for $2,000 is a better value then both.

      A Hyosung would need to be $1.5-2k less to represent an equal value to a Honda.

      Stop being a Hyosung shill. Nobody wants one..

      • Seca 1 says:

        Again not true..A 2014 CBR 600 RR 11,490 retail is worth 9770.00 average condition a loss of 1720.00 ..A Gt650R retail is 6299.00 according to their website and book is 4685.00 a loss of 1614.00 ..Hyosung has a better resale value than Honda!! plus Honda dealer charge freight and prep and have seen over 1000.00 plus more taxes paid on the higher priced bike..Hyosung wins again..

        • Jeremy in TX says:

          So you just demonstrated that the Hyosung lost over 25% of its value while the Honda lost only 17%. How does Hyosung win that contest exactly? Not that a CBR600RR would be compared with a GT650R in any category.

        • Seca 1 says:

          Not if you add in the frt charges and prep fees Jap dealers charge..GT 650r on the street will do whatever that Honda will do in real world daily driving but the Honda is a better bike in many ways..

          • Jeremy in TX says:

            Honda does have $320 freight that they do not include in their MSRP, but my local dealer doesn’t charge any setup fees. I know some that do, of course, just as there are some Hyosung dealers that do the same.

          • Dave says:

            Nevermind that a Honda will sell for it’s msrp & book value and a Hyosung won’t. lol

    • TimC says:

      Are you the same idiot that jumps on here every time with this Hyosung crap, or one in a series?

      • Selecter says:

        Same idiot. Pay attention to his sentence structure. It’s plain as day.

      • Zuki says:

        It’s getting pretty old. He also goes by ‘TURBOMAN’. I envision the guy having a tantrum in front of his computer screen the day nobody responds to his Hyosung revelations.

      • Seca 1 says:

        Plenty want Hyosungs fellas!You guys just want to be haters and nothing you can do about it!Its a better bike and havnt seen nothing but excuses..get over it the Big 4 isn’t the only bikes on this planet..tired of me well right back at you guys and all the nonsense on hating on a bike that is a good lil bike..I can name call also but that’s not me!!

    • mickey says:

      Seca 1 says:

      ” Hi, this is Ted, from Texas” ( in heavy Korean accent)

      Turboman says:

      ” Hi, this is Tom, from Texas” ( in heavy Korean accent)

      • Jeremy in TX says:

        King Kenny says: … Team 250 + says:…

      • Seca 1 says:

        just stick to the debate fellas since you cant win with the bike debate try a better angle!Not everyone wants a bike built in Malaysia..Or Korea..

        • Jeremy in TX says:

          There is a debate going on here?

          • Selecter says:

            Nope, always insisting that this is a debate and that we stay on-topic – the topic that *he* has chosen, despite the original post (in this case, a revised CBR500R being released) having nothing to do with . Tiresome. It’s just one sad fanboy insisting that his brand is better than everything else, when everyone that’s ridden them side-by-side with their competition concludes otherwise.

            I’ve owned two Korean cars. I’m hardly the “anti-xxxx” type. But, the truth stands – Hyosung’s products are overweight, under-engineered, half-finished, unrefined, and despite their low prices, are a poor value proposition due to the poorest resale I’ve ever seen, and absolutely NONEXISTENT dealer/parts/warranty network. It’s too bad they’ve developed their products even more slowly than their Chinese counterparts. I saw my first Hyosungs in about 2005, branded as Alphasports – the earlier GT250s. I thought “gee, that’s neat, but it’s still carbureted, the heads required you to take them off and clean the carbon deposits off them every 2000 miles or something crazy (!!!!), and stories of a nonexistent support network pervaded any discussion around them.

            Over 10 years later… they’ve gained FI, but are still so far behind their competition that even has pretty well given up on reviewing them, despite seemingly being big proponents of theirs early-on. Essentially the same models, mildly rehashed, and not really any better. And their dealer network is definitely not any better. So, me being the ever-vigilant motorcycle consumer (just bought a new-old-stock Super Tenere, myself…), I check once in a while, but never see any progress in Hyosung/S&T’s products or business plan here in North America. They are a non-entity. They’re not worth comparing to their “rivals” because they’re rivals of nobody; they’re simply not worth the title. It’s like that silly commercial from a few years back – “is the grass really a “rival” of the lawn-mower?”

            But, I digress. Pointing out all of these things is never, ever going to change the mind of a fanboy/internet troll. And that’s why I don’t feel bad while referring to people like this as “idiots”, because it’s is *the* type of person that the word “idiot” was created for. It’s entirely appropriate.

            Now, to finally put something on-topic myself. I’m actually liking the re-design of this CBR500R quite a bit. A bit more aggressive than the last one, and a bit more pleated and creased-looking. The first model looked a little bit bland and monotone. I’m not sure there’s a better beginners’ product family than the CB500 models out there – longer legs and more relaxed than the 250s/300s, sacrificing none of the efficiency or cost-effectiveness, and extending their usefulness past where some riders (mistakenly, usually, IMO) would insist they’re “bored” with the smaller bikes. I’d never hesitate to recommending one to a new rider, unless they’re *extremely* short or small. But, I find this size eminently controllable and usable by about 90% of new riders. I like the X best, but I wouldn’t kick an R or an F out of the garage, either.

          • Jeremy in TX says:

            Honda’s 500’s are my favorite small-displacement bikes at the moment. They feel like (I guess because they are) full size motorcycles, and the package as a whole works very well. It would never satisfy a speed demon, but that isn’t the target audience anyway. It is just as easy to learn on as the smaller displacement bikes while having a much more versatile engine. I enjoyed the bike thoroughly. With the exception of a pretty small rider that might consider the weight of the bike at a stop to be an issue, I can’t see buying one of the smaller bikes over this 500 as a learner unless price is a concern.

          • Seca 1 says:

            You have no clue!Parts are available over night and don’t know what your talking about.I think your referring to the Johnny Pag units on dealer issues!The fuel injection on these bikes are flawless from idle to redline.Its not 2005 anymore and tyake a look at their new 250 coming out its a neat bike ..I can make one phone call and gets parts from my dealer so your wrong.i know of one with 82,000 mile so the engines are just fine.Once you get your facts straight and back into 2015 you might understand.So maybe back many years ago they had issues but no 200,000 bikes recalled like that’s bad engineering

          • Dave says:

            Seca 1/TURBOMAN must not be aware that the majority of his annoited brand’s production history has been producing OE bikes and engines for Suzuki..

          • Roland says:

            Re: Dave said:
            “Seca 1/TURBOMAN must not be aware that the majority of his annoited brand’s production history has been producing OE bikes and engines for Suzuki..”

            And the fact that all of their stuff is based on licensed technology, aka “borrowed tech”, from Suzuki.

            I struggle to understand how someone can be a fanboy of a firm that can’t even design products on their own merit.
            Perhaps this clown is paid by them to post this BS. It’s no wonder Hyosung ain’t gaining traction in marketplace.
            I bet there is a village in Korea missing his presence.

            Back on topic:
            While the change is mostly cosmetic, I really like the way this new one looks.
            I hated the huge panel thingie under the seat on the old one.
            Thank god it’s gone. The design is now a lot cleaner.
            I’m seriously tempted to get this as a get-go bike.

            Recent products from Honda are kinda good looking. Maybe they’ve misplaced their ugly stick. I hope it’s gone for good.

          • Oilhead says:

            Yawn! I’m going to bed now….

          • SECA 1 says:

            Actually in 1979 Suzuki and Hyosung started a technological alliance with Suzuki and then in 1986 parted ..Now this has nothing to do with the GSX_R series of bikes..Thats so 20 yrs ago..Damn when you guys get it together and know anything about motorcycles im down..Right now all you want to do is make excuses and claims that are far fetch..Hyosung is a nice bike and its up and coming..Get over it..Maybe ill call Tony Kim and get him to make a call to Dirck oh you all dont know who he is..Sorry but thought you all knew everything..

      • Provologna says:

        Paraphrase of article I read about ten years ago Re. Hyosung: there was extremely high incidence of insurance claims for stolen Hyosung motorcycles in the UK. Investigation by the insurers stuck paying claims turned up the following. Buyers/owners had need for non-existent replacement parts. They would wait for months sometimes with the bikes sitting in the garage, unable to ride. Meanwhile the owners were stuck with monthly loan payments and insurance payments, plus of course registration fees, etc.

        After a certain number of months they realized only one solution. Trash the bike, claim it was stolen, and collect the insurance payout.

        I owned about seventy motorcycles, some of them quite aged. I seemed to have the worst problem getting parts for old Kawasaki and Yamaha, a little better luck with Suzuki, but by wide margin Honda and BMW had the best supply of NOS. I remember not even being able to get pistons and rings for my old Yamaha. Conversely, Honda had even exhaust systems for really old models.

        Admittedly, we’re talking pretty old bikes, so for many owners this might never be an issue. But per the article, the Korean brand did not even have normal replacement parts for current models.

        If the Korean brand woes you with the siren call of low prices, don’t say you weren’t warned. I’m quite sure insurance fraud is a major crime, likely a felony. Maybe their parts supply is better now, maybe it’s worse. After twenty years they have not made much progress in sales numbers, and that’s a far cry from Korean cars like Hyndai, who make some of the best cars you can buy, and are a major automotive force.

        • SECA 1 says:

          Maybe in Uk insurance fraud is something condoned there..Ducati had the same problem with 6 recalls and no parts..Hello Mcfly Ducati ..Also Kawasaki with a simple front rim took 6 months to get on the zx6r..All manufactuers have had thier issues especially even Triumph and sold my share of those..I can get a part for Hyosung the next day so wrong again..As far as Hyundai also worked for them and they have been in USA 30 plus years vs 10 yrs for HYosung..Give Hyosung just 5 more years ..Your all back in 2005 and its 2015 ..Get a grip fellas..Hyosung is on the move and nothing the Japs can do about it..

          • Provologna says:

            Seca wrote: “Maybe in Uk insurance fraud is something condoned.” Your suggestion insurance fraud is condoned in the UK is consistent with your posts in general, which is useless drivel of a professional full time troll.

            Your posts about Hyosung tell readers absolutely nothing about Hyosung and everything in the world about the author. Conclusion: I humbly request the administrator add “ignore” feature to save the time of reading your pathetic posts.

            The best you could possibly do to help Hyosung’s business is to never mention the name again, ever. I feel like a need a shower because you replied to my post.

    • SeTh says:

      Please tell Hyo to make KTM Exc clones and I might try one.

      • Seca 1 says:

        Well CF Moto partnered with KTM..KYM assembled in China..Not all but its coming..Polaris is in China also but im sure you knew that..Go take a spin on the 650nk ..You will like it

    • falcodoug says:

      I would by a Harley before spending my money on a Hyosung, stop it already.

    • Roland says:

      Hyosung better Check.
      Hyosung cheaper Check.
      Hyosung no recall Check.
      Stick on debate Check.
      Korean accent Check.
      CF Moto Check.
      Dealers in Texas Check.
      Drag race in Texas Check.
      Guru in Texas No mention yet.

      Seca1 = TUBOMAN = KINGKENNY = TEAM250

      Hey Dirck, why isn’t this troll banned? Look at all the trouble he is been causing.

    • Colors says:

      That’s it. I’m convinced. I’m selling my Honda, and with used value I’m going to go buy two new Hyosungs. I just can’t believe I’ve been so misguided all these years!

  15. Kevin C says:

    This is a nice looking bike. Honda has made some nice updates. I wonder how much lighter? It would be nice if the upcoming 350(?) would handle Euro’s A2 requirements so Honda can un-restrict this bike, esp in the USA. KTM is getting close to releasing their 500cc parallel twin along with the 800. I’m guessing it will be “ready to race” and NOT A2 compliant (they have the 390/401 for that). Depending on price that bike could make the CBR500 a tough sell in the not-to-distant future.

    I love all the attention the MFG’s are giving to smaller displacement bikes!

  16. Tom R says:

    I think it is good to offer a quite sporty-looking motorcycle without a ridiculous amount of high-strung horsepower.

  17. Tank says:

    Too bad they had to add those stripes. Really nice bike.

    • TimC says:

      If they are stickers, they will come off easily enough. Paint, not so much, but I’d be kind of surprised if they are.

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